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  1. There was zero chance of us making the NCAA tournament with a loss to Dayton in the semi-finals. Zero.
  2. Um no. An at large bid would have required a win over Dayton in the semi-finals of the A-10 tourney. As good as we were playing, that may have been a 20-30% likely event per Vegas. Not to mention the chance that we didn't win our first tourney game or that the committee still doesn't take us without winning the conference tourney. Its 20% at best.
  3. With a pretty full roster and everyone chomping for playing time, I'm now a pretty big proponent of leaving a scholarship unused and holding that for a mid-season transfer.
  4. Never doubt the recruiting prowess of Ford and Tate. Just awesome stuff.
  5. Nesbitt! Play the pit bull
  6. Frank is such a tease...
  7. The third rule of transfer comparisons is you can't compare a player transferring up from a school like Oakland to SLU to players that transferred down like Villanova to SLU. So here are the rules as I see it: 1) Same race 2) Transfers only 3) Transfer up or transfer down 4) Same position 5) Similar statistics Once all those things are checked off, just start rattling off names and see if any of them fit the highlight videos of the person transferring in.
  8. It's interesting how potential transfers can only be compared to former transfers. Does Rashad Williams have nothing in common with former Billikens that started their careers here? Kind of like how white guys are only compared to other white guys, etc.
  9. What makes you think French may come back? I still think Goodwin is less than 50%, but it did go up today.
  10. I'm sure Jordan said it in jest about Ford wanting him. Also, going pro does not necessarily mean NBA. If an agent says I think you can sign in Europe and make six figures he'll be gone. This conversation with Frank is undoubtedly good news, but I'm no where near "sounds like he'll be back" stage.
  11. There aren't too many agents that will under-sell his pro potential....they don't get paid if he's still playing college ball.
  12. The reality is that most people think their opinions are the truth!
  13. McKissic Update: https://247sports.com/college/oregon-state/Article/UMKC-Grad-transfer-Brandon-McKissic-focusing-on-six-as-he-nears-a-decision-Florida-Kansas-Kansas-State-Missouri-Oregon-State-Saint-Louis-163190046/ He has a final 6 of SLU, Kansas, Mizzou, K-State, Oregon ST. and Florida
  14. With free agency hitting players, it'll be interesting to see how many players simply follow their coaches to their new destination. Don't know if that fits Ramey at all, but I bet its pretty common going forward.
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