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  1. I live in Windham, NH - about 15 minutes from Nashua. My wife and I are both SLU grads. Class of 1997 for me, 95 for her.
  2. Looking back at the box score from the 1st game vs Bonnies- Goodwin with neither double digits in points or rebounds and French with zero points. Bills won by 11. What makes this so different by the numbers? Goodwin will get his and French playing much better. Other than SLU making 11 3’s the first time out, doesn’t that bode well for our chances here? Most books have SLU by 2 - so Wiz is a bit less optimistic.
  3. Northern Iowa just cancelled 12/16 against Wisconsin. Get the Badgers on the line!
  4. Looks like URI getting the Wisconsin game in Wednesday
  5. Link for game tickets- I guess this is through SLU?Ticket price was $0.00 https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/slu/EN/buy/details/19MBBPS
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