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SLU Women's Soccer Thread

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5 min into the 2nd half 2-1 Bills. 

Loyola went up late 1st half on a nice free kick from about 22 ish yards outside the box. The shot was placed just inside the left post. 

SLU scored maybe 3 minutes into the 2nd half on as good of a pass as you’ll see. Frederick coming left to right about 40 yards out finds Groark all alone 12 yards out and 5 ish yards to the right of goal. Groark patiently settled and buried a beautiful shot to the upper far side. Keep had no chance. 

About 2 min later Gaebe makes an individual move from the left side and buries a shot from about the same angle just opposite side. 

so Bills go into the half down 1-0 and within 6 min have a 2-1 lead. The Bills had much more of the play and chances in the 1st half and have dominated the 1st 17 min of the 2nd


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The Billikens actually dominated the play, but somehow Loyola got 2 goals out of their limited chances. First Rambler goal was on that free kick, which was nice, but was set up off the Billiken corner kick when the ball got booted out of the Rambler goal area, and no Billikens around it, and Sydney Beach drew that yellow card to stop the rush towards the goal. SLU needs to be sure they have someone back to get those balls in those situations, they were caught out there. The second Rambler goal I think the ball just got lost in the box, one of those things, but again, it shouldn’t have happened. On the good side, this team sure looks like it expects to find a way to win, as the first 6 minutes of the second half showed after they were down 1-0 at halftime and they got two goals to change that, and then when the Ramblers tied the game in the 81st minute, they didn’t panic, but played their game, and Caroline Kelly sent them home a winner. 

By the way, does anyone know if the Loyola Coach, Coach Bambi, is always like that, or did he forget his meds back in Chicago? Looked like he was going to blow a gasket yelling at the refs so much, and he was going to get that yellow card if he had to reach into the ref’s pocket and pull it out himself. Hugely entertaining, but I think he’s going to give himself a brain aneurysm before the A10 season is over if he keeps that up.

Jess Preusser started the game in place of Hannah Larson (who was not wearing the full boot, but did have a smaller wrapping on that foot), but she played more up forward and Caroline Kelly was out wide where Hannah Larson normally played. I thought Preusser had some nice passes, and would have gotten an assist if that early Billiken goal wasn’t ruled offside.  The Billikens do have nice depth. I thought Emily Groark had some nice minutes as well, and congratulations to Hannah Friedrich, with the 100th point of her Billiken career. Not a mark many players reach, that’s for sure.


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34 minutes ago, slufanskip said:

Nice goal but the Loyola coach had a fair gripe about the handball that wasn’t called. 

100% a handball, enough calls missed both ways to go around. Chalk it up to "how the cookie crumbles". 

You don't win games when you're outshot 20-4. 

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SLU 4-2-3-1 entire first half. Preusser started for Walsh at center mid, with Larson out. Mentioned it after the Missouri State game, when Jess really had a strong game there and has continued to do so. And she has gotten rewarded with more minutes.


SLU switched to a 4-1-3-2 for the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half, scored two goals, hit two cross bars, (Lawler and Miller) had 2 or 3 other chances in alone (Kelly, Groark, Gaebe) Heavy pressure to go up 3, 4-1 or more. Then SLU switched back to 4-2-3-1 and maintained pressure wearing down Loyola in the 2nd half.

SLU was also the better team in the first half, with a few strong early chances, Miller’s open header went wide, Groark’s half volley goal from a great Preusser through ball was off sides etc…Loyola was good on the back line and and defending the final third. Prior to the SLU game, Loyola had not given up more than 1 goal in a game this season. The only other team that outplayed them as much as SLU did was Xavier, who found a way to win 1-0. SLU had 3, and really very comfortable could have had at least a few more.


Goal recap:



There was a lot of this in the 2nd half. Here Groark to Sawyer in alone with a good chance:



Shots were 19-4 and many of them were good ones. 7-2 corners.


