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  1. I don’t think he was suggesting they couldn’t play in the next season...they couldn’t play in this season. You could still have the draft in July while the playoffs are about to start. either way they can play in the next season whenever it starts.
  2. This is not directed at any player, team, or school, but I'd think if one looked nationwide at grades that were reported for the spring of 2020, they are much higher than normal. Nobody is going to be flunked out during a pandemic and teachers were lenient in all of their grading. This is likely true from kindergarten to masters degrees.
  3. Pretty sure the legal experts in the Forbes article say that schools shouldn’t expect to lose a lawsuit brought on by a sick student. Again, people can sue for anything these days but schools won’t need to settle for massive amounts of money out of court as you suggest.
  4. In the for what it's worth camp, Rothstein has us as 32 and Richmond as 35. I tend to think that's a lot closer to reality than Richmond at 15 and SLU at 41.
  5. It honestly would make more sense. Start in mid-August. Go to Thanksgiving. Take 5 weeks for Christmas break and get back to school shortly after New Years (instead of mid-January). A nice benefit of it is all the college students returning home could participate in the seasonal employment that is necessary between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If everybody did this, they could legitimately change college basketball into a 1 semester only sport. No games during the fall session. Training camp/practices kick into full gear shortly after Thanksgiving (kind of like summer training camp for football) and teams play in some of the travel exempt tournaments in the weeks before Christmas. A little break for Christmas and the "on-campus" season starts up after that with the vast majority of games being held once students are back. March madness would need to turn into April madness but that would be fine.
  6. Not to nitpick, but he didn't say they are definitely doing it, did he? Just that they are evaluating that plan. To be clear, I think they will move forward with it, it's just not a done deal.
  7. If they play us twice, which I'd expect given they'll want the two favorites playing eachother, I think they've got two losses off the bat . As was discussed on the last House That Majerus Built, we are a terrible match-up for them.
  8. This is so interesting to read. Today it's near impossible for mid-major conferences to recruit NBA caliber players, much less NBA caliber big men. When smaller schools do well now its often because they have strong guard play from guys that don't quite have the height to play in the P6. Back then you had all these crazy good big men in the same mid-major conference. Gotta think that if AAU basketball had existed in it's present form back in the 80s all of these big guys would have been recruited away by the P6 schools.
  9. If the majority of schools are in session and reasonable precautions are taken and someone gets sick from a virus and they have no real proof on how they got it (it could have come from their trip to the grocery store), how could any institution be held liable? People can sue for anything, but winning a lawsuit during a pandemic against an institution for doing what everyone else is doing seems far fetched.
  10. As 05 pointed out, Sloan dunked on Channing Frye of Arizona. Then the very next game at Georgia Tech he got dunked on (sort of as he was just kind of there). As Sloan mentioned during the podcast (you really should listen to it) he was the sportscenter top 10 plays of the weeks for back to back weeks because of the two dunks.
  11. San Diego St. is basically saying that even if most of our classes are online, we can still play fall sports. Put differently, athletes can be some of those students that don't have to stay home. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/college/story/2020-05-12/san-diego-state-aztecs-fall-sports-ccaa-cancels-cal-state-san-marcos
  12. The interview was really enjoyable and it's clear that Chris is paying a lot of attention to the current Billikens program and cares about it's success. There were some great tidbits in there but the part about him meeting Channing Frye and Channing immediately calling Richard Jefferson about it because his boys/teammates had been making fun of him for years for being dunked on by Chris is awesome. It was also interesting hearing his thoughts on Mizzou and how he wanted to go there, was told no by Quin and his current thoughts on why they won't play us. Just a really well done 3 hours and good way to spend an afternoon working in the yard without a Cardianls game to listen to.
  13. It wasn't the writer that referred to him as an F-er. It was a local high school coach that said it and he just quoted him.
  14. I remember going to one of the summer all-star games between their senior year of high school and freshmen season where all the recruits from SLU, Mizzou, and elsewhere come in and play the local kids. Clarke was there as was Ahearn. Took about 1 minute of action to see who the better player was. Ahearn probably ended up with 20-30 points and Clarke maybe had 4 and they were matching up with each other. Naturally much of the Billikenboard was not pleased the next day but there were plenty on here that said we were over-reacting to one game and Brad knew what he was doing. I'm really enjoying the Sloan interview but only getting 30 minutes each day on my drive to and from work. I may need to pull over when we get to the part about Ahearn wanting to transfer here and being told no, again. Road rage is not pretty...
  15. There's a difference between missing on guys that every school in the country wants and missing on a guy that clearly wanted to come here, you don't think it good enough and then he ends up having a very successful 4 year college career and a cup of tea in the NBA.
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