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  1. I believe Travis said we would be playing against Dayton on 26th
  2. Thanks. Interesting that many of our greatest players on the turnover list.. I guess it shows that to be great you must be aggressive and that leads to turnovers.
  3. Not trying to be critical, but who is the Bills all-time turnover leader? Jordair had a lot of turnovers early in his career,but improved a great deal later on. Jim Roder had ?19 assists in a game;how many turnovers in that game. Turnovers can also be misleading, since they are part of being an aggressive player-ie Goodwin; who has best turnover/assist ratio? who has worst?
  4. I just saw on my ESPN app that the game is listed as being on ESPN+; sorry, old news since game reported being on fox sports midwest 8 hours ago
  5. i think I remember going to a rodeo there. I thought it was where the science center is.
  6. I like coaches and teams that are willing to play us- ie K-State, LSU; not so much teams that avoid us, ie Mizzou
  7. 250 fans were about all we had at the old ARENA when Ron Ecker was coach and I would park 100 feet away and would sit in first 2 rows with my kids.
  8. I know of several ticketholders who have had covid and recovered. A doctors statement documenting their status could get them in attendance since they are essentially immune (although this is not completely clearcut). Perhaps a documentation of vaccination, when that is available, would also be a criteria for admission
  9. There used to be a baseball(actually softball) field at Laclede and Compton- site of a current place called Chaifetz arena. Very diversified group of players that included Percy Green, Jerry Berger, Martin Quigley, Thornhill (basketball player for St. Louis Hawks). Don't know if this was the site for the earlier stadium.
  10. A few years ago I attended a church parish trivia night where Phillips was the host MC. He asked if there were any doctors present and I foolishly raised my hand. He then insulted me and all physicians trying to use his sarcastic humor. Needless to say, I am not a fan of Mr. Phillips. I am sure that there are others whom he has encountered that feel the same
  11. Claggett's numbers are impressive: 2nd in points (1910); .412 3-point field goal %; 295 3-pointers; 347 assists; 145 steals.
  12. Donell Reid went to Beaumont. He was a heck of a rebounder. Don't think he was from east side
  13. I agree. The Leuchtefelds were not in Joe Wiley's class (as a basketball player). As successful as Wiley has been in business, Stan ( I believe) was a state senator?
  14. After reading about Kevin Lisch retirement started thinking about best Billikens from east side. 4 come to mind immediately: Goodwin, Lisch, Clagget, Liddell. I am not sure if Leuchtefelds qualify (Okawville is pretty close to east side). I think Joe Wiley would make the fifth. Take your pick as the best of the five-all were talented and different types of players.
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