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  1. As kind of a piggyback onto this, my sister makes cloth masks. I’m certain that if Billikens fabric existed, I would have a Billikens mask now. She also makes fleece blankets out of material she can get from fabric stores. She has been making these for more than 5 years with various designs including a wide variety of pro and college sports teams, and Billikens fabric just became available in January. From an apparel and licensing perspective, SLU has been bad for as long as I can remember.
  2. I’ve been very intrigued by cord cutting, as I primarily have Directv for live sports. Almost everything else I watch is on Hulu, Netflix, Disney +, etc. The problem is that even though I have AT&T Fiber internet, live sports come in kind of janky. It’s like the connection can’t keep up with the stream. During Covid, with no live sports until the return of European soccer, I just downgraded by Directv package to save money. I’ll bump it up whenever we get more sports back and I want to watch them.
  3. I’m watching the 1998 game against Kansas. One of Justin Love’s first games for SLU. Man, he was so good.
  4. I’m going to have to watch that Cincy game. I’ve never seen it. I was in high school and it was a day game. I heard in between classes that SLU was winning because one teacher was a diehard SLU fan and turned the game on during class and my friends in his class told me. I couldn’t sit still during the last class of the day and made a run for a computer as soon as school ended.
  5. I firmly believe that French with an at all credible mid-range game is an NBA player.
  6. I’m ready to run through a brick wall after reading this.
  7. I’m not sure what the root of it is, but I don’t think Goodman’s the only one in the media with that opinion. Again, can’t explain why, but I just get that feel.
  8. My initial thought was “How did Tatum or Beal not get Player if the Decade?” I still think one of them probably should have, but I remembered that the P-D typically favors players who win championships when they pick Players of the Year, so using that rubric, I see how they ended up with Liddell as Player Of the Decade.
  9. Yeah. The Chase Park Plaza. As I remember it, he lived in LaRussa’s former place.
  10. I think that guy attended the Billikens alumni thing at halftime of a game this season. My first thought was “Really?” The second thought was “ where’s a trash can!”
  11. I was a bit young to know the Williams background, but if both him and Ahearn were guys that would have come if we had offered, I think Williams was the bigger miss. That said, we talk about stacking or bridging classes with Ford, and the progression from Williams to Ahearn to Lisch would have given us 10 years of really solid guard play.
  12. I’m going to have to listen to the Sloan episode. Romar’s tenure was when I started following SLU news on websites like this and it’s predecessors. I was constantly checking recruiting updates and would get excited about the possible recruits Romar would get. Since he was from California and that’s where his connections were, he tried relentlessly to start a California pipeline, but repeatedly missed out on several pretty good California players. Finally got Ryan Hollins in his last year, who was probably much less heralded than some of the guys we missed on in previous years, but he ended up at UCLA and going to the NBA.
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