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  1. If I'm a player and being recruited by a school, I don't think I'd like the idea of being the fallback option because the player they really want went somewhere else. Maybe some wouldn't care but to me I'd take the school that's been recruiting me the hardest and longest, even if it is perceived as a notch lower. If a player just wants to go to the highest possible school, he should probably wait till the spring signing period.
  2. Can't tell you how many people in the office have come up to me and asked if I've seen the new Billiken. Then they start laughing. Going to be a long day...
  3. Once upon a time, Marquette announced they were changing to become the "gold." Public reaction was so quick and so negative that they quickly changed to the golden eagles. Maybe something similar can happen here. We may have to ask Goodwin to give back some of the $324k he was paid for his commitment, but a new mascot shouldn't cost more than 5k.
  4. That would mean signing 3 more kids this fall. I'd be surprised if that occurs.
  5. Why in the world does the Post Dispatch think this paragraph at the bottom of the article is at all worth mentioning: Humphrey's was in the news years ago after one law student bit another law student on the buttocks while both were at the bar on Sept. 16, 1987. Three years later, a St. Louis jury awarded Maia Brodie $27,500 in damages in her suit against Charles A. ''Chep'' Hurth III. Jurors awarded Brodie $2,500 in actual damages and $25,000 in punitive damages.
  6. In classic form of SLU not getting anything quite right, the original tweets said the promo code was buy2017. I went online to see where the seats were at, and the code didn't work. Saw later tonight the same advertisement but the code was now buy217. It worked this time. the tickets are in an upper corner but I applaud SLU for trying anything to get butts in the seats at this point.
  7. Quitman dillard?
  8. If this were really about academics, which it obviously isn't, where would the fact Marcus now gets a 5th free year of school fit in? Is a double major or MBA more valuable than a SLU degree?
  9. Agreed. People on here worry too much and you can't live life in a bubble.
  10. I seem to remember some people worried about Crews leaving for Indiana a couple years ago. I'm convinced there are a handful of posters that simply worry about everything and when things are good that means they are worried that the coach will leave...
  11. When people start throwing their own arbitrary views of what should count in a statistic such as 3 point percentage, one also has to ask if percentages from before they moved the line moved back should be compared to percentages today.
  12. Good to hear and thanks for the color.
  13. I sincerely hope this was Marcus' decision and not the coaches. I'm not one of these people that is against under-performing players having their scholarships pulled, but I do believe there is a "right" time to do it and a wrong time. The right time is in the spring when they have a chance to go elsewhere. The wrong time is right before school starts when options may be limited. It's like firing an employee right before Christmas. Again, I have no idea if it was coach initiated, player initiated or a blend of both, but I hope it was more player choice than anything else.
  14. The number is 2 for this year but I wouldn't be surprised if we signed 3 this fall with an expectation of a transfer next year.