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  1. Always wondered how a NOVA kid from FPHS ended up playing for the Bills. Now I know. My brother is still bitching about CV not playing for a sad UVA team. Thanks for the podcast!
  2. There is a reason Stojanovic (Big East tournament MVP) transferred to the Hoyas. As good as he is (and he is legit good) he was not going start over Bécher. Kind of like the old Ronaldão/Adriano thing in Brasil.
  3. Have to love the way Bécher turned towards the stands and was already celebrating the goal while the ball was still five feet away from crossing the goal line. He is such a natural talent - born to be a #9.
  4. My fave part of last night’s game: the thunderous applause Fred received after singlehandedly pulling the Bills back into the game and exiting exhausted. Jordair Jett 2.0 with the successive power lay ups.
  5. No way to sugar coat this…Rutgers simply carved up the Bills. If not for the post, crossbar and some otherworldly saves by our keeper could easily have been 7-0. 73 was in a class all by herself…have the Bills ever faced a player of this level?!
  6. I also like Bill. Definitely old school, and uses the phrase “any league in the world” a bit too much, but constantly exudes his love of the game. That said, I disagree our broadcast team is light years better than anyone else. My favorite A10 soccer broadcast team is easily Dayton’s. Only listened to them on the women’s semifinal call; however their play by play guy stuck to calling out who had the ball, and their Scottish color guy totally understands the game with some bang on analytics.
  7. Marcelo Balboa was right there with you. Went berserk about the missed “tarjeta roja.” Didn’t calm down until Pulisic scored.
  8. And screen the USMNT versus Mexico in the other corner….if only….three (for me anyway) massive events all starting at exactly the same time. Shocked the Fordham game isn’t kicking off at 7 as well…
  9. World class pass. And kudos to Kalish for making the sub a couple of minutes prior. Klein was gassed when he exited. No way he makes the run. Burch, on the other hand, was running full tilt from the moment he stepped on the field.
  10. This team is good and getting better every game. They’re solid up the middle and have quick feet at almost every position; but where I really give Kalish credit is with the manner in which he uses his wing backs. The two of them wreck opponents’ defenses with their constant overloads..it’s a joy to watch!
  11. Bang on analysis. The only thing I would add is Nesbitt’s aerial defense is sublime. Guy plays D three meters off the ground. Spectacular blocks. Looks like a fricking T Rex setting up for a meal when his man goes to the hoop.
  12. Our attack is going to change dramatically this year. With the exodus of French and the advent of Linssen/Okoro, our 5 is going to set up and live far from the basket. Unclog the lane. Slashers’ delight. and, to my chagrin, the press is not going to be a “go to” defense. TF believes our half court defense will be stellar. All this as per TF.
  13. TF does not talk starters. He talks minutes. As per a couple of days ago there are three guys he wants to get to 30 minutes. Javonte, Yuri, and Nesbitt. Everything else is wide open. Don’t be surprised if Linssen gets more minutes than Okoro. Finding time for so many good players is a real dilemma for the staff.
  14. Nowhere close to CAG. TF has always stated his most intense, “win at all cost” players ever were Smart and Goodwin. He very recently stated Nesbitt appears ready to make this elite list a trifecta, albeit a bit too early to be 100% certain. Has all the earmarks. And, as a side note to those who care, I would be shocked if SLU is not in the Big East by the end of next week…
  15. I can’t disagree with the above. I do not like Brooks at the other center back spot; but who starts in his spot is totally up for debate. The Mexico game is going to be a dogfight!!
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