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  1. Saint Louis University Billikens, Jayson Tatum’s dad and Larry Hughes all get a shout out on during the ceremony to award Jayson his trophy for NBA skills champion. You have to listen closely under all the noise NBA on TNT Twitter goodness, Allie LaForce is a hottie.
  2. Just sayin. SJU does not discriminate when it comes to their mascot. Last year was a female. SJU Hawks
  3. Pretty sure this year’s Hawk mascot is a female under that costume.
  4. pakapablo

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    Current NCAA NET Ratings through 1/14 games. SLU #63 DePaul #90
  5. pakapablo

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    FWIW: Ran in to friend this morning. He is NOT a Billiken basketball fan but knows that I am. He is well plugged in to the Webster Groves community including multiple sons that went to high school and remain in contact with Gordon family members. Unsolicited he shared with me that word on the street is that CG is considering transferring to either North Carolina or USC (Southern California). Like I said, FWIW. He also mentioned that CG's former girlfriend that attends SLU was a bigger reason than some suspected in his decision to attend and their subsequent relationship ending made it easier to decide to leave.
  6. pakapablo

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    and Marty Funkhouser died today too. So sad.
  7. pakapablo

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Newberry to Douglas was the BEST SLU alley-oop duo IMO! Cheering that team on was a fun time. Great memories.
  8. pakapablo

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    Supposedly SIU-C is a decent defensive team with experience. They look the-art tonight. On the road with our best player on a hobbled ankle. Sucks to lose but not that terrible of a loss. Effective In game adjustments are lacking from many head coaches. That was on of my favorite things about RM.
  9. pakapablo

    Travis Ford On 590

    Those smaller shorts TF likes so much sure were noticeable at the Quincy game.
  10. pakapablo

    GDT #Hawktober

    Many of the players shorts were a bit more fitted. Must be the new style rather than long and baggy. Speaking of uniforms, why do men's NCAA teams wear whatever color shoes the player wants but women's teams all wear the same color shoe????? This applies to Billiken teams in addition to others.
  11. pakapablo

    Jontay Porter Out For The Season

    Circling back to include link to story. Want to make sure people don't think this is fake news. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/four-star-forward-tray-jackson-commits-to-mizzou/article_5d6a7957-305e-5f41-b53e-3df93e6f4a9d.html
  12. pakapablo

    Jontay Porter Out For The Season

    Too bad for Jontay. Sucks for him but I feel no empathy for MU basketball fans. When I read thua quote a few days ago I thought about posting an OT thread here but decided against it because I am excited about our season and didn't even want to mention MU. With this thread I will include it. We have all talked about it here but I found it funny Dave Matter included this in his recent article on MU's newest recruit. Who will be next Cuonzo flip........ Commitment flips have been Cuonzo Martin’s specialty since he came to Missouri last year. Jackson is the seventh recruit who has picked Mizzou after being committed to play elsewhere since the spring of 2017, following Michael Porter Jr., Jontay Porter and Blake Harris (all pledged to Washington), Jeremiah Tilmon and Javon Pickett (both signed to play at Illinois) and Torrence Watson (Ohio State).
  13. Totally off topic but I am always interested in anyone with Jet in their name. Either one t or two works since they sound the same. Pretty cool story. I am a fan of this Jett now (except when he plays against the Blues). Larry Woo faced racism in the hockey rink. For his NHL-drafted son, it's a different story.
  14. pakapablo

    OT: Calbert Cheaney

    Calbert is a new assistant coach with Erie in the NBA G league. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/2018/09/11/cheaney-returns-coaching-ranks-erie-nba-g-league/1267327002/