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  1. Major problem: lack of depth. We really have only 6 decent players: 4 starters (minus Bell) and Weaver, Perkins. Injury to Jimerson, Thatch medical condition really hurt. We are starting to wear down. Jacobs disappearing acts add to problem.
  2. The most frequent lineup in the past 5 games according to the above would be no lineup (add up the percentages on the right)!!! Don't always believe statistics.
  3. Diarra is quicker than Bell and appears to have better co-ordination. What he lacks is strength and confidence. Hopefully that will improve in the next year or two.
  4. Many diseases (including genetic disorders) are triggered by a viruses in someone who is genetically disposed to the disorder. There is so much in medicine that is not clearly understood. The diagnosis is apparently based on a pathologist reading of a muscle biopsy. It sounds as if Thatch is improving. Hopefully he can fully recover and be able to play college basketball
  5. Is there a correlation between rebounding, playing hard defense and missing free throws?
  6. Getting back to the game, any team that shoots 60% from the three usually is victorious
  7. We are probably better than 3 of the undefeateds: Liberty, Duquesene, San Diego State; We will find out about Auburn. Ohio State would be a stretch (maybe I'm drinking the koolaid)
  8. Down to 5 undefeated mens division I basketball teams. We have an opportunity on Saturday to make it 4. Go Billikens!!!
  9. maybe we can get the annual December game with the Illini instead of them playing hapless Mizzou
  10. Difficult to compare Goodwin, Mitchell, Jett. One thing for sure: at the end of the game I would want the ball in Jordair's hands-he was unstoppable
  11. After listening to recap I wonder how adjustments are made to game-plan during course of the game, especially at halftime. I always felt that Majerus was genius at making adjustments in 2nd half
  12. Extending 3-point line over a foot helps open lane for French and also helps give Goodwin more room to operate. Beneficial rule change for both.
  13. I know someone who is a huge Billiken fan as well as a monster fan of one of the above-mentioned teams. So he gets the best (or worst) of both worlds
  14. All the excitement about the Blues march to the Stanley cup-justifiable. ?Greatest sports happening in St Louis in 50 plus years. Could you ever imagine Bills making it to final 4 or even winning it all? Our loyal group of fans would go crazy folks!!!
  15. It isn't so much P5 schools as it is STATE schools. Our hard-earned taxes go to support these schools: Kentucky, North Carolina,Oregon, Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana State, Florida State,Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Purdue, Auburn. Only exceptions are Houston, Gonzaga, and Duke. I still root for Duke. Believe it is a great academic school, has one of greatest coaches of all time. Rooting against them is like rooting against baseball Cardinals because they are so successful
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