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  1. Dang. Lots of hate against "Euro" style names. Which I understand somewhat. For example, why the heck is Salt Lake, Real Salt Lake. There's never been a monarchy in Utah as far as I know. However, I would actually argue that these names are not "Euro-style" as much as the soccer nomenclature. It's not as much as American vs Europe, it's soccer vs football, baseball and hockey. Is it wrong to say that soccer originated in England and teams are named similarly, while baseball originate here and teams in Japan are named in similar "American-style?" These names can be quite lazy, but I don't see them as inherently wrong. Also, seems like there is a lot of confusion between team/club/organization names and team nicknames. Some people are talking about nicknames like Archers and Stars, while others are talking about 1764 St Louis. FC Schalke 04 is the name, but they have nicknames of the "Royal Blues" and "The Miners"
  2. RIP Notre Dame Hall. Worked there briefly as a desk worker.
  3. Here's more pictures, along with BS writing from Nike as to what is all "means" https://spark.adobe.com/page/FiMahSptQosjr/
  4. As a Wisconsinite (and obviously Billiken fan), I never want to see Oregon as a 12-seed in San Jose again
  5. Well we didn't embarrass ourselves in the second half
  6. And per their email all they did was call Oakley Pub and ask if the game was on. I doubt there's much "official"at all
  7. As a doctor, I wouldn't suggest this Disclaimer: this should be not be taken as medical advice. Please talk to your doctor
  8. If only there were a building on that corner already, relatively large, decent facade facing the street, loft-style for all those young people.... That being said, it does seem like it would be an attractive lot for developers
  9. There's our answer. Moved up an hour due to bad weather later
  10. The third lane stops at Lindell anyways.
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