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  1. Not sure where to post this but Coach Ford is going to be on with WeAreLive at 5:00. 590thefan
  2. Can we just make Travis Ford the new mascot
  3. Unbelievable
  4. Evan Daniels ‏@EvanDaniels 2m2 minutes agoKentucky, USA Travis Ford & his staff at St. Louis aren't wasting any time on the recruiting trail. Reeled in No. 52 in 2017. On verge of No. 41 in 2018.
  5. If this turns out to be true it would be unbelievable the job Ford has done especially with the current state of the program. How do you pronounce this kids first name? Carter?
  6. Schmidt might have a nervous breakdown
  7. Hopefully Ford will be all smiles at the MAC luncheon today
  8. Yeah a poster last night said he heard a rumor that Gordon would announce quickly and that its SLU. Not sure if hes credible though.
  9. Oh My
  10. A quick browse of tigerboard and they are already accusing SLU and KU of cheating. This should be fun.
  11. Feels like Tatum all over again going up against a blue blood