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  1. I didn’t know about it when it was happening because I was too young, but the articles I’ve read on the Deon Thomas/Illinois/Pearl situation are the same story as what SheltieDave has posted. My recollection is that the investigation that resulted from Pearl trying to be a whistleblower found no truth to Pearl’s allegations, but found some other violations which got Illinois sanctioned. I’m not particularly an Illinois fan, but the story I always heard was that Pearl made signing Deon Thomas a huge priority and couldn’t handle it when he lost a recruiting battle, so he tried to set up a sting operation.
  2. The first sentence here could be a possibility, at least for 1 game. I’d be surprised if Jordan Goodwin or Hasahn French weren’t our leading scorer.
  3. If he has actual family issues he needs to help with, I feel for him. If he can’t handle a coach telling him what to do, this is all on him. Part of me wonders if the school component has anything to do with it, and he’s just unlucky that college is the primary developmental league in this country. Another part of me expects that he wouldn’t be able to handle playing in a professional setting either.
  4. I’m not sure, but I’ve heard something to that extent. I think it came up during the Tom Brady deflategate fiasco. I also saw a joke after this news came up that Kevin Demoff was going to promptly throw his iPhone into the Pacific Ocean.
  5. Yes. The records would seem to be a listing of who called whom. This could be valuable to corroborate conversations the plaintiffs know existed, ie the call from Kroenke to Demoff indicating that he found the perfect piece of land in Inglewood for the stadium, at a time that the Rams tried to suggest that they weren’t even considering moving. It could show frequent calls to numbers related to Inglewood from people like Kroenke, Jerry Jones, Goodell, etc. This could lead to identifying or confirming people who should be deposed.
  6. The Claggett, Highmark, and H teams certainly were exciting, but we’re they more exciting than the teams from 2011-2014, or did you just dislike Majerus so much that you couldn’t get excited about his players?
  7. At least 2 of Gibson’s treys came off great passes by Yuri. The one in the 2nd half came when Yuri drove to the basketball and looked to have a legit shot to score, and then he hit Gibson with a quick cross court pass for the trey. Awesome stuff.
  8. I knew Yuri was good tonight, but 9 assists??? Wow!! This team can fun to watch. I’m sure there will be games where our shooting isn’t as good and it’s frustrating, but if have something close to the combo of passing, steals, rebounding, and shooting like tonight, we’ll be in for a fun season. The defensive intensity in especially the first half was really something. Not used to us pressing as frequently as did tonight, there were several times when I briefly lost focus after FGCU, only to see us steal the ball away within seconds. We’re only 1 game in, but I made the same statement at a similar point in Hasahn French’s freshman season. Yuri Collins is going to be so good. In this little sample size, French and Goodwin are playing how we hoped they’d play. I was 10 years and under when Claggett, Highmark, and Waldman were raining in 3s, so I lacked the memory of specific characteristics of the game, but I can’t think of a Billiken with a quicker release than Jimmerson. Perkins is going to take some time to adjust, but I like what he brings to the table. He seems comfortable out there, and I think that he’ll be a nice offensive option throughout this season. I’ll admit that Weaver was kind of an afterthought for me with this team. Just couldn’t get excited for a backup grad transfer guard. Having seen him now, I really like what he can bring to the table.
  9. This is a good take. One thought I had on the way home from the game is that for almost all of us, it has taken a well executed game plan to make up for a deficit in athletic ability or depth in order for SLU to be successful. With Travis Ford, we've gotten the athletes that we used to not have. The trade-off may be that we may win a little uglier than we used to do at times because we're doing it on energy and athleticism rather than pinpoint execution, and we haven't gotten used to that yet. I don't know how this team is going to do this season, and I don't think tonight's game can be a great barometer either way, but as mentioned above, we had some intensity, particularly in the second half. My hope is that we can combine that with some system that works.
  10. It was in 2014, his senior year. Big game against VCU, on ESPN with Bobby Knight on the broadcast. During the first half, SLU went on a run to take the lead, culminated by a dunk by Evans. He got the ball on the wing or the corner and drove to the hole for the dunk. I think that moment was the loudest I’ve heard Chaifetz Arena get.
  11. I’m always curious what those guys thought of Crews and Platt. Comments on McBroom would be interesting, but I’d 100% understand him not wanting to talk about him, even 5 years later.
  12. I don’t think so, but I read sometime in the last few years that a large number of students qualify for close to full scholarships due to grants. If you can get accepted to an Ivy and aren’t an elite athlete to suggest that playing professionally is likely, taking the Ivy route makes a ton of sense, even if you have to pay a fraction of the tuition.
  13. I was just in the Boston area a week ago. Stayed in a town a little bit north of Boston called Swampscott. It looks to be about 5ish feet beyond the arc on the right side of the court. If I don’t hear Rammer say “Jimmerson, from Swampscott...BANG! He got it!”, why are we even doing this?
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