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  1. If they A-10 is this bad next year there is no reason we shouldn't expect a top 3 finish
  2. Illinois goes down to Penn State today and that is the nail in the groce coffin. Look for them to go hard after C. Martin. Will be interesting if Tilmon looks to go elsewhere after groce is fired. I would expect U of I to block SLU
  3. I don't think this was from last nights game but at least it's some highlights.
  4. 05 getting some tv time there
  5. Just don't have the horses. Good effort tonight
  6. Foul trouble and this 1 3 1 trap is hurting us. Team is playing so much better the last 5 or so games
  7. Oh no. Nuefeld
  8. Crawford needs to reel it in
  9. Might have to bump the 20pt thread
  10. Maybe the lazy turnovers and defense?
  11. Brutal start
  12. Thats true. The Reynolds transfer probably hurt the most for this year as far as having a competent point guard. Bartley could shoot it a bit but was never a point guard. Instead of 7 or 8 wins we would've ended up with 10-12 if Bartley and Reynolds stayed. Yarbrough was transferring no matter what.