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  1. My expectation is that it’s going to be a pretty substantial building project. I also think that were it not for the Big East tease, we would look at this as a pretty huge deal. I have jokingly said that for every tweet today building this up, I add an extra $5 million to my expectation for the cost of the facility.
  2. Just saying…wore my Homefield sweatshirt to the open practice yesterday. I was the best dressed person at Chaifetz.
  3. If the team is buying into it and it’s not something offensive, I don’t care what they use. We’ve had a variety of phrases used over the years, most of which didn’t really land, so whatever works, I’m good with it.
  4. Well I just went from ecstatic to much less ecstatic in 10 minutes.
  5. I’ve seen enough to declare this…Jordan Nesbitt is good.
  6. First paragraph: when I’ve watched YouTube highlight videos of Nesbit, the immediate comparison I’ve made, particularly with regard to attitude, was Goodwin. I also remember wondering if Goodwin was going to have an attitude issue. Second paragraph: WOW. I had a thought this week that 2 years ago, I was told second/third hand that there was a “game changer” announcement coming for SLU. At the time, I thought it was Big East related. The only noteworthy announcement was that we got in that Orlando tournament that ended up getting canceled due to Covid. Anyway, I wonder if this has been something on the horizon for a while, and Covid just delayed things.
  7. Just got the email saying my Homefield order is out for delivery. Very excited about it!
  8. I heard that when the bar closed a few years ago, it was left in pretty bad shape and that there hasn’t been ongoing maintenance of it. That’s to say that it’s probably in even worse shape now. I’d love to see it reopen, but I’m certainly not looking at it as a sure thing.
  9. I expect that at some time, I’ll get that STLU shirt. Right now, based on the moment, my thoughts on it range from “I have no idea what that is” to “that is one of the coolest shirts I’ve ever seen.
  10. I have no intention of exchanging US currency for anything with Billy Lou on it, but from the stories I’ve heard here, I really want to know what this thing looked like.
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