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  1. If this were really about academics, which it obviously isn't, where would the fact Marcus now gets a 5th free year of school fit in? Is a double major or MBA more valuable than a SLU degree?
  2. Agreed. People on here worry too much and you can't live life in a bubble.
  3. I seem to remember some people worried about Crews leaving for Indiana a couple years ago. I'm convinced there are a handful of posters that simply worry about everything and when things are good that means they are worried that the coach will leave...
  4. When people start throwing their own arbitrary views of what should count in a statistic such as 3 point percentage, one also has to ask if percentages from before they moved the line moved back should be compared to percentages today.
  5. Good to hear and thanks for the color.
  6. I sincerely hope this was Marcus' decision and not the coaches. I'm not one of these people that is against under-performing players having their scholarships pulled, but I do believe there is a "right" time to do it and a wrong time. The right time is in the spring when they have a chance to go elsewhere. The wrong time is right before school starts when options may be limited. It's like firing an employee right before Christmas. Again, I have no idea if it was coach initiated, player initiated or a blend of both, but I hope it was more player choice than anything else.
  7. The number is 2 for this year but I wouldn't be surprised if we signed 3 this fall with an expectation of a transfer next year.
  8. If those game times are accurate Vegas times we are looking at 8:30 CT on Monday the 21st and 8:30 or 11:00 CT on Wed. the 23rd.
  9. Happens all the time when a coaching change occurs that a player tries to get out of his LOI. Most of the time a school will let him go and he won't have to sit out (think Ryan hollins back when Romar left). Sometimes a school won't release him and he has to sit a year at the new school (think josh Fisher when he came here). The josh harrelson example you gave isn't really applicable because he decided not to go to western Illinois because he had a strong senior year and realized he was a much better prospect than the level of his school choice. Had nothing to do with a coaching change. Not to mention, majerus was the coach at the time, not sodi.
  10. This is really true. Besides the obvious that we are getting a great player I feel like he can be the type of kid that opens up the floodgates to other locals (maybe 2017 but more likely 2018) Hopefully I'm not just overly excited by the moment but it seems like there is no limit to what talent ford can recruit here.
  11. Certainly highest ranked that came directly from highschool. Awesome get!
  12. I hate to be the pessimist in the group but I'll believe it when I see it. Frank is a great cheerleader for the Bills but he's more often wrong then right so no matter how plugged in he is I'll wait to get too excited. Still, things are trending well.
  13. Kalen grimes (the hazelwood kid) committed to Mizzou in 2003 and soderberg was fired in 2007. this is why rehashing old discussions with misleading memories is a fools errand.
  14. It is 100% fact that Jeffers was committed to spoon in the fall of spoons final season. I get that memories fade but people shouldn't re-write history to suggest that the two best players under Romar weren't really spoon recruits. There was a third recruit that fall named Hart (or something) from Indiana. He had issues outside of the coaching change and probably wouldn't have ended up on campus no matter what. Don't think he ever played D1. Jeffers and perry were spoon recruits. Maybe they were "re-recruited" but that's a hell of a lot easier than getting them in the first place.