Friedrich diagonal ball to Groark:



Heckel found Gaebe wide open on the left side: 



Kelly from distance. It’s something she does with some regularity, take a chance when she sees something. She almost scored on a short angle free kick earlier:



Barry Bimbi is a good coach, and a good guy. He was obviously upset over the no hand ball call on the Kelly settle before the goal. Arms extended slightly. Ref ruled inadvertent. I’ve seen that go either way many times. Loyola will be a good, solid, competitive welcomed addition near the top of the A10. They are already trying to recruit against SLU for players. The biggest issue with the A10 is the bottom tier. 


Loyola’s goals. SLU likes to push everyone forward on set piece corners. (Stram, Heckel, Miller, Lawler, Houck) The ball was cleared out to Houck who chested and settled just a tad slow and the blocked re-entry pass deflected perfectly to Nemec who was off to the races. Halverson was getting a breather at the time. Kohl, not in the game, so a bit less speed in back there. Challenging at the 22 was fine, but it was a clumsy one for Beach. And Barone had a nice free kick finish. 



The 2nd Loyola goal late, came off of a poorly taken corner that gets through Halverson (near post), Gaebe marking a player going near post, skipping through the middle past Heckel, and Groark was just a step slow on the back post. It was a hustle play, and physical play for Loyola. Stram was goal side marking her player. Gotta get goal side, can’t get caught ball watching. A fluke play. But a hustle goal. Those goals were some of the very few Loyola chances.



SLU’s RPI improved to 14 after the Loyola game. (Notre Dame 2, Arkansas 10, Xavier 23)

Notre Dame 1 Virginia 0

Arkansas 1 Auburn 0

Xavier 1 Butler 0

Northwestern 4 Nebraska 2



Prior to the Loyola game, Abbie Miller was 2nd nationally in aerial challenges won this season with 67.


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Courtside, I’ll take your word for it that Barry Bambi’s a good guy.  From what I saw he was fairly animated towards the refs most of the second half from what I saw before even Loyola got the equalizer, he didn’t like the fouls called (or not called) most of the second half. Most of what was called was 50/50 stuff too, could have gone either way for the vast majority of it. Like Caroline Kelly’s final goal, if the ref had called it a handball I’m not sure I could have argued against it, but I can’t say he made a wrong call either, it was a 50/50 play and he didn’t call it and let them play on. Could’ve been called either way, seen it called either way.  Coach Bimbi sure put his heart and soul into the argument, and as I say, I think he would have pulled the card out of the refs pocket to get that yellow card, he really asked for it. Reminded me of Bobby Knight on the hardwood going after the refs in basketball,(minus the chairs being thrown, of course). And from what I saw, it was all 50/50 stuff. After the game walking to my car, I saw the 4 refs in the middle of the field, with Coach Bimbi still talking to them.

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4 hours ago, Lord Elrond said:

Maybe rebounds? Not really separated into offensive or defensive rebounds, but each one of those means going up to get a contested ball and controlling where it went, so that might be the closest way to put it.

like a face off in hockey except random & in play?

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Well, a win is a win. I thought SLU should have had another goal off that foul penalty, but oh well. They outshot them 21-4, including 9 on goal, but couldn’t get the second goal. While it’s nice to statistically look good, the scoreboard is the only statistic that matters. That having been said, they did win on the road against the Dukes, which they have had a tough time with on occasion in Pittsburgh. Nice pass to Abbie Miller from Emily Gaebe for a great header for the goal.  Emily Puricelli slipped trying to kick the ball a couple of times, but it didn’t cost her. The Dukes keeper looked pretty good on some of those saves, so credit to her for keeping the score down. I think the wind affected the game somewhat, but it evened out for both sides.

No Hannah Larson again, but she now gets a week to heal up. GM up next Sunday at home, Mason just lost vs Fordham, and is currently 0-2-1 in the A10 and 1-7-3 overall, their only win against Howard, so another game the Billikens should win. SLU gets Thursday off, but GM has to play on the road against the Bonnie’s before they come to St Louis (that’s a brutal travel schedule, but that’s how it is in the A10 sometimes).

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The 2nd goal definitely should have counted. The only contact and it wasn't bad, was the Duq keep putting her hands on and pushing the Bills player. Literally no contact by a Billiken. The Duq keep had a few nice saves but a couple of those should have been put away. 

