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  1. I've been reading this thread and trying to figure out what I want to say. It's been difficult to temper my annoyance with the petty bickering (snowflake, Fox News = bad) and seeming lack of sympathy for the overall situation. I'm currently a family medicine resident. I no longer live in St Louis. I don't claim to know all the answers about COVID19, which are changing literally by the hour. My program director is sending out daily emails to keep us informed and they're out of date by noon the next day. That being said, here are some things I want to get off my chest. 1. For everyone comparing this to H1N1, we're far away from knowing what the total numbers of this disease will be. We are very much on the rising side of the infection curve. Maybe lots not compare the epidemic from 10 years ago to the first couple weeks of an epidemic now 2. If you are looking at numbers, know that anything reported is WILDLY lower than the true number of cases. We have tested next to no one yet. The testing system is in shambles. My hospital system had it set up but now the state department of health has stopped us from doing so. If people are giving you mortality rates, they are guessing. You can't have a mortality rate without knowing the denominator. 3. That being said, it does seem to be less fatal than MERS or SARS, and more fatal than seasonal flu. It's early though. 4. For everyone comparing the panic now to the lack of panic around flu season, know that every single medical provider wishes for there to be a SMIDGE of this level of concern for flu. As many people have posted here flu infects millions and kills thousands each year. I try every visit to convince people to get their flu shots, with only some success. So if you actually think flu is worse than COVID-19, you better have gotten your flu shot this year (BTW, there's still time to get it) 5. As others have said, if this seems to go away without 50% of the population getting sick, then all these cancellations and other inconveniences have worked. That doesn't mean everything was overblown. China is recovering because they are a totalitarian government that has the ability to enact draconian measures. That will never happen in the US. But it can be slowed down and prevent the health system from being overrun. Worst case scenario is similar to Italy. If the disease is unchecked, there will not be enough beds or ventilators to care for the COVID patients, not to mention all the other people who get sick. ICUs are usually over 90% full in general. The health system cannot handle an influx of ill patients. Even if most people have a mild case, there could be FAR too many who need ventilators for us to help. If it is slowed down, however, we may be able to care for everyone and save as many as possible. It still might not be enough. /Rant over
  2. We finally made the Atlantic's Bubble Watch! (Done by the old ESPN guy)
  3. It really comes down to Richmond-Duquesne (aside from our game of course). If Rchmond wins, we control our destiny for the 4 seed. If Duquesne wins, best we can do is 5th.
  4. That graphic has been updated. If Duquesne, Rhode Island and SLU tie for 3rd, SLU is the odd-team out due to the worst record among the three teams (Duq 2-1, URI 1-1, SLU 1-2)
  5. https://www.blackburnreview.com/2020/02/04/thats-enough-fordham/ Somewhat interesting story about Fordham's futility. Of note, they've apparently won 99 conference games in 25 years, while VCU has already gotten to 95. Favorite line, though, is actually more about VCU: "Fordham used to have a simplistic fan forum online as well, when you go there today, it’s shut down by the moderator, which I later found out was because he got truly tired of dealing with hateful nonsense from VCU fans. I know many of you will find this incredibly difficult to believe."
  6. I've only lived in Cincinnati for 3 years, and I can tell it's ridiculous about football. Absolutely nuts
  7. Just starting to watch. The score bug has Tulane 16 - Bills 9
  8. Seemed to work out ok. Roll Out The Barrel! (I'm obviously from Wisconsin. SLU is first in my heart, but I also cheer for UW. I'm a Blues fan, but as a life-long Brewers fan, I can't stand the cardinals)
  9. Dang. Lots of hate against "Euro" style names. Which I understand somewhat. For example, why the heck is Salt Lake, Real Salt Lake. There's never been a monarchy in Utah as far as I know. However, I would actually argue that these names are not "Euro-style" as much as the soccer nomenclature. It's not as much as American vs Europe, it's soccer vs football, baseball and hockey. Is it wrong to say that soccer originated in England and teams are named similarly, while baseball originate here and teams in Japan are named in similar "American-style?" These names can be quite lazy, but I don't see them as inherently wrong. Also, seems like there is a lot of confusion between team/club/organization names and team nicknames. Some people are talking about nicknames like Archers and Stars, while others are talking about 1764 St Louis. FC Schalke 04 is the name, but they have nicknames of the "Royal Blues" and "The Miners"
  10. RIP Notre Dame Hall. Worked there briefly as a desk worker.
  11. Here's more pictures, along with BS writing from Nike as to what is all "means" https://spark.adobe.com/page/FiMahSptQosjr/
  12. As a Wisconsinite (and obviously Billiken fan), I never want to see Oregon as a 12-seed in San Jose again
  13. Well we didn't embarrass ourselves in the second half
  14. And per their email all they did was call Oakley Pub and ask if the game was on. I doubt there's much "official"at all
  15. As a doctor, I wouldn't suggest this Disclaimer: this should be not be taken as medical advice. Please talk to your doctor
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