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  1. I went last week. It’s good. I had forgotten that the food operation is affiliated with Gerard Craft. The burger and fries were really good. They’re similar to some of the more modern style burger places (i.e. Hi Pointe Drive In). An interesting aspect of their business model: they’re a “no tipping” establishment. After not seeing a place to add a tip on the screen when I closed out my tab, I tried to leave a tip on the bar as I left. I was informed that they don’t accept tips, and that they pay their employees a wage high enough to not require tips.
  2. Only 2.5 times longer to get to Fort Worth than STL. I hope he rots on the bench there.
  3. I think there is an issue that some people here have confused. Keith Dambrot came to Duquesne after Lewis’ freshman year. Lewis played for him as a sophomore, and then transferred during his junior year this past season. I only bring this up because I have seen it suggested that because Dambrot arrived, Lewis’ numbers immediately dropped significantly, which caused him to transfer. He did pretty well as a sophomore under Dambrot. I hope he can get a waiver to play this season, but I don’t think that his transfer situation from Duquesne will be a help in that process.
  4. I’ll admit that at the time, I didn’t view it as a big miss because he wasn’t that highly touted; everyone cared about his teammates Tatum and Cook. I also never saw him play in high school. With that said, Crews had to have seen him play several dozen times just by his pursuit of Tatum. I can’t comprehend how he could’ve seen him play that many times and didn’t think he wasn’t good enough, but think that guys like Brett Jolly and Zeke Moore were good enough. Same goes for Jordan Barnes from CBC, who Crews has to have seen dozens of times on the AAU circuit.
  5. It’s an interesting deal. Good player, but I have no idea what his eligibility situation is. He didn’t finish his sitting out time at Nevada, so can he get out of sitting out any more time on account of Musselman leaving? Is there a chance he graduates early and counts as a grad transfer? Other players have announced they were entering the transfer portal, but he didn’t. Maybe he is a grad transfer. Anyway, maybe it’s a partial righting of one if the basketball doofus’s numerous screw-ups.
  6. Potentially interesting wrinkle here: a tweet I read about Nevada’s roster imploding suggests that Lewis wasn’t in scholarship there. Not sure what that means though.
  7. I had forgotten about these buildings, and didn’t realize Notre Dame had its name changed. When they were building the current BSC during my freshman year, Notre Dame was the temporary replacement for the student organizations. It was an odd setup seeing the different organizations occupying tiny dorm rooms.
  8. Went to Stone Turtle tonight for the first time. Really good.
  9. I don’t have an issue with that. We need depth inside, because currently we have French and Bell, who is an unknown commodity at the moment. My hope is that this statement also means that we feel better about our ability to land impact freshmen for the current junior class than for the current senior class. All things considered, I’d prefer a grad transfer + a solid recruit in the fall over a project/questionable impact freshman right now.
  10. Can’t speak for the Brussel sprout tacos, but agree that 58hundred is a great spot.
  11. That Juniper chicken is fantastic. Didn’t have fries though. At least the night I went there they had a different potato dish that was mind-blowingly good.
  12. Yeah, my recollection is that he had a shoulder that would dislocate easily, and he stopped playing during his senior year once he broke the school scoring record to have surgery to fix the issue.
  13. Couple of things: Byrd and Barrel is incredible. Chicken is really good, Spiced tater tots are spectacular. If we’re throwing our food recs, you gotta try Nathaniel Reed’s Bakery in Kirkwood. Tremendous for breakfast, great sandwiches too.
  14. They don’t. I was in law school there from 2011-2014. Even in 2011, the financial situation was bad. I heard that the state was millions of dollars behind on the allocation of funds then to SIU. Not that SIU football was a big deal, but the law school had tailgates before games, which were a good time and allowed for some networking opportunities for people in the area. Those suddenly were cancelled the day before the first tailgate one year due to budget issues. Several good professors had to retire the year I graduated because the university changed the pension plan, and they needed to retire to stay under the previous plan. The lack of a budget in recent years made it worse. Mullins surely is a cheap hire.
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