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  1. Do you know if SLU has a shot at all?
  2. @Pistol how many offers do you think we have out there for 2017?
  3. I know we are a long shot for Goodwin but this probably doesnt help.
  4. Yes. At :32 mark
  5. I cant form an opinion until I see his paystubs.
  6. Jon Rothstein ‏@JonRothstein 5m5 minutes ago Saint Louis is the 4th team in 2017 Men Who Speak Up Main Event in Las Vegas, source told @CBSSports. BYU, VALPO, and Alabama also in field. Correction: This might be for the 2017-2018 season
  7. We played a season last year? I erased it from my memory.
  8. Nice recruiting job by Travis Ford. Should be looking at a big improvement in year 2
  9. Javon Bess has committed to SLU Jon Rothstein ‏@JonRothstein 2m2 minutes ago Michigan State transfer Javon Bess is no longer committed to Akron and instead has committed to Saint Louis, source told @CBSSports.
  10. Your google search most likely gave you some interesting articles/images
  11. Wille's issues at SLU weren't all just academics.
  12. If anyone is interested Miles is going to Pacific
  13. Malik Martin is going to south Florida and Whitt is going to SMU
  14. Goodwin got Crewsed so that ship has probably sailed as well
  15. I had more of an issue with the goalie interference. Should've been called off