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  1. I just noticed the link is to the same even a few years ago.
  2. This note came home from my son's elementary school. I will be a volunteer chaperon for a group of 4th graders rocking my Billiken gear. It includes multiple school districts. I heard they are expecting 9,000 kids. February 19-Billiken Books and Basketball Day at Chaifetz Arena Note from Mr. Velten (PE teacher) about this experience: Recently I came across a unique field trip learning experience that I thought would be great for our 4th grade students at Avery. PTO has graciously agreed to pay for busing, and the rest of the field trip is completely FREE. What is this awesome field trip? It is called Billiken Books and Basketball Day at Chaifetz Arena, on the campus of Saint Louis University. This event provides students with the opportunity to learn about living a healthy lifestyle at a hands on Health Fair. The Health Fair will be followed by watching a women’s collegiate basketball game between the SLU Billikens and Fordham University. Tickets and lunch are both free and provided by Saint Louis University. https://slubillikens.com/news/2016/1/27/210667688.aspx
  3. I am glad no one used these tickets. The game sucked. That first loss at Duquesne was no fluke.
  4. I have three extra tickets for tonight in Section 115 Row L. Yours if you can use them
  5. I would imagine his daughter Lauryn playing on the Billiken women's team doesn't hurt either.
  6. I would imagine his daughter Lauryn playing on the Billiken women's team doesn't hurt either.
  7. I would imagine his daughter Lauryn playing on the Billiken women's team doesn't hurt either.
  8. It was funny how Corey corrected Frank, "could be better"
  9. 30 minutes of great entertainment. If you are a Billiken fan you are going to love some of these stories. Norm and Spoon recruiting story, Derek Chievous and Bonner summer ball story, Corey shares insight on current players and recruitment of Yuri. Lots of stuff covered. The Press Box 590 The Fan - Segment 2
  10. Blue victory light flashing nice and bright after the Belmont win tonight. Could see it easily from the same spot I couldn’t see it after wins earlier in the season.
  11. The jump ball call towards the end of the game cost Hasahn 2 blocks.
  12. It must be burned out or got disconnected during the recent arena lighting upgrade. On my walk back to the sigma lot after games in the past you could easily see it. Not this season. BTW, the lighting upgrade is nice. Much easier on the eyes for fans but the court seems well lit.
  13. Is it burned out? Haven't seen it the last two home victories.
  14. Not to be an alarmist but I expected Perkins to participate in summer workouts. As of this week there are more than half way over.
  15. Whatever their practice shooting percentages translate to in games, hopefully we improve on our 60% team FT last season. Also, any Perkins sightings or news? The longer he is not on campus the better chance he may never show up.
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