These last couple of games you can see we miss what Hannah Larson brings. Just her energy level and ability to go at players 1 v 1. As a defense you have to know where she is at all times. A little before the goal we had a throw in on the left side of the field, you could see a player who I believe was Hannah Larson pointing to the field and explaining something to Bri Halverson. 

Though she doesn't get a mention on the score sheet, the Bills goal was started by Caroline Kelly bringing a ball under control and making a nice move to beat a Duq defender and then playing a perfect pass down the wing to Gaebe. 


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16 minutes ago, willie said:

Courtside or whoever why are the City 2 games being played at SIUE and not Herman?


I have no idea. The only theory I can advance is that the early games were at SLU, so the extra wear and tear on Hermann’s natural turf would be fixed by the time the season starts, while Korte Stadium has the artificial turf, so no worries about the extra games in season. That’s the only logical reason I can see, but I have no idea really.

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4-1-3-2 for 20 minutes and then 4-2-3-1 the rest of the game for SLU.

The purpose of playing with two forwards is to get as many of your best attacking players on the field at the same time. The negative is having to take out either Miller or Lawler in the defensive midfield. 

A narrow, small, bouncy field didn’t leave a lot room for that formation nor the middle of the field on Duquesne’s end. Diagonal balls over the top into the corners, more shots from distance. 


Some final third challenges that were better solved in the 2nd, with heavy pressure from SLU. Still not sure how Gaebe’s point blank rocket didn’t go in…Duquesne keeper stepped to the side and stuck her hand out instead of getting behind the ball. Somehow it her hand and went out for a corner. She did set up a goal earlier.

Early 2nd, Kelly up the line to Gaebe to Miller:



Wearing teams down with depth, and getting a goal to get the game to open up a bit.

Strong game from Miller, in the defensive midfield, and the back six. She put another 3 headers over the goal but she’ll finish more of those again soon. 

Big wins for Arkansas over South Carolina, Nebraska over Michigan, and Xavier continues to win close games.


RPI after Sunday:

SLU 12

Notre Dame 4

Arkansas 5

Xavier 28

Nebraska 54

Loyola Chi 55

La Salle 70

Duquesne 107


Top Drawer Soccer rank is 9th.

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On 9/19/2022 at 11:54 AM, Cowboy II said:

-what school got players we wanted?

I can name the schools, (Purdue, Utah, Arkansas, Illinois) but that wouldn’t really give you much of a complete picture. (SLU has also won recent recruitments over Kansas, some Texas schools, Big Ten, Xavier etc…) Every recruitment is unique and has its own set of circumstances. Recruiting is always win some, lose some, for every school. SLU is doing very well with recruiting, and collectively it has improved over time.

Sometimes choices are obvious, and sometimes choices are not so obvious. Sometimes the competition includes the very best programs nationally. Other times it’s more regional. Sometimes recruits target many schools, sometimes they target few. Sometimes many schools are interested in the same player, and sometimes a recruit is inexplicably under recruited.  Some recruits peak early, some peak later, some have a steady upward development, some stay the same. 

Some schools only recruit players from certain programs or types of programs, others leave no stone unturned. 

SLU recruits against Power 5 (SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Big 12, Pac 12) for players, as well as a few others such as Santa Clara, Xavier etc..types. Roughly 75 schools or so in that group. They run into some of these schools much more frequently than others. But they do run into most of them here or there.

More often, SLU runs into the SEC and Big 10 for players, a few Big 12 and a few ACC. But they run into all of them. They beat out the Big 10, Big East, Big 12 for a few players thus far, and, they have lost out to the Pac 12, Big Ten, SEC for a few players thus far. 

The “sell” for Power 5 is some of the following:

Charter Flights, Competitive Leagues, Indoor Practice Facilities, Modernized Soccer Stadiums, Fall Football Weekends, and many other things. They will sell that successful non Power 5 coaches will leave even if they don’t. 


