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  1. Granddaughter of one of my morning coffee chums - St Ambrose (Hill) soccer roots
  2. Unless you believe all species were created as completed, I’m going with the egg.
  3. For years I spent 2 months in FL after 1/1 & gave away my paper tickets - I couldn’t do that last year - my “old” crowd isn’t tech literate nor am I to a great degree. This year I’m only going for 1 month & I’ll let my friend, who is getting the tickets her name, dispense them. I never charge for them.
  4. Team sacre bleu combining our French & Jesuit heritage
  5. My take - Thatch will take some overseas $ while it makes sense. Perkins coming back. No inside knowledge.
  6. After what Thatch has dealt with, he’s becoming my all time favorite
  7. Looking at espn+ & the game isn’t on the schedule???
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