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What’s the excuse for tonight?


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2 minutes ago, MattyMo213 said:

I’ve been fairly neutral on Ford over the last few seasons, but the repeated double digit second half losses are absolutely unforgivable. Tonight is no exception and it’s just becoming the norm now 

Agree completely.

Its not that they lost tonight. I mean that’s a big part of it but the blowing another huge lead is what really gets me.

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4 minutes ago, The Don said:

I'll say it. We have no leader(s) on this team. See nothing on the floor to indicate we have one. Miss JGood


Nobody wants the ball in crunch time.

They all just stand around waiting for Yuri to make a play.

I don’t know if this is by design or because they all get a case of the thigh cheeks.


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I don't want to make this so the pro Ford crowd becomes so entrenched in their positions so pitting 1 group v another by pointing out they were wrong doesn't help. 

I understand looking at the recruiting and 20 win seasons and thinking things are going in the right direction. 

However, I started to notice the cracks and lack of improvement despite the experience and talent.  The team just never seemed to have consistent effort. 

Chris Mack makes a lot of sense.  Is UofL still paying him a salary?  If so depending on his deal maybe they can cover most of his pay for a few years.  I know interesting structured deals have been done by other teams. 

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