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  1. the refs have completely swallowed their whistles down the stretch. To the point of it being ridiculous.
  2. The stands are noticeably darker this year, very similar to how all pro NBA stadiums are. I like it, especially when there are people disguised as empty seats in these early games.
  3. That shadow figure is weird. Took me a while to see him, but once I did I couldn't not see him. I noticed their court had the Pittsburgh buildings outline in it. I generally like courts that do that but of course some schools like Oregon take it too far. I really think we are missing an opportunity to do something to our court as simple as drawing the arch into it with a darker shade of wood. If we really want to be "St. Louis' team" that would be a nice touch.
  4. The blonde girl in the green (multiple locations) looks like she could do well on a dance team.
  5. Thanks. I didn't catch that but should have given it seemed weird to me.
  6. I like the 9 PM game. Plenty of time to eat and drink before the game on a Friday night.
  7. That thinking is so wrong. I remember when people were excited to be in Tatum’s final 2. That really helped Crews on the recruiting trail... Once you know you are not going to get a player, stop wasting your time with him. It’s that simple.
  8. I kind of doubt the date of his death played a role in the date of the game. Its the Sunday of thanksgiving weekend so letting the students come back from break or not wanting to compete with all the rivalry college football games on Saturday could be reasons. Or maybe SIU is in a thanksgiving week tournament and requested an extra day off before getting hammered by us.
  9. We have played exactly 0 games at the Enterprise Center since the Chaifetz opened up.
  10. The Good: great article, thanks STU The Bad: It is nearly impossible to find that article on STLToday's website. If it hadn't been posted here I'm not sure I'd have seen it. And then they say the article doesn't get a lot of clicks so there must not be interest in SLU...
  11. I have to believe that isn't allowed. Otherwise, teams would find whatever academic or otherwise non-athletic scholarships they could, give them to soccer players and then not have to use up a portion of the 10 athletic scholarships they were allowed.
  12. Exactly. But at the same time there is no need to rub it in the faces of those that lost their jobs by making public announcements about raises or extensions for the basketball coach.
  13. I was told by someone that would know that the University is in for another round of belt-tightening in regards to staff, budgets, etc. IF that is true and IF Ford did recently get "taken care of" I'm not sure that's something, they'd want to publicize in advance of a period where other staff will be looking at salary stagnation, job losses, etc. I understand all the argument for why it shouldn't matter to those people, but its a bad optic.
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/mattsbn/status/1142523764955066370 cbs saying AAC will stay at 11 basketball teams.
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