Here is SLU opponent Arkansas selling its charter flights, stadium upgrades etc….recently. Things like this, there is always something. 




The recruiting losses that sting briefly a little bit, are the ones where perhaps a school recruits someone for a long time and doesn’t get the player, or a school comes in 2nd in a tough competitive recruitment, or when a school appears to have a slam dunk recruiting commitment, and the recruit surprisingly commits elsewhere. Types of offers also matter, and a player can be lost due to getting a better offer elsewhere. It all depends. It can be easier when a good target has no interest in your school, which also happens. 


SLU for example will target roughly 50-75 players into different tiers by position. And they will get their list organized in the Spring for a particular class. June 15th begins a would be Junior year player contact. August 1st begins official and unofficial on campus visits, train with the team, take in a game, etc…players always get added or subtracted but the general list is the same.

Some of these players have zero interest in SLU. Some have high interest in SLU. Some may not know much about SLU, and so forth.


If you want actual names of schools SLU recruits against, in no particular order:

SEC: South Carolina, Vandy, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Mizzou, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Texas A&M. 

Big Ten: Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Michigan State, Illinois, Ohio State, Minnesota, Rutgers, Maryland

ACC: North Carolina, Clemson, Virginia, Louisville, Duke, Pitt, Miami, Virginia Tech, more than some of the others. 

Big 12: Kansas, Kansas State. Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, TCU, West Virginia, Iowa State.

Pac 12: UCLA, USC, Utah, Stanford, Washington, Arizona State. more often. 

Others: Santa Clara, Xavier, Georgetown, Butler, Pepperdine, SMU, Rice, Memphis, Ivy League

A10: Loyola and Dayton. It used to be more Dayton, but right now it is more Loyola.

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Courtside, thanks for the summary.  Over the past couple of years, in my opinion the local losses (I know we can't get them all) that stung the most are Duff to Clemson, Howard to Wisc, and the St Dom "twins" to Mizzou and Ok St.

Gaebe from Union has turned out to be excellent, showing that she can score at any level

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1 hour ago, bauman said:

Courtside, thanks for the summary.  Over the past couple of years, in my opinion the local losses (I know we can't get them all) that stung the most are Duff to Clemson, Howard to Wisc, and the St Dom "twins" to Mizzou and Ok St.

Gaebe from Union has turned out to be excellent, showing that she can score at any level

Sure. There are tiers. National players that can go almost anywhere, local and non local. This is a very short list. A very good player with lots of good options. There are more of these. They are also easier to get, but they are still very competitive to get, win some, lose some. Then a 3rd tier would be good players whom many would jump at a SLU offer, especially local players that know the program. 

I’d tweak your mentioned names a bit to keep Howard, Bindbeutel, Teater, as the most mutual interest top level players that year where SLU had good relationships. Those were the 3 SLU liked the most and had the most mutual interest in that group. SLU even helped Teater with her HB Koge Summer Ball earlier this year.

SLU technically “lost” a high level local recruit last week to Alabama. (She had a lot of big name choices) But she didn’t have any interest in SLU at all. SLU tried briefly for a while. I don’t really focus on the players that don’t have any interest, nor do I harbor any ill will. Good for them. Good luck to them. There may be a 2nd high profile local player to Bama soon, but she had brief mutual interest with SLU for a while. 

The players I referenced in the other post were mostly from elsewhere, not locals. They were high level, mutual interest players, where SLU made the final few choices or were runner up. There have been 2-3 local players where this happened. It’s always on to the next one.

I’d say there are two more very good local players that I think SLU will get eventually in this class SLU already has 2. Each year is different. Hope Kim was a great pick up (Ulla Sharp, Ashley Miller) and she will not be the only KC area commit to SLU this cycle.

I don’t get too caught up in local vs non local or in the names of the competing schools with recruiting. I’m more interested in whether or not the player is good enough to play and develop at SLU’s level. SLU does a pretty good job targeting players.

SLU will always have a good diverse mix of local, regional, national, players from a wide variety of backgrounds, which is great. And, they will always compete with a wide variety of schools for them.

SLU has a top 10 team in the country. Life is good.


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