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  1. I want that Walz dude in Billiken blue for the sole reason of him being from Munich.
  2. Looks like he committed to Oklahoma, not OSU.
  3. Roy Schmidt. Not sure if he’s still around. I stopped following him on Twitter. Sad deal in a way; he used to be fairly good, but then he got Twitter and kind of went unhinged.
  4. This. Rivals seems to have a function where subscribers can make “predictions”. That’s just fans picking their favorite teams. The only ones worth looking at are the predictions from the recruiting analysts. There are none of those for Kern.
  5. So we have Brian Snow at 247 with the “Crystal Ball” prediction, and we also have this guy from Rivals who predicted SLU last night. https://n.rivals.com/content/forecaster_profiles/2383619 Maybe I’m forgetting, but I don’t think we’ve had a recruiting analyst predict us to land a recruit other than Carte’are Gordon, and that was done right before he committed. That combined with Frank C’s comments the other day make me think something is about to happen.
  6. STL has liked him since he was at SIUC. He seems to be a pretty nice, folksy, “aww shucks”, kind of guy, and STL people eat that stuff up. He’s basically a much more successful Barry Hinson.
  7. This is a good point. One of my reasons for generally preferring a Euro-Style name was that I haven’t been the biggest fan of the nicknames for many teams created in the last 25-30 years. Part of me wonders if my preference for many older team names is just due to the fact that I’m just used to them.
  8. St. Louis City SC/FC was right around the top of my list out of the names that were generally suggested. While I am going to roll my eyes at anyone from St. Louis County, St. Charles County, the Metro East, Jefferson County, etc who tries to claim that the team doesn’t represent them, I still didn’t think this name would be likely just because I thought they’d go safe and avoid that potential conflict. I’m a big fan of this name. My big soapbox with the name was that I was ok with a given nickname only if it was fairly simple and traditional. No names like Kraken or Battlehawks. Give me a
  9. Exactly. And I expect that they’ll really hammer on it at the announcement.
  10. My guess is that they’ll spin it as a message that it doesn’t matter what counties or suburbs we live in, we are all one city. St. Louis.
  11. If this was already posted, my apologies, but I don’t think I had seen it here. Nesbitt rankings/predictions from a national recruiting writer. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/ranking-the-contenders-jordan-nesbitt
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