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  1. It's not that serious, great way to derail a good conversation though.
  2. 60th ranked high school recruit two years ago, love if we could tap into that potential. Fills a big gap on this team too. LFG.
  3. Wow, I love these assistants. True basketball sickos. Breathe of fresh air.
  4. I'm not celebrating until Schertz is in Saint Louis and has signed on the dotted line, but huge huge props to all the work that Chris May and the boosters have done to put us in position to land Schertz and fend off valiant efforts by Louisville and other major players to try to steal him from us.
  5. We can all agree, SLU wasn’t the right fit for this kid last year but neither was creighton
  6. I need Mack more than anything, he's in a league of his own above the other candidates.
  7. I still have some faith. You don't pay the 10+ million dollar buyout and take someone as risky as Ahearn or that's going to be a complete Ford retread like a Weber or Crean. I feel like they will go full steam ahead towards getting a proven commodity. I have faith in the Chaifetz and other boosters to make a full run at Mack, Moser, and Holtmann rather than jumping at Ahearn who no one else is going after and appears to begging for the job. They aren't as dumb as the people on this board are making them seem.
  8. Moser should be in a tier of his own at the top, Mack should be in Tier 1. In my opinion.
  9. Travis clearly cares a lot about the school and the city. Love the way that he bought in and truly cares about the community. With that said, college basketball is a tough business that's all about results. Results haven't been where they need to be and SLU has given him more than enough time to try to get those results. Nothing personal, but his time is here and there's no other option at this point.
  10. Lot of college basketball insiders are reporting he's going to be interviewing for Ohio State and potentially Michigan.
  11. Any insight on the other schools we will be competing against for head coaching candidates? Big openings will be DePaul, Vanderbilt, Creighton?
  12. We can trim Jay Wright. Better chance at landing Brad Stevens
  13. Was hoping for a sunday morning news dump. Rumors past few days appear to be incorrect.
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