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  1. The Good: great article, thanks STU The Bad: It is nearly impossible to find that article on STLToday's website. If it hadn't been posted here I'm not sure I'd have seen it. And then they say the article doesn't get a lot of clicks so there must not be interest in SLU...
  2. I have to believe that isn't allowed. Otherwise, teams would find whatever academic or otherwise non-athletic scholarships they could, give them to soccer players and then not have to use up a portion of the 10 athletic scholarships they were allowed.
  3. Exactly. But at the same time there is no need to rub it in the faces of those that lost their jobs by making public announcements about raises or extensions for the basketball coach.
  4. I was told by someone that would know that the University is in for another round of belt-tightening in regards to staff, budgets, etc. IF that is true and IF Ford did recently get "taken care of" I'm not sure that's something, they'd want to publicize in advance of a period where other staff will be looking at salary stagnation, job losses, etc. I understand all the argument for why it shouldn't matter to those people, but its a bad optic.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/mattsbn/status/1142523764955066370 cbs saying AAC will stay at 11 basketball teams.
  6. This can’t be serious. 4 National titles plus previous conference membership and natural rivalries makes UConn a total no-brainer. Danny Hurley will have them dancing in short order.
  7. I appreciate your positive thinking but nowhere has anyone suggested they are going to 12 teams. It’s uconn to 11, round robin play for 20 games and that’s it. Slu, and basically all others that would like to join, simply don’t have enough cache at this point to make them move off their ideal number of 11.
  8. The big east loves their round robin play and wants to get to 20 games, like many other conferences. UConn makes 11 and that is it.
  9. Did you write this after hopping out of the Delorean?
  10. Vandy offering Fletcher is kind of like when Travis offers these top 40 players from the East Coast when they come in town for the Top 100 showcase event. Not gonna happen...
  11. This. It's near impossible to get P6 home and homes with the 20 game conference schedules, we pretty much have to take whatever we can get.
  12. I wonder if it’s even an immediate eligibility thing. Meaning he would have stayed if eligible in mid December. I have to believe they said he wouldn’t be eligible at all next season.
  13. Sometimes coaches slow-play the hires so that coaches can watch/talk to kids they are recruiting outside of the NCAA restrictions. I have no idea if that is happening here but I doubt Ford wants too much time to go before hiring a replacement. If he was just promoting internally, you'd think he'd have already done it so that coach could get on the road and start recruiting/evaluating.
  14. kshoe


    Doh! You're right. I had forgotten about him.
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