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  1. I'm hoping for absolute chaos in hopes that it somehow amounts to SLU going to the big east.
  2. Here is a link to Ford's wife's Baby Registry: https://www.babylist.com/baby-courtney-stuen I think it would be a cool way to show the support if the blog could throw her some support during this tough time.
  3. The picture of nesbitt in the 0 jersey was an edit made by a fan.
  4. TBT announcer quoted Pelican GM, David Griffin, who said that he's been watching the TBT tournament to scout and he mentioned being really impressed by Javon's game so far
  5. No one should wear 0 after J Good.
  6. I thought we had a slightly more intelligent basketball following. can't believe some people think it's a good idea to reopen everything in the next few weeks despite every scientist and medical professional recommending against it. I'm sure someone is going to find some random nypost article misquoting a no name doctor in alabama saying that we would be fine if everything opened back up, but I think it's extremely selfish to even think about opening things back up.
  7. What's the website that breaks every team's results down by the quads? someone posted it earlier in here but I cant find it.
  8. I just checked the JUCO that Carte'are used to play for, he's no longer listed on their roster
  9. Last year we had french and foreman at the peak of our play. Yeah, in a perfect world we would have retooled with two other four star big men. I think our small ball lineup combined with the contributions of jimmy bell can match what foreman was able to give us last year.
  10. Yeah that sounds like an awesome idea. What do you think would be the best way of getting a head count?
  11. I am interested in setting up a billikens basketball final score pool (similar to super bowl squares). A couple of guys in my fraternity set this up in years past and it was a lot of fun. Now that I've graduated and that pool has finished, I would like to keep it going. This pool would be for the 30 regular season bills games starting 11/5 with FGCU. You would get assigned a square for the entire regular season and if the final score ever aligns with that square, you win that game. The buy in can be debated, but I was thinking $50 which would make the payout $166.67 for each game. Obviously, we could select someone everyone on the blog respects to be the treasurer. Optimally there would be 100 entries in the pool so we could fill it up entirely, but if there are open squares we could use these as rollover squares so the $166 rolls over to the next game. I just wanted to put it out there in case it caught any of your interest.
  12. I have never seen more people overreact by one possession or by one call than all you guys on this board.
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