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  1. Sometimes coaches slow-play the hires so that coaches can watch/talk to kids they are recruiting outside of the NCAA restrictions. I have no idea if that is happening here but I doubt Ford wants too much time to go before hiring a replacement. If he was just promoting internally, you'd think he'd have already done it so that coach could get on the road and start recruiting/evaluating.
  2. kshoe


    Doh! You're right. I had forgotten about him.
  3. kshoe


    I'd be stunned if we go into next year with no scholarships available for the 2020 class. Yes, people always leave and all that, but we aren't a school that has oversubscribed in the past. They'll either find a grad transfer or sit on it.
  4. Congrats! Plus, now I know what party to crash on August 29th at 4 PM. Should be quite the bash.
  5. Seems like every year since Ford has been coach we wring our hands and talk about too many players, not enough minutes, etc. then, unfortunately, something happens and we end up with 7 or so players that can be trusted in big games. I'm not worried about lack of playing time... Sounds to me like we'll have Lewis from mid-December on at worst and hopefully all year if the Nevada coaching change gets him the waiver. Good stuff!
  6. Huh? There is no scenario where he can play 1.5 more years. From the NCAA’s perspective he has already played 3 years.
  7. So is he eligible immediately or at semester? Did he announce his transfer from Nevada mid-season so that is why he didn’t play more than half the year or was it an injury?
  8. I started watching a year ago and just recently got caught up. While there are obvious benefits of binge watching, the downside of not being able to talk to people about what you are seeing and predicting what happens next is significant. To help with this and just to understand who everybody is, I found myself reading the wikipedia summary of the previous episode before I started the next show.
  9. This is the ugly downside of the relaxed transfer rules for smaller conferences. You find a diamond in the rough and he's going to leave for greener pastures as soon as he can.
  10. Yes I do. At the margin sure it's nice to have uber stars to broadcast. But it's not nearly as big a deal as you make it out to be. Heck, the ESPN's of the world may find they get better ratings on college games if players stuck around for 4 years and became household names the way Tyler Hansborough, Jameer Nelson, JJ Reddick, etc. did in the past.
  11. I don't buy that. If the top 50 players all go pro or simply disappear from the college landscape all the money will flow to the 51st best player and he'll get the local Lexington car dealership endorsement for $1mm. On a local scale, SLU would tell Kim Tucci not to donate funds directly to the program, but instead pay Goodwin $100k to do a Past House commercial. As for the competitive landscape, it may be the case that the Blue Bloods and Power 6 conferences get the best recruits, but at least the smaller schools have a chance with a dynamic coach, local ties, etc. I have to believe that chance gets thinner and thinner if the BCS programs have all this extra money to throw at recruits that gets disguised as commercial advertisements.
  12. I've said it many times. What is to stop Kentucky from having a big booster pay player XYZ $1mm for him to do one tv commercial? Duke would offer $1.5mm. Use of likeness is basically the same as free agency in the form of cash. There is no difference.
  13. They aren't being paid nothing. Full scholarship plus other perks is enough to get most people excited. It is most certainly a form of payment. It doesn't compete with NBA money but for many is preferable over Europe cash or G-league cash. And there is the issue, there is basically an unlimited supply of labor willing to play college basketball for tuition and perks so why would the powers that be want to open pandoras box and pay them in order to compete with pro leagues? Let the top 5% go and just hope that fans still root for the names on the front of the jersey is the way it is going to go.
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