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  1. No. It just mean he can go to training camp. He can still be cut but it is one more step forward.
  2. Does anyone have the logo or picture of Ekker's Billie Lou?
  3. I could still take a couple of those minutes.
  4. Put me in the camp that Bell played reasonably well for the minutes he got. Linssen just took his minutes. I think the coaches could have done a better job with his time. A little less French.
  5. I think this is a reasonable possibility. Would possibly explain the late transfer.
  6. I believe the window has closed where you can transfer and not have to sit out.
  7. I also agree. If he is our second leader scorer that means he is really good which also means we will be really good.
  8. This is a good lineup but I hope they can’t keep TJ out of starting.
  9. I think you are looking at this thru the eyes of someone who went to SLU in 68 not a kid of today. They could probably care less about soccer,mlb much less hockey. That said we have a lot to offer. Great facilities among them.
  10. I only heard a little of Tate with Frank. Tate said Nesbit was incredible in the full court. Dreams of Yuri on the break with Nesbit and TJ on the wings.
  11. Serious question. You were try to get the volleyball coach replaced. This year’s team appears to be pretty good. Same coach? If so what’s the difference?
  12. Great article about him in the Sunday Style section in the Post.
  13. For you NBA experts out there is there such a thing as a perimeter player in the league that can't shoot? I know there are bigs who can't shoot but how about wing players?
  14. Yes. If they would say those things today they would be idiots. One would be an idiot if they ignored science and statistical proof that vaccines work.
  15. If you wear a Billiken mask it will make it all right.
  16. Sorry they are an idiot. This has nothing to do with politics. It’s pure science. And social responsibility. Politics has nothing to do with it .
  17. I will predict the future. The surge will be over by October one way or the other. Either the idiots will get vaccinated or they will get infected . One way or the other there will be some type of herd immunity.
  18. Hope you are all right on Nesbitt. If he starts as a freshman from day one over the likes of Thatch he's a pretty good player.
  19. So is he an exceptional coach because he is at Dayton (mid-major) and not at Alabama. Not too many coaches have succeeded at a high level at the football powerhouses. If he were the coach at Kentucky or Louisville would he not be exceptional? The Zags are categorized as a mid-major. I guess Few could not be successful at a major program. Yes I know that is ridiculous but my “bone” is how you put everything in tiers and it’s not that simple.
  20. I can be totally misreading Star but I don’t think that is how he is slotting his terms. I am sure he would not call Villanova a mid major.
  21. Three Star I have a bone to pick with you. You put everything into perceived categories. Major. Mid-Major etc. Grant is a good coach period not a good mid-major coach. You stick every recruit into your categories. Are you a good basketball analyst or a good 3 star analyst. I appreciate you knowledge but think you overdo your slotting.
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