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  1. I was thinking about this earlier but with the benefit of hindsight, it's now obvious March of 2013 was as destructive a month for the program as possible. At the beginning of the month, the BE expanded without SLU although at the time the thought was they'd expand again soon. Then we go off to San Jose and with our best chance ever to get to the sweet 16 lose to Oregon. Then we give Crews the job full time. Pretty much a gut punch month if there ever could be one.
  2. For Cheese: My post about the financial implications was probably a bit simplistic as I treated the NCAA revenues lost as a single lump sum but really its payments for the next 3 years. As such it's not really a "pay a bunch now, make it back over time" proposition but more of a "pay a little now, make a whole let more over time" deal. i would highly question the sanity of those in charge of SLU if they let small negative dollars in the very near term outweigh the very large long term benefits of the BE. That being said, it's not our decision and never has been.
  3. It's a good thought but they did make the Sweet 16 the year after that loss so it's hard to say we set it in motion.
  4. Exactly. One has to be privy to private financial information to make the statement that we'd lose money by going to the Big East. Even ignoring the external benefits that come with a higher national profile, more ticket sales, fan donations, etc. the numbers are basically this simple: - Lose the NCAA credits for the next 3 years: Valued at most as $4 million given we are about to start losing some of those funds - Pay the exit cost from the A10: Generally thought to be sub $1 million - Our current TV contract is something like $750k annually. Lose that. - BE teams make $4mm a year on their TV deal. Let's say they offer us half that, being $2mm a year. From TV alone we are better off by $1.25 mm a year. But we lose the $5mm from NCAA credits and exit fees you say. Seems like 4 years in we'd have made that back. Everything else is gravy.
  5. I certainly don't expect the 2018-19 version of the Billikens to be a doormat to anyone or any conference. The 10-yr rebuild will be over.
  6. Agreed. People seem to have difficulty understanding that one can say something along the lines of "I don't think we are going to be invited to the Big East but I sure wish we were" in response to some of the zanier posters out there that would say they don't want to go because of lost NCAA units.
  7. Creighton, Butler and Xavier are really feeling the pain of their decision to leave and forgo NCAA tournament revenues for lesser shares of BE TV revenue. Good thing SLU made the sane financial decision
  8. Roy must have been privy to the financials of any proposed move to the Big East to know it would be a big loss. Even if offered less than full shares of tv revenue, it could very well make complete financial sense to move if the increase in your revenues (inclusive of increased donations, more tickets sold, more shared NCAA tourney revenue down the road, etc.) exceeds the loss of the next 3 years of NCAA tourney revenues. SLU would jump at the opportunity to move, under just about any financial offers. The truth is, the Big East has no desire to expand because Fox Sports doesn't want them to expand. It was mentioned earlier that Fox Sports has to be losing money on the Big East contract (mediocre ratings, changing cable tv landscape, etc.) so why would they want the conference to expand into 2 new teams and have to pay them 20% more in fees. The Big East know this, and as good partners with Fox Sports you don't piss on your partner by expanding just because its written into a contract.
  9. Have very little hope for the Big East at this point but this would be the nail in the coffin if it came true. Add UConn only and expand the schedule to 20 conference games. http://www.fanragsports.com/cbb/rothstein-uconn-big-east-recent-discussions-expansion/amp/
  10. Not sure if I follow all of Taj's math above but it seems pretty clear to me that whoever wins the SLU/Fordham game next week will have a significant advantage when it comes to avoiding the play-in game. Not only do you get an extra win but you get the tie-breaker. Seems like that's 80% of the story.
  11. Agreed. It would be great for SLU if Andersen sticks around another year...but it's not happening.
  12. Weird stat: if George Mason had taken care of business against SLU they'd be 9-3 in conference and tied for 3rd place. Put differently, not every team we've beaten are bums. The fact Ford has gotten us to this point and kept this team from quitting in early January is a real tribute to him and to the players.
  13. Chances of Andersen getting fired: 99% Chances of Groce getting fired: 75% Money is always a contributing factor but why you keep suggesting Andersen isn't gone is beyond me.
  14. I'm implying that the league knows that VCU winning improves the A-10s chances of getting multiple teams in the dance. If the league knows it, maybe the refs do to. For what its worth, I don't really believe the refs are trying to help VCU win, but these were two very controversial calls that basically turned sure losses into wins for VCU.
  15. According to the Post Dispatch, she had a 0.22. That's a significant amount of alcohol.