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  1. I Agee with most of this but not Traore. I thought he played well and should see more time in the future. When Martin comes back I would like see us try to play 2 bigs occasionally.
  2. They were actually put in for Rex in 2020. Haven seen Rex all year but have been used by the O’Laughlin family.
  3. Not saying your wrong but I didn’t catch that in his interview. Having 2 players and the trainer being in COVID protocol might be enough to upset the teams balance.
  4. At least for today’s game having them both on the court at the same time was essential to us turning the game around. We were having all kinds of trouble handling the ball until Jones came in and took some pressure off Yuri. I do Agee this won’t work if the opposition has big guards.
  5. I am waiting for SShoe to brag about his second place finish.
  6. Why would the coaches preclude them from playing?
  7. Jones does not handle the pressure well at all. He has trouble with the press. I actually thought Fred handled the press fairly well. He used the pass to throw over it vs the dribble.
  8. The post-up stat is interesting to me. Maybe coaches should spend more time in getting their big men to pass out of the post. Something Okoro does not know how to do.
  9. I think Ford is like a lot of coaches, they say they want to play fast ,but they really don't ,especially on the road.
  10. Sorry but I thought the refs were pretty fair.
  11. Kevin Lisch scored half his points shooting free throws late in games.
  12. Board founder David Narkiewicz has been named General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer for Nestle Purina. Just hope that doesn’t interfere with his real job as board moderator.
  13. This happened a couple of games ago. Can’t remember what game,probably Auburn. To Ford’s credit he put him back in fairly quickly.
  14. It does seem like his yank is quicker with TJ then others. He pulled him when he stepped on the side line early in the game. I am not a great fan of pulling players after they make a mistake. But that’s what coaches do.
  15. I guarantee you if we went undefeated in the A10 we would make the field.
  16. TJ has lost his 3 point shot. If he can find it ,it would help open up the floor.
  17. I wonder if 05 can find something wrong with this ? Just kidden 05.
  18. At this point we need to play anybody.
  19. Blame Delaware North for this. They have the concession contract. They also do the Cardinals. Don't know about the Blues
  20. Grant should be skewered for not fouling at the end with 2 fouls to give.
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