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  1. In college sports, it’s the Billikens way ahead of anything else. Beyond that, I like Notre Dame, primarily for college football. I had always been a fan, and my girlfriend is an alum, so I’ve followed them more in the last few seasons. Went to a game pre-pandemic, and it was really cool. I also like Wisconsin. I’ve lived in Missouri almost my entire life, but I have little attachment to the actual state, and my family travels to Wisconsin frequently. The result is that I’ve kind of adopted The Badgers as my “home state” school because I’ve never liked Mizzou. In pro sports, I like t
  2. Wasn’t sure what the connection to us was, but just noticed that he started following most of our coaching staff on Twitter. How often does that lead to a commitment?
  3. Just checked...I don’t think he’s his brother.
  4. Can he hit the backboard when he shoots?
  5. Other than watching some YouTube videos, I haven’t seen him play, so I can’t truly comment on him being a one-and-done. I thought some people here had suggested that he could be in the NBA in 2-3 years. Anyway, an additional issue I’ve considered is that while Penny’s sales pitch may have interested Jordan, I think that there’s a real chance that SLCA was pushing him to go somewhere other than SLU. That school is trying to gain a national basketball reputation, and they probably felt that they’re better off nationally getting a player to go to Memphis to play for Penny. He may have f
  6. McKissic is apparently deciding at 11 am today, so in about 10 minutes.
  7. That was my take exactly. I was like “this guy is Tramaine Isabell”.
  8. I legit thought that Ford or Tate was leaving.
  9. Maybe I’m missing something about McKissic, but if he doesn’t come to SLU, whatever. I’m sure he’d be a nice add to SLU, but I’m not going to get discouraged by it if he goes somewhere else. If this is the big “not encouraging news” for SLU fans, I’ll take that as a win.
  10. It could just be McKissic not coming here, but if my read on Carter in the past is true, I think it could be way bigger than McKissic.
  11. I remember thinking that he was potentially a real diamond in the rough, and I was going to be sick if he bailed on SLU and crushed it somewhere else. A prep year, a redshirt year, and now finally gets on the court this year, only to average 1.2 ppg. Wow.
  12. It’s a Twitter handle/moniker. He changes it a lot. It means nothing.
  13. Former producer on a couple of sports radio stations in town. Now he’s a doorman. During Situation 2, he seemed to have some information on how screwed up the process was against the players, which likely came from the players’ or at least 1 player’s attorney.
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