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  1. I know someone who is a huge Billiken fan as well as a monster fan of one of the above-mentioned teams. So he gets the best (or worst) of both worlds
  2. All the excitement about the Blues march to the Stanley cup-justifiable. ?Greatest sports happening in St Louis in 50 plus years. Could you ever imagine Bills making it to final 4 or even winning it all? Our loyal group of fans would go crazy folks!!!
  3. It isn't so much P5 schools as it is STATE schools. Our hard-earned taxes go to support these schools: Kentucky, North Carolina,Oregon, Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana State, Florida State,Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Purdue, Auburn. Only exceptions are Houston, Gonzaga, and Duke. I still root for Duke. Believe it is a great academic school, has one of greatest coaches of all time. Rooting against them is like rooting against baseball Cardinals because they are so successful
  4. Could we be the Loyola of this year's tourney?
  5. One of major keys in our victories in semis and final games was excellent officiating. It allowed us to play aggressive defense without being called for phantom fouls as we had seen all season long by terrible A10 officials. I believe the officials for last 2 games were NOT A10 officials.
  6. Thanks. When you get old, you forget (or maybe you just didn't want to remember)
  7. does anyone recall the name of the point guard we had from Vashon-he was very short, couldn't shoot , and turned out to be very disappointing. Hopefully Yuri won't be of the same mold
  8. almost mid-December: by far leading candidate for most pleasant surprise-Fred Thatch
  9. ? Donnel Reid ? other Beaumont players:Barry Orms, Robin Jones (played briefly in NBA)
  10. I was really just reminiscing about Jordair. His tremendous athletic ability:finish with either hand, great hang time, uncanny ability to avoid the charge. No point to make except our current players just can't do what he did.
  11. want to see how to finish a fast break--bring back Jordair!!!
  12. Thor's first shot reminded me of Stephen Curry. Tough act to follow
  13. To be really successful this season we will need contributions from some unexpected sources. It will interesting to guess who that may be. I would eliminate Goodwin,French, Bess, and ,probably Gordon-we know what to expect from them. That leaves Welmer,Isabell,Wiley,Thatch,Jacobs,Gudmundsson, and Foreman. Will have much better answer by December
  14. McKinley had JoJo White (Kansas), Harrison Steptor(Michigan State) and blank Johnson(Mizzou). They all were starters on their college teams and one even made it into the NBA Hall of Fame. By the way, they didn't even win their district.
  15. It seems that everything depends on the non-conference won-loss record. If A-10 does well, we can get 4 teams in. Have no idea who the other A10 teams are playing early on
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