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  1. @3star_recruit hit the nail on the head the other day by calling that UR would be going on a Covid pause soon. In the moment, I was considering several possibilities for the cancellation, but probably the most realistic was the idea that UR had a Covid issue that SLU recognized and left over, but UR felt that as long as they “met the protocols”, they should be entitled to play. It didn’t seem to matter to them that they could put SLU in another shutdown...they wanted to get the game in.
  2. I think the only way we find something out is if Richmond goes on a pause in the next few days. Otherwise I don’t expect to learn anything. Lets say that SLU’s medical team found something that was legitimately concerning involving UR, be it team or facility, to justify pulling the plug. UR just got named as a joint host of the A-10 tournament yesterday. If word gets out that the A-10 just awarded the tournament to a school with some protocol issues, a lot of people look bad over this...the A-10, UR. If there was an issue, the A-10 will tell them to get their stuff together and try to kee
  3. I don’t claim to have all, or even most, of the answers involving Covid protocols. There may be a difference between acceptable protocols to likely play a basketball game safely and approved by the NCAA/Atlantic 10, and what truly amounts to “best practices”. As an example, with a few days of exceptions, I’ve been going in to the office every day since the beginning of June. I haven’t (knock on wood) gotten Covid, and it seems that any cases among other people at my employer did not involve any spread to others. I feel safe going into my workplace every day. When I mention this to other p
  4. I think Goodman’s tweet was sarcasm, and not suggesting that NC State is looking for multiple games in St. Louis. NC State had 2-3 games cancelled due to their own Covid stoppage and then another when Louisville cancelled their first ACC game. They haven’t played in about 2-3 weeks. I think Goodman was just commenting that they may actually play a basketball game.
  5. How has nobody suggested the Adam Knollmeyer dunk over (to the side of) the trash can?
  6. I remember that one being borderline Vince Carter on Frederic Weis, just with the Bonnies player being shorter than Weis. I really wish there was video of that somewhere online, but I heard sometime not too long ago that no one knew of it existing.
  7. I’ve liked the grey uniforms in any iteration, but these were the best in my opinion.
  8. This season will be an interesting test of a theory I had about Dayton’s team last season. As good as Toppin was, I thought that Crutcher may have been more important to that team because Toppin had to be fed the ball. That’s not necessarily to say that Crutcher was clearly better that Goodwin or Fatts Russell. Regardless, how Dayton does with Crutcher and without Toppin will test my theory.
  9. That’s the stat I wondered about, but didn’t want to take the time to research.
  10. I haven’t seen anything official, but SLU had two different pictures of French on social media posts this morning. Could be SLU being clueless, but I’m thinking he’s playing.
  11. I want that Walz dude in Billiken blue for the sole reason of him being from Munich.
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