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  1. There used to be a baseball(actually softball) field at Laclede and Compton- site of a current place called Chaifetz arena. Very diversified group of players that included Percy Green, Jerry Berger, Martin Quigley, Thornhill (basketball player for St. Louis Hawks). Don't know if this was the site for the earlier stadium.
  2. A few years ago I attended a church parish trivia night where Phillips was the host MC. He asked if there were any doctors present and I foolishly raised my hand. He then insulted me and all physicians trying to use his sarcastic humor. Needless to say, I am not a fan of Mr. Phillips. I am sure that there are others whom he has encountered that feel the same
  3. Claggett's numbers are impressive: 2nd in points (1910); .412 3-point field goal %; 295 3-pointers; 347 assists; 145 steals.
  4. Donell Reid went to Beaumont. He was a heck of a rebounder. Don't think he was from east side
  5. I agree. The Leuchtefelds were not in Joe Wiley's class (as a basketball player). As successful as Wiley has been in business, Stan ( I believe) was a state senator?
  6. After reading about Kevin Lisch retirement started thinking about best Billikens from east side. 4 come to mind immediately: Goodwin, Lisch, Clagget, Liddell. I am not sure if Leuchtefelds qualify (Okawville is pretty close to east side). I think Joe Wiley would make the fifth. Take your pick as the best of the five-all were talented and different types of players.
  7. Best memory of West Pine Gym: buying lunch (baloney sandwich). at Usselmann's which was north across street from what was later Humphreys. I would then sit in gym and watch noon practice with about 3 other people. Those were the days. It took a long time and the help of Farther Biondi , Chaifetz, and others for the program to take a step forward
  8. I remember the Bills losing to a Majerus-coached team ( I believe Utah) in the postseason. A guy made a shot at the elbow near the end of the game to beat us by a couple of points. At the time I thought it was just bad luck. In retrospect, luck didn't just happen with Majerus, it was carefully orchestra Looked up the game- it was 3/16/2000. Bills lost 48-45. We had Justin Love, Maurice Jeffers, Marque Perry, Troy Robertson, Matt Baniak. Ironically, I think it was Alex Jensens's shot that beat us in the last minute of the game.
  9. A lot depends on the relationship between coach and player. If a player feels the coach loves him (no matter how tough his is on him) , he is much less unlikely to transfer. Coach Ford seems to have that type of relationship with most of his players.
  10. I agree with you GMan Justin Love and Marque Perry were great. My all-time favorite Billiken to watch is probably Jordair Jett-the way was unstoppable at the end of a game even though the opponent knew he would be taking the last shot. I am becoming a big fan of Perkins-boy is he smooth offensively and can score in so many different ways.
  11. List of 60's and 70's players: Donnell Reid, Joe Wiley, Harry Rogers, Kelvin Henderson, Eugene Moore, Rich Parks, Jimmy Irving, Lewis McKinney, Bobby Cole. Honorable mention: Barry Orms, Luther Burden. I am surprised no one mentioned Ion Vougioukas among more recent players (maybe no one could spell his name)
  12. I just saw the results of a non-randomized French study published March 20th . 20 Coronavirus patients with 16 control patients. Viral shedding was 3-6 days shorter with hydroxychloraquine and zithromax vs controls. Also saw study stating mortality of intubated patients ranged from 25-60%. It is hard to be apolitical at this time, but I hope we all can stop the rhetoric and focus on the crisis at hand
  13. I started following the Bills on the radio- listening to Harry Carry describe Oscar Roberstson score 50 against the Bills whose name player wasthe late Bevo Nordmann. By the way, I am class of 62, SLUH.
  14. Don't want to play Gonzaga in Orlando unless it means we have beaten likes of Michigan State,Xavier,etc. The Zags are obviously talented,especially upfront and would be a terrible matchup for us.
  15. To RGBilliken: I think the book your father read was "Golf is not a game of perfect"
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