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  1. Am I correct that we currently have 2 available scholarships for this class? Thoughts on a pair of Bradford and Kasubke/Branson?
  2. I am thankful to him for the 2012-13 season. The team may have coached itself on the court that year, but I’m confident that he did something to help those kids cope with the loss of Majerus. With that said, you can have gratitude to him for that part of his tenure, while also not being willing to forget about the abomination that was his tenure as coach for his last 2 years. That guy had a team ranked in the Top 10, and 1-2 years later they might not have been in the Top 200. For most of my life, I look forward to every SLU game. In his last year, I viewed going to games as a chore and sometimes didn’t care enough to watch road games. It was absolutely terrible, and I’m not over it yet. Making the NCAAs last season was so special to me because it meant that Jim Crews hadn’t actually killed our program, as I had once feared.
  3. Is this the week/weekend that Nike has that camp on campus and Ford offers just about everyone who attends?
  4. Lock this thread. We’re out of consideration, and this thread shouldn’t have been started to begin with.
  5. I’ve bought their sampler (Spotted Cow, Moon Man, Totally Naked, and Two Women) before, and it’s good. Spotted Cow is still the go-to.
  6. This is a good take. I like Yuengling, but I used to make a point to drink it when available. Now between microbreweries and bringing back Spotted Cow from Wisconsin, I sometimes forget about it.
  7. I don’t think that’s allowed.
  8. These are both good takes. I have no issue with people from outlying areas adopting a city’s teams as their own, but I’ve also encountered quite a few people from various areas in Illinois that are not Chicago, and have never lived in Chicago, adopt Chicago as “their city”, and use that to slam other cities like St. Louis. Nothing against Bloomington, Peoria, Springfield, or LaSalle, IL, , but you don’t get to claim Chicago as your city.
  9. Bad for us, but congrats to Van for getting to go home.
  10. I get that this is a joke, but I’m still going to point out why this is stupid. First of all, the idea that these grad transfers are all using the grad transfer as a way to enhance themselves academically is a bit off. One year isn’t a long time to obtain a high level grad degree. I think our grad transfers were enrolled in a postgrad (and maybe online) certificate program. Second, as someone with a graduate degree from SIU, I’ll take this time to say that I’m glad to have attended SIU. While Carbondale isn’t the height of sophistication, the jokes about the place on this board are a little wide of the mark. With that said, I’d rather have the same degree from Northwestern, but I don’t think many grad transfers are taking law school classes.
  11. I went last week. It’s good. I had forgotten that the food operation is affiliated with Gerard Craft. The burger and fries were really good. They’re similar to some of the more modern style burger places (i.e. Hi Pointe Drive In). An interesting aspect of their business model: they’re a “no tipping” establishment. After not seeing a place to add a tip on the screen when I closed out my tab, I tried to leave a tip on the bar as I left. I was informed that they don’t accept tips, and that they pay their employees a wage high enough to not require tips.
  12. Only 2.5 times longer to get to Fort Worth than STL. I hope he rots on the bench there.
  13. I think there is an issue that some people here have confused. Keith Dambrot came to Duquesne after Lewis’ freshman year. Lewis played for him as a sophomore, and then transferred during his junior year this past season. I only bring this up because I have seen it suggested that because Dambrot arrived, Lewis’ numbers immediately dropped significantly, which caused him to transfer. He did pretty well as a sophomore under Dambrot. I hope he can get a waiver to play this season, but I don’t think that his transfer situation from Duquesne will be a help in that process.
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