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SLU Women's Soccer Thread

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the frosh are being told to look into entering the portal.  Guess staff wants to bring in more exp

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19 hours ago, wgstl said:

the frosh are being told to enter the portal.  Guess staff wants to bring in more exp

As in, the existing freshmen or incoming freshmen? And all of them?

The existing class is Wolterman, Smith, Paloucek, Hiatt, Krueger, Nicholas, and Spaete. I'd really hate to see a few of them go.

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I don’t usually post when players leave the team. But since there seems to be some confusion here, I will make an exception. 

At the end of first semester, Hiatt transferred to the University of Tennessee in her home state after the first semester. She had a previous knee injury. Spaete also left the team at that time. 

Last season m Smith transferred to Drake. English transferred to MO State. A few players will transfer out annually in any sport either for more playing time, or due to injury or soccer retirement. 

Regarding SLU Men’s soccer, Zabala transferred to Georgia State, Legut transferred to Drake, Ross transferred to TCU, Moore transferred to UNC Charlotte. All of these again, were at the end of first semester. Unlike SLU Women’s soccer, SLU Men is more likely to add mid semester transfers (They had 4 play this Spring) for Spring Ball, as well as take a 2nd semester high school Senior early for Spring Ball. (They had 2 do that) 

Everyone else Men or Women have played in the Spring. 

As I previously mentioned a few weeks ago, SLU Women were close to a 2nd assistant hire (Bracken), a late 2023 player (Nelson), and a 5th year transfer (not yet complete) This is on top of the previous incoming 10. 

SLU Women did explore the portal for a few at most players at mid semester. The one player with whom they had the most interest chose to stay at her current school. It was one player, ar a specific position.

SLU Women are losing many Seniors.

Every team has some sort of turnover every year, especially if a team is carrying more than twice as many players as a basketball team.

And SLU Men and Women like to keep about 30 players, 28-32. A 2nd 11 is essential to win at the highest levels of college soccer.

You may want to ask him and have him name names.




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SLU is adding Olivia “Liv” Layton. 

Liv is a recent Colorado State alum, where she played 4 seasons. She was a First Team All Mountain West Conference F/MF player. A skilled, left footed, central attacking player, Liv played in 61 games while at CSU, starting 43, where she led the team in several offensive categories. She also took many of their set pieces. 

Liv was a standout left back and wingback at SLSG in St. Louis as a youth player. She played club ball with several current and recent Billikens, including Miller, Houck, Lawler, Puricelli, etc….and Liv was a high school classmate with Emily Groak. While there, she was a 3 time First Team All State player, and a MAC All Star game participant. 




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SLU is adding transfer Isabelle “Izzy” Luebbert from Arkansas. 

A left footed, left back and wingback, Izzy played in 13 games as a Freshman, starting 2, including the opener at SLU, on the Arkansas Elite 8 team 

Izzy is from Jefferson City, MO, where she was a First Team All State (Helias) attacking player in high school. 

In club ball, she helped lead her SLSG team to the Champions League National Final Four as a left back and wingback. 

Izzy’s older brothers both played at Truman State, and her sister, is NWSL (Chicago) and Liga MX (Club America) star, Sarah Luebbert.

SLU first explored adding Izzy as a transfer at mid-semester. Izzy remained at Arkansas for the Spring season. 

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All the best to Liz Stureman as she made official her medical retirement from soccer. (6 surgeries for compartment syndrome and popliteal entrapment syndrome in 2 plus years) Liz gave it go playing this Spring, and she was scheduled to play Summer Ball with FC Pride in Indy. Great effort through frequent pain for 2 seasons at SLU.

From Fort Wayne, Liz played with Indy Fire, ODP, and at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL, at the youth level. 

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