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  1. Gremio14

    Men's Soccer 2018

    True, but you have to expect a clown show from a couple of homers. I turned the volume off.
  2. Gremio14

    Men's Soccer 2018

    For the most part the Bills did everything right until they arrived at Mason 18. Outshot Mason 14-5, Corners 10 - 2. Dominating stats. Rhode Island will now waltz through the A10 (unless their best player gets red carded at the 30 minute mark like he did against Mason...)
  3. Gremio14

    Men's Soccer 2018

    A couple of folks have dogged Kristo on this forum. He may not be Vedad, but I would have loved to have had him today. Kalish absolutely needs to add a striker who can finish.
  4. Gremio14

    Men's Soccer 2018

    Mason cross midfield basically one time in both overtimes.. Draw a lucky corner. And score off what I admit was a cracking head ball. That’s how it goes in soccer when one does not take advantage of multiple opportunities....gut wrenching..
  5. Gremio14

    Men's Soccer 2018

    Mason must be praying to get to penalties at this point. Unbelievable.....
  6. Gremio14

    Men's Soccer 2018

    Bills dominating this game. Three clear chances to score. Just can’t finish. Super run by Novaes. Great ball hawking SLU defense. With the exception of #17, Mason gets stripped just about every time they cross midfield.
  7. Gremio14

    Men's Soccer 2018

    I missed it as well. Stats appear to indicate SLU held their own against a crack team at altitude. My gut tells me Bills are going to go a bit deeper into the post season than one might think.
  8. Gremio14

    MPG '18-'19 Thoughts, Predictions

    Coach spoke often and openly at his $$$ a plate fundraiser last Thursday. I was unable to attend, but a good friend sat at his table. The following quotes are not exact, but one gets the gist: "Isabell is going to blow the fans' collective mind. What this guy can do is unbelievable!" "Thor has been amazing the past two weeks. He is grasping the college game much more quickly than I expected." Takeaway: Isabell is going to be a star...and Thor will be better than 12th man off the bench.
  9. Gremio14

    2018-19 season

    Lindy’s. Pardon the upside down....
  10. Gremio14

    Billiken Mount Rushmore

    Watched him play a coupe of times prior to the IU injury. I remember turning to my GF and telling her Filla was going to be the American Fernando Redondo. Sublime player.
  11. Gremio14

    Billiken Mount Rushmore

    Brian McBride and Vedad the two best Billikens ever. There was only one other Billiken I saw play who was at their level; but he also had the most tragic playing career: Mark Filla. What might have been.....
  12. Gremio14

    Billiken Mount Rushmore

    Assuming 05's thread is open to all sports, and only commenting on players I have actually seen on the field: McBride, Mckeon, Vedad, Davis....
  13. Gremio14

    Welcome Terrence Hargrove!

    Jahidi never made first team All Metro? Bizarre...
  14. Gremio14

    Goodwin Story

    Agreed. He’ll have plenty of double doubles.
  15. Gremio14

    Goodwin Story

    From what I hear, JG is going to have a very tough time securing triple doubles next season. It’s not because he won’t be stronger, smarter, and quicker than last season. It’s not because he won’t garner the points and assists. It’s because grabbing 10 rebounds is becoming increasingly untenable. Word from team workouts is Luis has turned himself into a rebounding machine. A veritable Hulk to French’s Thing. There will no longer be a lull when French leaves the game...let alone when both Santos and French are on the court at the same time....