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  1. Perkins was on the bench because Thatch was playing better. Someone has to sit.
  2. Does Jenny Vilet have any eligibility left?
  3. I thought he tried to assert himself . He just didn't make some of his normal shots.
  4. Sorry but I feel lucky. Yes we had some bad calls earlier but got some very good calls later. I am sure they could pick plays where they say except for we win by double digits.
  5. Someone else said it earlier the good news is we didn’t lose.
  6. Didn’t turn the ball over but looked scared.
  7. Fred has not played since he fell.
  8. No one was better at this then Kevin Lisch .
  9. No one loves Harry or David Burns more then me but we are taking apples and oranges. While Harry played some point that wasn’t his main job. He was a scorer. I don’t remember him being an assist guy. Same for Burns. He just ran by people. Incredibly fast. If you want to argue who were better players I agree Yuri needs to have a great year to pass them. If we are talking a pure point guard I still don’t think it’s close. Yuri.
  10. I don’t get the un love for Yuri. I agree with Travis “Best Point Guard in the country” . He obviously proved last night that he can score. Only deficiency I see is he gets posted up by taller guards. Best true point guard in my long Billiken history by a mile. I think the board is guilty of being nostalgic.
  11. We will see. I am betting on a big game. His rebounding role has changed somewhat with Picket .
  12. I also think that they knocked him on his butt a couple of times and he didn’t break will be good for his psyche .
  13. Perkins had a bad game. They beat on him a little and I think it bothered him. I wouldn’t put too much into it and I expect him to light it up against Maryland.
  14. I am in the camp that TJ should play more. Ford has always had a short leash with him. TJ was called for a walk that I thought was very questionable. Out.
  15. There is something to be said about playing against the other teams second unit. , Let’s enjoy his success and get that contract.
  16. In soccer the best team doesn’t always win. It’s hard to score. Sometimes it’s luck. Other sports not so much.
  17. Who knows the reason for this. His choice, teams choice? Maybe just keeping eligibility for the portal . Maybe just wants a year to improve.
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