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  1. I'm disappointed he didn't sign with LaSalle.
  2. Agree that there is and still will be an imbalance. That will never change. But I think what has changed is the idea that a school like SLU could recruit 1 or two very good classes in a row, watch them develop as freshman and maybe sophomores and then be ready to have great seasons their junior and senior years. Think Clagget/Highmark or Evans/Loe/McCall/Jett. Those days are gone. Those teams would have been picked apart in the new world. Just hoping this team doesn't get further picked apart at this point...
  3. I'm pretty sure any discussion of $30mm to Texas A&M players was talking about football. Even then, it seems incredibly large, but for 85 players its more possible.
  4. I agree with this take, but it feels like a pretty big 180 from your previous takes that the transfer portal will be as beneficial to mid-majors as it is helpful. I apologize if that wasn't your take in the past but it sure feels like you had a lot of posts along those lines. This just sucks and there is no way around it. The transfer portal plus NIL is going to kill the interest level for all but the absolute diehards. My fandom is definitely fading as of late...
  5. I suspect a lot of casual fans will just tune it all out during the offseason and then ask in November who is on the team and are "we" supposed to be good. It's an easy way to ignore the ever-growing business side of the sport.
  6. We've always rooted for the uniforms but I agree the days of 4 year guys are loooong gone. Kind of sucks as college basketball was more fun when causal fans knew who would be on a team year over year. The idea that every season nearly every team will have 50% or more turnover is definitely a turn-off to many fans.
  7. Well that is good news then. I'm not as freaked out by the wording in his post as others appear to be as that could be for public consumption as you'd typically prefer the NBA think you are serious about going pro instead of just going through the process. Can't imagine the scouts like providing a bunch of analysis on guys that aren't actually serious about it.
  8. I'm not sure he can without sitting out a year. The rule was supposed to allow one free transfer, which he presumably already used. Unless last year's transfer didn't count because of COVID or something.
  9. Remind me, can players declare every year and return or just once? I thought it was just once but don't know for sure these days. If you can declare and return just once and he doesn't intend to stick with it, this is a wasted option and would be pretty dumb to do since he has no realistic chance at the NBA right now. If you can do it multiple times then I guess why not go through that process every year.
  10. The reality of sports is that even the better team will lose to a lesser team if they play enough games. Being 21-0 would be amazing for ANY team. It's easy to assume that Perkins would automatically add 6-8 points to every one of our games, but it just doesn't work that way. And we really weren't in the Memphis game at all, so I don't feel like that would have been a win even if he had been there.
  11. A few thoughts: - I think if last Spring when Javonte was making his decision you had told him that in the first game of whatever league/team he is on he will tear his MCL, I think he would take the college route. NBA contracts are guaranteed. European contracts normally aren't. If he ends up getting hurt in the first game of some mid or lower level European team, he'll be lucky if they pay for his airfare back to the states. He'll have no revenue source and he'll be forced to rehab on his own. I think he's pretty darn lucky to have all the resources of SLU behind him in trying to get through this next year. - As to his decision about next year, which is really the only decision that matters since what is done is done. What kind of professional contract is he going to be able to get based on his recovery timeline? Will he be able to practice for any team in the spring or summer? Will he be at full strength? Is there any chance a team pays for all of his living expenses, plus a little extra in NIL money like he could get at SLU? A guarantee like the one SLU can offer seems quite far fetched in the pro ranks for a guy with one and a half good years of college experience and coming off a torn MCL. I think what SLU has to offer is quite appealing.
  12. Davidson is currently playing and beating a D2 (or maybe d3) team by 30+ points at home. This is less than 24 hours after they went on the road to play Alabama after Colorado St. pulled out of the game due to Covid. Major, major props to Davidson for thinking out of the box and grabbing an extra big-time game even though it didn't fit well with their schedule. Given that SLU now has an extra non-conference game to play with given the Drake no-contest, I hope our coaching staff and administration will think along similar lines if a similar opportunity presents itself later.
  13. I think we’ve lost so many games BECAUSE we were strict. There is a lot of gray area in these decisions, more than people realize, and slu has taken the strict route every time. For example, the NFL/NBA/NHL don’t cancel a game just because one player on the team has covid. Not sure why colleges are doing so…
  14. Fair point from both you and NH about the power of the players unions. I do wonder how the majority of the individual players feel about these strict policies on testing, but that is another topic for another day.
