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  1. And Chris May giving the refs hell. 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 7-0!! Chis was getting louder and louder. Refs definitely heard him. One of the girls I was with says “that guy is intense!” I told her he was Ford’s boss. She says “you have to love an AD with that kind of passion and energy!”
  2. Yep, definitely the most brutal stretch in the game.
  3. It was not Travis out there blowing lay ups and going 7-31 from 3..... The one thing Travis does that I just don’t get is his penchant for pulling hot players in order to place one of the Big 2 back in the game. Last night Hargrove and Linssen were rolling....and then they were gone. A few games ago the same thing occurred with Jacobs. One just does not pull hot players, I don’t care what sport one is playing...
  4. Sorry, it’s just that I get grumped up whenever I see a positive reference to an Internacional player...and I express myself better in Português...probably just as well no one understands. Kind of a Cards/Cubs thing, but more emotional..
  5. Porra, pelo amor de Deus, não coloque Colorado neste site!!!
  6. I always cheer for Flowers. Love the unbridled joy on her face when she makes a good play. Absolute human eraser on defense. Her blocks and shot alterations completely disrupt the opponents’ inside game. That said, she is an enigma on offense. One moment a female Jolly, fumbling and insecure, the next moment a lady Akeem, smooth and strong to the hoop. Lately I’m witnessing more of the latter. If she gets there 90% of the time - watch out!!
  7. If the Fatts (or was it Steph Curry?) we saw in the last 30 seconds had played and shot that way the whole game, Bills would have been in serious trouble. Quite a bit of both exaltation and devastation occasioned by his last shot....
  8. What happened to the girl from Webster Groves who played right side defense? She was quite good - played every minute of just about every game. Not even on the roster now?
  9. One of very few Billikens I actually pleaded to go “Hero.” Jett was another...
  10. Guy sitting behind me was absolutely lambasting a ref named Mark. Guess everyone in the gym could hear him... BTW, Linssen was superb, but Bell also did well in the short time he played. Nice to have three options in the post. Crowd was as loud as 500 or so could be....
  11. Agree with just about everything you detail above. Have to think two of the players who escaped Covid were Thatch and Jacobs. They, along with Bell and Linssen, are the only four playing at or better than pre-lockdown level. Also, as several posters have already stated, the most perplexing tactical move in a game of many dubious decisions was the removal of Jacobs at the exact moment he had taken over the game. Bewildering......
  12. Just out of what seems like a decade of Covid lockdown so I’ll give them a pass.....but talk about slow as molasses getting out to the open 3 point shooter....shooting gallery for Fordham. Hate to see Stewart go; however Warren looks like she can be a serious contributor once she gets in flow.
  13. Nope, rumor is he models his game on Romero....definitely a Peronista...
  14. That’s right. Spread his last two pay bumps out to his staff. Soderburg would be a big loss, especially since their other top-tier assistant (Jason Williford) is likely to jump to a mid level program as well.
  15. I agree with everything you state above. Stewart is one of those rare players that can absolutely take over a game once she hits her first couple of shots and gets into rhythm. I perk up whenever she comes into a game. Would love to know why she does not garner more minutes. Martinez, on the other hand, should be banned from ever taking a shot, even if it is a lay up. I’m certain Stone has her reasons for playing her as much as she does, but it is definitely not to shoot the ball.....
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