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  1. The same lame crap that has been peddled for years. I have no interest in playing them https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/quick-hits-matter-on-mizzou-sports/collection_a5cb994a-eb37-5de7-b93e-737236361a11.html
  2. @Old guy I did a little research. I haven't posted on this board since March 25 yet you insult me and tell others to ignore me? My participation on this board is limited to very occasional reactions to posts that catch my attention. The main reason I stopped was because I found it increasingly difficult to express a point of view without being attacked. I decided it wasn't worth it. You just confirmed I made the right decision.
  3. Sounds good to me...hope you share that sentiment with everyone
  4. Lol...in one breath you say you bad posted me twice and in the next you say the only reactions you make are good. Do you see a little inconsistency in that statement??? So many snowflakes. I said something “snarky”? Oh my!!! Sure glad that no one else has ever said anything “snarky” on this board. I got under your skin? Oh my again. You poor baby. You claimed long ago that you were putting me on ignore...apparently that is another one of your “inconsistencies”. This time please actually put me on ignore. Heaven forbid if I said something “snarky “ again. We must protect that overly sensitive skin. Lol....thanks for making me laugh!
  5. Oh...I see....you can mark my posts...but I'm not supposed to mark yours...the old you can dish it out but can't take it routine. Put on your big boy pants and stop the pathetic whining...it is very unbecoming. PS...if it makes you feel better...bad post me...unlike you, I won't cry about it. Sheesh.
  6. Roy...please read carefully. I never said he was Johnson or Thomas. I was replying to a post that said even a point guard as good as those two wouldn't have made a difference in the last game. Notice I used the word..IF...when assessing Collins.
  7. Basketball is not a game of horse. Saying that an elite point guard would not have improved our offensive performance demonstrates a lack of understanding as to what goes into a successful offensive possession - cutting, passing, spacing, decision making, and, of course, the shot itself. An elite playmaker makes a team better in a number of ways, including becoming better shooters. The ability to penetrate and dish improves shooting ability by giving the shooter more time. Good decision making improves shooting by getting the ball to the player who is actually open. This is particularly true when the shot clock is running down and the player receiving the last pass is forced to shoot. A particularly overlooked aspect is the quality of the pass. A pass delivered too high/low, wide, etc. throws off the timing of the shot and allows the defender a split second more to react. I can distinctly recall Rich Grawer emphasizing that point in his guard camps that he conducted for years. To say an elite point guard the likes of Thomas, Magic Johnson, etc. wouldn't facilitate more quality shot opportunities is silly. From the video and accounts of those who have seen Collins play, he appears to have the unique instincts and skill set to make those around him better. If that is indeed the case, he will be on the floor sooner than later.
  8. A political troll...really???? I have been on the board since 2005 and have made a grand total of 385 posts. There are those that make that many in a month. Yeah.. I'm a real pot stirrer. I have the audacity to express my opinion in an OT post relevant to one of our league opponents and it causes some to get their pink panties in a knot. I follow sports for fun. I resent the activists who continually inject their venom into it. And don't we have a short memory. You defending the PC crowd...you know, the same bunch that directly impacted the S2 situation. So ironic that even the mildest criticism evokes outrage in the defenders of PC and SJW.
  9. You do realize GW is in the A10...don't you? It was an OT post.
  10. I agree with your reasoning. Ignoring the political implications, however, is burying your head in the sand. The ONLY reason the name change came up is because of radical politics. Sports should be devoid of this crap. Unfortunately this garbage now extends into every aspect of life. I am certain that someday someone will find Billikens offensive.
  11. Want a news article? Here you go. MSNBC or CNN didn't post one (wonder why?) You mean I really have to explain why it is wrong to you...really??? You said in a previous post that it was a joke....how come you didn't explain yourself??? And since when did PC and SJW become worn out? Because you say so? Why do so many on this board have to be an ass??? https://www.foxnews.com/us/george-washington-university-students-push-to-do-away-with-extremely-offensive-colonials-nickname
  12. Why should we be surprised? The PC and SJW crowd are at it again. https://www.redstate.com/sister-toldjah/2019/03/11/vote-on-changing-gwu-colonials-name-coming-end-march/
  13. “Actually coach”? Where have you been the past 2 years? Who could have done a better coaching job with what he had on the floor? Can we put this crap to bed that Ford is just a recruiter?
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