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  1. Article on Bess

    I think he did read it. He's just teasing Glorydays/T Ravs for claiming that he was right all along.
  2. Really solid work by Stu: http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/return-to-work-ethic-means-return-to-the-court-for/article_2630789e-8349-53f6-b1e2-2505e8442c75.html
  3. 2017-2018 Season Prediction thread

    He is only a sophomore. Redshirted his first year because of his injury. Last year was his first. He has 3 years left.
  4. OT: Tatum cashes in

    When I say if we had Ford we would have had him I wasn't assuming Ford was starting on day 1 with a sh!t roster (like he was last year). Rather I was assuming he was mid-stream in his coaching here. Put differently, if Tatum was in the 2018 class and everything else was the same, I feel pretty comfortable saying ford could convince him to join next year's team and take us to the Final 4.
  5. 2017-2018 Season Prediction thread

    I do feel like Ford may be sandbagging a bit with the Whelmer not ready till conference comments. No reason to rush him and also no reason to put added pressure on him to come back by putting out a date that is 50/50 for him to be ready by.
  6. OT: Tatum cashes in

    I'm in the same boat. Definitely don't hate him and have no ill will given how bad we were with Crews recruiting him. Ford would have landed him; I have no doubt.
  7. Big East

    I agree that was an odd statement. In some ways college basketball is moving towards the college football model of play 12 games total, 8 against conference opponents, 3 against patsies and 1 against a decent non-conference opponent. As long as you and your conference mates don't lose a crazy number of those early season games you all can just rest on the conference's perceived strength and claim when they lose to each other that they are just losing to good teams. Since the other schools never actually got a chance to play the P5 schools how would anybody know if they are good or not. One of the nice things about college basketball was that the first half of the season was all about figuring out which conferences were actually good (instead of just reputation based). This is slowly going away.
  8. Vinyl Facilities aka Vinyl Land

    So the moral of this story is Cheddar Bear needs to be banned. Because he is an immorale person?
  9. I feel like you have created an algorithm that waits every 10-15 posts and then uses somewhere between 150 - 1,000 words to basically say: - Nothing has been determined, criminal or title IX - We have no idea when something will be determined - Nobody on this board knows anything - The school has no concept of expediency on this topic. I'll check back in 10 posts to see what your next version says.
  10. Big East

    This move to 20 game schedules by the ACC and Big 10 is bad news for anyone not in a power 6 conference. So few non-conference games available to play those teams and almost none will be available that aren't in an exempt tournament or on the P6 home court. The chances of getting those teams to the Chaifetz is virtually nil.
  11. Wouldn't that be the definition of a "statement of some sort?"
  12. I feel like there will have to be statements of some sort. No way pestello can write emails like he did at the beginning of this process then never say anything more on it.
  13. Practice news

    By the way, I know people don't like clicking on articles like Ortiz's hack job and that is fair, but you really should click on articles from Stu. The post believes clicks are a direct sign of interest level and if SLU articles don't get clicks they'll stop writing about us even more than they already have.
  14. Practice news

    I thought Stu's article was fine. Provided good color on injuries as well as the difficulties of crafting a lineup. I don't really expect him to say things like AH made a few 3 pointers and French had a couple dunks during practice in a piece like that.
  15. I don't see the university letting them play games if they believe there is a realistic chance that legal or university hearings would find the players guilty of sexual assault. I'm sure SLU understands the value of expediency here and every indication we have received is there won't be legal proceedings (you may not be privy to some of the same information I am which is why you keep insisting legal proceedings are quite possible). I fully expect this to be resolved, one way or the other, by the time the season starts.