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  1. Did not realize Gomez was a local. Was mistakenly advised last night Fink the only native STL player. If Schulte can play anywhere close to Gomez level this Fall, we are in for a treat. Kasey Keller edition triple save was awesome. For those soccer fans unable to attend the game last night, check it out on You tube. You’re in for a treat!
  2. Complete non-sequitor, but a bit of Blues/Bills trivia. Patrick Maroon. His father was a soccer Bill. Walked on in 74. Played a couple of games in mop up time. Backed up Hudson/Droege. Did not return in 75.
  3. True, but Clarke is NOT coming back.....
  4. Yep, that’s when I knew it was a lock for the Billies!
  5. Who steps up to partner with Izzy today? By my count, it’s DJ’s turn!
  6. Agree on both KL and the sister. She could also play the sport. I’m surprised her name never surfaces in the “who is better” Harbison/Kempf conversation....
  7. Duquesne lost by 42 today. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. Duquesne was able to experience both in less than 24 hours.....
  8. Agreed. I tuned in thinking I would listen to about five minutes just to get the flavor. 85 minutes later I was still there, and could have listened to another 60. Love Mike’s response style: remain inscrutable, yet impart some damn interesting information. I can think of twenty additional questions I would have asked him. Unique in that he transcends the last elite Majerus/Crews year, the two horrific Crews years, and Ford’s first year.
  9. Heck, I was shouting out “hold up!”, but ultimately the call was Foreman’s. No doubt Ford would have been all over him if he had made the wrong decision...
  10. Slightly over ten seconds left to go in the game. Foreman receives the ball with a free and clear path to the basket. Fantastic opportunity for a thunder dunk. His eyes squinted, his body tensed.....and then intelligence and maturity won out. He pulled back and dribbled out. RESPECT.
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Frantz in more of a zone than she was in the first half last night. VCU was shell shocked. This team will be fun to watch in the A10 tournament.
  12. Mason is really struggling. Destroyed in Olean and giving up a 20 point lead to Dukes last Saturday. I won’t be at all surprised if the Spiders take them down.
  13. Find the video of the 2017 A10 tournament PIG between SLU and Duquesne. Watch it. You’ll see why Ford values Elliot. If Elliot can currently achieve anything close to the level he achieved in that game......just Wow!!
  14. https://deadspin.com/dont-forget-that-rams-owner-stan-kroenke-is-a-shitbird-1832176300
  15. http://thewashingtonpost.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/iphone/homepage.aspx#_articlebb50be90-c2e7-4239-80c1-cf114bdfe85d
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