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  1. One fewer place for our games to be televised.
  2. But what if you can't remember the password?
  3. I don’t want to start a new thread. Duke lost tonight. Kansas lost tonight. Kentucky is losing at half time. What a great night for college basketball.
  4. No such thing as carry in today’s basketball.
  5. Don’t know but this is probably the Christmas spike the medical people were predicting.
  6. I believe they said there were multiple positives with their first announcement. That doesn't have to mean multiple players .
  7. How can that be? This board said he was going to be fired.
  8. Isn't this a refreshing group. No Kentucky, Duke,North Carolina ,Michigan State,etc. Now if we can get Kansas out of the top 10.
  9. What I don't understand is the different restrictions between football and basketball. Football teams would have cases but would continue to play unless the numbers were too large. In basketball if anyone seems to be infected everything seems to get shut. what's the rational?
  10. The big problem is when we start A-10 play opposing coaches will start fouling him more. Any time we were in the bonus I would send someone in to hack him if he touched the ball . Fortunately with Linssen we are better off but you give up a lot of defense.
  11. He has not had a lot of open shots. As someone else pointed out that opens up the floor for others as they are guarding him closely. Even if not scoring he has value.
  12. This is my biggest ***** on Ford and a lot of coaches. It’s how an inferior team beats a good one.
  13. He deserves another shot. Not a bad coach just needed to recruit better. Hopefully he learned that at UVA.
  14. Did away with the ball back on the Coach's T.
  15. I thought everybody on this board told me the NCAA only grants medical waivers after your senior year is completed.
  16. I checked my year after my post. 67-68 was his senior year.
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