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  1. Thanks, that's what happens when I'm not on the board super regularly in the off-season
  2. Has anyone else had issues with the promo code not going through?
  3. I've found it very hard to research my state and local politicians. I moved to NH two years ago and had to figure out who people were for the Nov 2022 election. There's so little info. Local newspapers are dead, etc. At least there are sometimes profiles from organizations like League of Women Voters, but those are the candidates responses to standardized questions, not an account of their record
  4. Was so frustrated with them not being available on any other streaming services like YoutubeTV. Also, not that important, but what up with the map of Ohio on that article. They have the Guardians and Cavs over Cincinnati, the Blue Jackets in Cleveleand and the Reds in Steubenville
  5. For the longest time Wisconsin under Bo Ryan used Sterling basketballs at home and were the only program in the country. It was always discussed as a reason they had such a good home winning percentage
  6. Wow. I didn't realize how much had changed since I left. So often we started pregame with 25 or 6 to 4. Runaway Baby as super fun to play as a Tenor Sax.
  7. In fact, the band has stood in for other programs multiple times. At the A10 tournament, they've played for St Bona because Bona didn't bring their band down to Atlantic City
  8. Band Alum as well. I was a member from 2010-2017, so I was there for the end of Mike's term and the beginning of Austin's. SLU doesn't have much of a music department, so band was it's own thing. It was mostly people who loved basketball and/or just wanted the chance to keep playing music after high school. It was a fun activity, in contrast to honor societies and resume builders. For a while, the athletic department was asking the band to have less alumni members to provide more space for students, but I think since I left there are less students and the alumni keep coming. It was always a great dynamic and one that was quite unique. You had 18 year-olds learning the ropes from 30-year members. If I remember my history right, the band wasn't started by the school or AD. It was a student-run group that played jazz and was asked to play at games. It evolved into the 100+ member band of a few years ago. For some of the other questions that have been raised. I'd assume that other school provide more credit/scholarships if they have more requirements. As others have said, large football schools will have a marching band and multiple pep bands, usually different students play for different sports. They also likely have a lot of marketing/activities they are expected to do. If the "rewards" that the members get haven't changed since my time, I wouldn't be happy trying to do more events.
  9. Yeah I remember going to the Penn State match as a freshman in 2009. Lower bowl including the student section was full (but this was a part of freshman orientation week and marketed to the students)
  10. A ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm has an incredibly high mortality rate. Surgery to fix it prior to rupturing is pretty successful though. Screening for it is covered by insurance starting at age 65 for men who have a history of smoking, so it's very unlikely that it could have been found for Wahl prior to it rupturing. If any of you guys are eligible for screening, I definitely recommend it. It's just an ultrasound
  11. Maybe we can stop wearing them, then and stick with Blue and White
  12. It's been over a day and no one's expressed outrage that we're on a "Mid-major" list???
  13. I'm on New Hampshire. Made it to URI last year on a weeknight, but won't be able to make it to UMass this year (again on Wednesday). It's an hour 45 to UMass for me, 2 hours to URI. I would be 4 hours to Fordham. Probably better to take the train in than deal with driving Hopefully getting to Mohegan Sun this year, that's about a 2 hour drive It's 2 hours from Boston to UMass and and 1.5 hours to URI from Boston Logan Airport.
  14. Dang. UMass also a weeknight. That's the only trip I can make from New Hampshire
  15. Since I'm in New England now, I went to URI last year and plan to go to UMass this year. The arena at RI is nice, right on campus. South Kingston is a bit away from Providence, but if you're travelling in, you'll want to stay in Providence, there's not much in Kingston. I did go to a nice restaurant on the bay, though, in Narragansett. The RI fans literally just ignored me. No trash talking, no chatting. New England is a weird place
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