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  1. Travis Ford On 590

    Anyone still interested in getting together for a tailgate?
  2. How would announcing that this is a non criminal investigation and that the school is going through the title IX investigation rile up the social justice warriors? i think making it known that it's a non criminal investigation is important
  3. I think the school needs to come out and say that there are no criminal charges and that it's an internal issue(titleIX). This would get the post dispatch off their back a bit. Is there any legal reason why they aren't saying this?
  4. A10 media day 2017

    SLU predicted to finish 7th
  5. Practice news

    Jon Rothstein is at SLU today so expect 5-10 tweets regarding the team
  6. Practice news

    Welmer is not practicing yet. Suppose to be fully cleared at the end of October
  7. Practice news

    Stu's article is what i expect, good tidbits from ford
  8. Practice news

    I will save you the time. Mentions the injuries and the cloud over the possible suspensions and somehow tries to tie that in to what's going on with the FBI investigations and Louisville. Its all over the place
  9. Practice news

    He was too busy cleaning his shorts after jerkin it to a picture of cuonzo
  10. Practice news

  11. The sneaker fundraiser is on Saturday and Jon rothstein will be there so I would think we would here something before then
  12. New Locker Rooms

    I must have glossed over the fact they weren't finished yet so that makes sense.
  13. New Locker Rooms

    I know theres a lot on the athletic departments plate right now but why hasnt there been any videos or professional photos been put out there showcasing the new locker rooms? Would be great to see.
  14. Frank again today said we should get clarity on the situation VERY soon. Thats all he has said about it.