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  1. The old mascot was terrible and the new mascot is terrible. Who really cares other then the athletic department who just flushed money down the toilet.
  2. Allen has posted a few times with him in a Nebraska jersey. Doesn't look good.
  3. Carteare Gordon ‏@CarteareGordon Sep 11 Great Talk At SLU Today With Coach Tate! #GoBillikens
  4. 2/25 is a Mardi Gras game vs St Joes
  5. What a jack@ss
  6. Have you heard any more rumblings that Tilmon is thinking about reopening his recruitment?
  7. It would help if I actually read the article instead of the headline. To be young again...
  8. http://alumni.slu.edu/s/1264/index.aspx?sid=1264&gid=1&pgid=4768&cid=7746&ecid=7746&crid=0&calpgid=61&calcid=1280 Hopefully there will be a good turnout.
  9. I bet Tilmon's rating went down because he committed to Illinois
  10. Sounds like Tilmon is a done deal for SLU
  11. Oh my...
  12. I wouldn't rule out a current player transferring this year
  13. I like this. I really like this.
  14. He claims to drive a Dodge Stratus