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  1. Glad you weren’t my high school English teacher.
  2. Wondered what those white papers were.
  3. Totally antidotal but I work with 2 people who are buying season tickets for the first time because they think we are going to be good.
  4. I think if you called the ticket office they could produce a paper ticket for you.
  5. I also thought Fred was the best player on the floor but let’s not forget this was an early practice with 3 of our best players absent.
  6. Not your typical freshman body.
  7. Alright. Did I learn anything ? Sure. We are very athletic and can shoot lights with no one guarding them. TJ can still throw down a dunk. Momo can move and dunk. Perkins moved well. The freshman looked like they belonged. I don’t know if every practice is run like this but it was very efficient and Ford runs everything . There is a lot of athleticism on this team What’s the rotation? No idea. 7 thru 10 will be a fight.
  8. Not to be picky but he said it would be great if Okoro could get up to 10 or 11 from last years 8. Was really looking for more help from everyone else. The trip sounds fantastic. Somewhat surprised it’s a first for Ford.
  9. He already has his masters. Is enrolled this fall in a PHD program.
  10. The people at Progressive Insurance don't agree with you.
  11. Our away record of 8 -17 says there were a lot of sad rides. The Larry Hughes comeback was not one of them.
  12. Back in the day the Tip-Off club would do bus trips to the Carbondale game. Seemed like it was always during the week. Not too many happy rides home.
  13. You are making the assumption that any acquisition would be all cash. That never happens. The market has speculated for years that apple could make a bid for Netflix. It's not impossible.
  14. Apple has enough cash to buy the world.
  15. I don't get your point. What is the connection between Netflix[which is under pressure losing subscribers] and those leagues?
  16. I don't have the numbers to back this up but I think the opening games of the tournament are the most watched.
  17. I agree .Chicago seems like a natural to me and yes we have had some success there over the years. I hope they prove me wrong I don’t believe we will get a quality recruit out of Texas.
  18. Gibson is not a kid which means he almost certainly won’t be drafted. He would be pretty old to make it thru the G league or Europe. If I had to pick a possible Bill making it it would be Yuri.
  19. Agee with this. Same thing with TJ. They went to the corner to open up the court for Collins to drive and dish. It was part of the offensive sets.
  20. Why do you think a big $ donor is paying his salary thru a restricted donation? I am not saying this is impossible but by the way he was hired I think unlikely.
  21. Where do you think it comes from?
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