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  1. At least 1 Bill has 7 3s in a game - I’m sure Jimmmmerson will break the record, though
  2. I doubt Roland Gray was ever considered for PG - he was 6’7 and a strong rebounder from the git-go. He developed into a very good 3 pt shooter. His greatest game was the come from behind game at “The Pit” in NM. He put the team on his back the 2nd half. I think it was Luc Longley’s Sr year.
  3. Once again speed reading has bitten me in the arse - I thought the Xavier reference was Sneed.
  4. Xavier was one guy; now we’re loaded. He would’ve blossomed here but he didn’t come. After last season he’s probably ruing what could’ve been; hopefully he’s at peace with his career. I was a fan of him.
  5. If you get a cash stipend, it’s reportable income; tuition & direct educational expenses picked up by the school are not.
  6. I know it’s important that we get our nicknames right on the board, so here’s the scoop: Odin - top Norse god Wotan - top Teutonic god - same guy - pronounced Votan Woden - top Saxon god - useful info if we sign someone from England Wotan’s daughter was Brunhilde - who married Siegfried. Fun fact - they never consummated their marriage. i can’t wait for the Lady Bills to sign a Valkure from Germany - we’ll be ready.
  7. 139 - in a 3/3 tourney u get a sub. JG for that . All bases covered
  8. I went to SEMO. Sikeston is south of Cape about 40 miles & that’s boot heel cotton country. If you’ve ever driven south to Memphis on 55, you didn’t see any hills around there, or pretty much anywhere south of Cape. Maybe the New Madrid earthquake swallowed them all.
  9. I had my cc out to buy a Billiken Coronavirus face mask; alas, they are asleep at the switch by not offering this classic sure thing...
  10. Why didn’t they make a run at Pitino?
  11. I’m a senior athlete - just hoping to get through this year.
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