  15. Exactly. This is why there have been far fewer cancellations of games in college or stories about players not being able to play. The NBA, NHL and NFL are all testing players that feel fine to see if they have the virus. Colleges aren't. If you really stop to think about it, it makes you wonder why the NFL, NHL and NBA are doing what they are doing when the vast majority of the rest of America isn't. Most people only test when they feel sick and I don't believe the CDC is pushing for the testing of vaccinated individuals that aren't exhibiting any symptoms like the NBA, NLF and NHL are doing. These are self-inflicted wounds from these leagues.
  16. It has been widely reported that the lawyers will get 35% of the payout plus legal fees. $280mm or so. The remaining $510 will likely be split between the convention center, county and city. I'm with you that I hope the convention center gets a good portion of it.
  17. According to this site, the average operating income for NFL teams was $109mm pre-pandemic. https://www.statista.com/statistics/193482/nfl-franchises-average-operating-income-since-2005/#:~:text=The average operating income of,record for the league overall. 32 teams x 109 mm = $3.5b St. Louis just took 21.5% of the entire NFL's annual profits for a lawsuit that most didn't really think had a chance of succeeding when it started. If Kroenke is paying all of the $790mm and the Rams were an average income team (probably on the higher end but who knows with the enormous debt incurred to build that stadium), we just took the next 7 years of Stan's profits. Seems like far more than a slap on the wrist to me.
  18. I don't think this is right. The tweets I'm seeing say this settles both Kroenke and the NFL suits.
  19. A $790mm bird in hand is pretty darn compelling to me. All this nonsense about POTENTIAL billion dollar plus settlements failed to see that 1) At any time we could actually lose the case 2) Even if we won, it will get appealed forever and likely the settlement number would get knocked down. $790 today invested at 5% for the next five years is worth $1b. Put differently, If a billion dollar payment settlement doesn't actually get paid for 5 years, you might as well take $790mm today. Expectations management is an amazing thing. 3 years ago when the lawsuit started, most would have been happy with us simply getting the $16mm we spent trying to keep them in town back. So much so that the city and county were unwilling to provide any resources for the lawsuit. Then we get a friendly, local judge to continually rule in favor of St. Louis, and now people aren't happy with $790mm?? Incredible.
  20. A few thoughts: - I've always believed there is no way this goes to trial and will get settled. Even if it went to trial and St. Louis won big (think the $8b number that some guy on the radio said) it would be tied up in appeals for nearly ever. - If a settlement was to happen, I just don't see it being for the $1b or more than is now being thrown around like a sure thing. Kroenke may be worth $11b but his cash liquidity is nowhere near that. Maybe he's got $100mm or so hidden in the couch cushions but nowhere near a $1b. - So the only way he could settle a deal of that size would be a forced sale of one of his other teams. Arsenal would make the most sense given how hated he is by them and how much it's worth. I have a hard time believing this would happen, but I have to admit a forced sale of one of his other teams to pay for this payout would be amazing justice. - My best guess is a settlement in the $250-$500mm range in the next two months. Oddly, some people will be disappointed in the size of this, despite the fact it is way more than anybody would have thought even a couple years ago. - The lawyers will have deserved their 35% if this comes to fruition. Ain't know way this would have happened without them.
  21. That article was pure awesome. Other owners pissed at Kroenke. Check. Kroenke clearly struggling with this lawsuit. Check Kroenke threating to sue the other owners. Check. Talk of settlements in excess of $1b. Check
  22. The A-10 has to reach out Wichita St. to see about their interest in joining up. Failing to do so would be a massive leadership failure.
  23. I don't think Butler is a fair case. The Butler before the Big East was coached by Brad Stevens. The Butler after was coached by a few different guys. A fair question is whether Butler could have survived Brad Stevens leaving if they weren't in the Big East. They may have ended up like George Mason reliving the glory days of back to back championship games. Instead, they've come out OK. I doubt you'd find a serious Creighton fan anywhere that regrets going to the Big East. They've had a 2 seed in the dance, a sweet 16 and conference championships since going. Some things are just bigger than rolling through the Valley and getting a 9 seed in the dance. Xavier is an interesting one but even with the fewer NCAA tourney appearances, I'd bet the vast majority of their fans don't regret leaving.
  24. Pretty sure Aunt Becky's daughters are on the women's field hockey team.
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