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  1. Don’t know for a fact, but I think the better seed always wears white in the tourney. We can wear black.
  2. Get on the direct Southwest flights right away.
  3. Yeah, St. Mary's was largely due to Yuri not playing the first half of the year. Ladue I think it pretty fortunately to make it this far (i.e. they aren't that good) and certainly is lucky to have scored 4 points with 3 seconds left to tie the game in the last round.
  4. For not having a double bye, this bracket is about as good as could be hoped for: 1) times are convenient for fans/me 2) despite the ugly loss to them, Richmond doesn’t scare me. 3) we played Dayton pretty well both games 4) avoid VCU till the finals.
  5. We have 3 left to give, correct? Isn't a grad transfer big something that you are arguing against? Wouldn't a grad transfer be a senior? In this day and age, the only benefit of banking a scholarship is it allows a mid-season transfer. Other than that, you might as well add another grad transfer as long as he's not a problem in the locker room.
  6. So for those opposed to a grad transfer in this class, are you suggesting we hold a scholly or put all of them into freshmen or traditional transfers? Assuming you don't want to hold the scholly (why not take a grad transfer at that point), we will then have no seniors. Are you then comfortable with us signing 1 or 2 players in the fall, knowing that the only way have a scholarship for them is if people leave. It's one thing to say there will be turnover and thus you need to keep recruiting. It's another to oversubscribe with signed LOIs which guarantees that people will have to leave. To date, I don't believe we've ever had more signed LOIs than schollys to give. And finally, if you don't want to oversubscribe are you comfortable with no fall commitments next year?
  7. We currently only have 5 returners next year. 2 juniors and 3 sophomores. Current incomings will make the classes look like 3 juniors, 3 sophomores and 4 freshman. For class balance purposes alone it would make a lot of sense to add 1-2 grad transfers.
  8. It’s just 1 to go. If we win against st. Bonaventure we get the 4 seed. Don’t need any help from Dayton.
  9. For those that like a little math, here are the probabilities of getting the 3 results that we need, per kenpom.com: SLU over Duq: 71% SLU over St. Bon: 37% Davidson over St. Bon: 72% The combined probability of all three happening is 19%.
  10. I had the same mistake on my personal calendar. I wonder if it got moved a day at some point.
  11. I had the same mistake on my personal calendar. I wonder if it got moved a day at some point.
  12. I had the same mistake on my personal calendar. I wonder if it got moved a day at some point.
  13. Great interview guys. Really enjoyed it. But I'll play the role of Thicks here and point out that Conklin's NCAA tournament appearance was not the school's first since the Larry Hughes era. Somehow you forgot the Miracle in Memphis season in 2000 where we played and lost to Rick Majerus and Utah.
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