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  1. Reorder for Billikens Bicycle jerseys is now available. The deadline is July 14. Hopefully Billikens.com will support. Men and women's available $55. https://via.primalcustom.com/collections/t06423b
  2. Frank and Rammer talked a little about him yesterday. Tate says he will be the most athletic 5 SLU has ever had. Begins at about the 12:30 mark. Segment 1 - Rammer in Studio 2/17/21 Segment 1 - Rammer in Studio 2/17/21, by 590 The Fan - KFNS https://www.spreaker.com/user/11374414/021721-1pb
  3. Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein 16 points, 15 rebounds, and eight assists for Jordan Goodwin tonight in Saint Louis' win over La Salle. A10's version of Marcus Smart. Should be Conference POY.
  4. Since when did patriotism and loving your country equate to pushing politics? Americans historically rallied around the flag..it was a symbol of pride and unity.
  5. Didn't the women get the message that help is on the way?
  6. Quality is Job 1 - So the guy who wants the nonsense to stop pours fuel on the fire by giving me a bad post for AGREEING WITH HIM??? Did I strike a nerve by noting you have an interesting pattern of reactions??. Your plea for the nonsense to stop is about as convincing as a democrat asking for unity as we are marched off to deprogramming camp
  7. Sounds like a good suggestion to me. I do find it interesting, though, which messages you bad post and which ones you don't.
  8. Lol...you don't like me making assumptions about you...but you make assumptions about BBF...notice the irony?
  9. Lol...since when does voting make any difference in this country??
  10. I was wondering about you. There is hope on the covid vaccine front....I am afraid we are still years away, though, on the TDS cure. Hang in there. I admire BBF trying to help you.
  11. You find grabbing a p$&@y funny....really??? They used to say humor was a high indicator of intelligence...not sure about that any more. Though I guess it does require a pretty high IQ to figure out the code. I think I finally have the & sign...anyone have the @ yet???
  12. Haven't seen him play...your opinion is a lot more informed than mine. I have absolutely no idea of his political affiliation. Do you know what it is? What party are you identified with? I hope he is a good student and citizen and reflects the stated Christian values of SLU.
  13. Take a deep breath and count to ten. Like I said...sure glad no one has negative opinions of people because of their association with Trump. Why does that enrage you?
  14. Sure glad no one has negative opinions of people because of their association with Trump.
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