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  1. Oh dang. Didn't realize that got cancelled. SLU med school needs development around it
  2. Thanks for the responses, everyone! @slu72 - No chance I'd wear a Yankees hat, but my wife grew up there as a Yankees fan (because her dad is from NYC) - My wife talks about LL Bean all the time already - As for politics, NH is somewhat more mixed than Mass, Maine or Vermont. They have a Republican governor right now As Slu72 said for everyone else: Consider joining me as there is no income or sales tax in New Hampshire
  3. Anyone living up in New England? My wife and I are moving from Cincinnati to Nashua, NH this summer and I'm starting to feel like I'll be a lonely outpost up in the corner of the country
  4. Didn't you hear the announcers? The referees have been great
  5. Is that an AAC thing, or the fact that Wichita State has made the Final Four thing?
  6. Such a terrible end to the game, but SLU moving on
  7. I haven't seen any other Georgetown games this year, but I enjoyed the John Thompson towel on Ewing
  8. Oh nice, they're finally building something where the Micah program townhomes used to be
  9. We still have Oregon, USC and Colorado in the Pac-12 who are all probably in. UCLA is probably in as well even with the loss. I'm more worried about a bid thief in the AAC. Other than Houston, who deserves a bid? But Memphis, Wichita and SMU are all kind of still in it...
  10. I had the infection in December and then got the vaccine in December (as a doctor, they made us all get vaccinated even if we already were infected). I felt awful for about 24 hours and then much better
  11. Any chance you had an asymptomatic infection earlier? In my own experience and in other's I've talked to, the first shot is bad if you were previously infected. Basically you're second exposure to the virus will make you feel crummy, whether that's the second shot or your first shot if you had the virus
  12. By the way, with this talk of teams withdrawing from the tournament: If a one-bid conference automatic qualifier is out, I think the runner up for that conference takes their place. I don't think the first-team out would take Abeliene Christian's place as a 15-seed
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