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  1. Billiken mania started in Japan around 1908 - I’d like to buy from them
  2. My favorite gear has always been 2nd - feel the the extended torque - particularly in a sports car.
  3. You don’t remember the 3 he drilled in tempo?
  4. When I see a PE master’s thesis here, I just skip it. Give me facts & I’ll form my own opinions. Not to say I won’t venture one from time to time 🥸
  5. Yes - why I moved back to SL 🥸
  6. Swamp east MO grad here - never equate Sikeston with Cape Girardeau - fighting words for sure.
  7. Buster Brown for me thru grade school
  8. I think Jacobs never recovered from COVID. When he came the MS game, he actually lost his legs on a drive where no one touched him . I welcome him back next year, hopefully fully recovered.
  9. Cuonzo’s losing a lot but the new transfer rules are made to order for him. He certainly can sell.
  10. We want McKissic - get Erwin on the phone
  11. If EJ’d come home, he could play in front of the world’s greatest pep band
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