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  1. So...another supporter for calling friends of the program fake Christians and vulgar names. Why am I not surprised?
  2. Says plenty about you that as long as something doesn't happen to you, you don't give a damn. Amazing you are so willing to defend such disgusting behavior. Guess attitudes like yours make it more understandable why our country is such a dumpster fire. PS...if you really want to know the truth ask BBF to share the message with you...that's what I did. But then again it's just so much easier to join up with the mob.
  3. I am sure you are and it was so easy. All you had to do was to spread an unsubstantiated internet rumor to smear a public figure who is by far the best media supporter SLU has; to call him a fake Christian; to call him a profane, vulgar name, to mock and ridicule a good and decent man about his weight and to then have the audacity to whine about a private message that called you out for your despicable behavior which was sent weeks ago and then lie that you were threatened in a pathetic attempt to gain sympathy from your buddies. Yep, you should be as proud as a peacock.
  4. Harassment to other posters...you mean like quoting them? Please share what constructive elements you bring to the board? Waiting...
  5. Yes...but did you forget who the coach is?
  6. Lol...are you suggesting things will be any different on day 119?
  7. Weirdo? I guess I need to check with torch if I have just been physically threatened or harassed.
  8. Did you leave out the blue font? He simply called him the exact thing the Chosen one called Frank. Are you saying The Chosen one is guilty of threatening and harassing Frank? Are you saying the Chosen one should be suspended? Have you no self-awareness whatsoever?
  9. Hmmm....does "private message" mean anything to you? Only a jerk would share a message that was clearly intended to be personal. It is a very poor reflection upon you...it really reveals how weak and pathetic you are. After Steve referred to a group of "bad actors" were causing the problems on the board, I decided I would no longer engage with the over the top, unrelenting hate Ford crowd. Others also decided to disengage. There are numerous long time posters who have stayed away- BBF, Dennis_w, very notably. It is interesting that our disappearance hasn't slowed the irrational hate one bit. Perhaps Steve might want to reevaluate who the "bad actors" are.
  10. Thanks...glad someone on this board is able to provide fresh, positive information.
  11. Don't tell me we are now going to begin months of fire May.
  12. Perhaps if/when he addresses it again his tone will be different. He has a difficult job trying to support his coach, pleasing boosters, and the fans. Since it appears that the decision has been to move forward with Ford it would be nice to see some unity and enthusiasm for the future. It would be nice next year to be discussing our sweet 16 opponent.
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