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  1. Thanks Moytoy - great image of the work involved- I hope TF retires from here, but not soon.
  2. I think this was a good win. We knocked one of their top guys out of the game & they never quit. They still had 3 good shooters & speed. 9th in the Valley? We’ll see. If a coach conversation got 20 out of one under performer, he should have that conversation with Fred. What was Yuri’ s ft % as a Sr.? I’m expecting him to solve that pretty soon. He gets into the lane with ease- if he develops a tear drop, he’s a lock for double digits. All I see is upside for this team. At DeSmet, Grawer coached Stipanovich to catch passes high in the lane & not bring the ball down - shoot it immediately. Bell is helpless when he does that - too many quick hands around him when he does. I know TF reads this board & will take all these recommendations to heart.
  3. Atomic numbers - that’s where the money is
  4. Didn’t they stiff us for a home game at the last minute a few years ago? SEMO is D1 - let’s play them every year.
  5. Nice article in the SL “paper “ PD Today- no link available from me - makes me want to see them as soon as they get tested.
  6. You missed a long ago thread - the more Jimerson buries 3s, the more “m”s he gets in his name from the announcer- I think most mbms are in on that. Fun for all.
  7. Goodwin- everything great except 3 - no improvement except he hit one from the top in the flow of the 20 second offense / a beauty Jacobs - now I get it Thatch - welcome back - everything good plus shot well from 3 against defenders French - dominates against players who see all his moves every day; no fts in the scrimmage however Bell - exciting physicality & athleticism but gets exposed in the scrimmages; big upside...no pun intended Weaver - no shots in the scrimmages Collins - best handle & passer on the floor - will beat out Weaver if he can’t score Hankton - he showed more than any of the spectators expected Jimmerson - I was ready to name him JC until the scrimmages - if his shot is rushed, it’s not a pretty sight Perkins - Harry Rogers slender but moves & shoots well in the scrimmages Diarra - imposing specimen like Bell but maybe a redshirt due to numbers Hargrove - who you want finishing on the break but struggled in the scrimmages- huge upside as we all know Hightower - if he’s not on scholarship, why is he here? Probably plenty of minutes for him as a frosh in the Valley or Ohio Valley
  8. 20 wins is a good benchmark- I’ll go with that - hopefully better chemistry as the season evolves
  9. I went to grade school on the hill / didn’t know we had a suburb . Thanks
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