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  1. Jimmy: just get me the ball coach - I’ll make the shot
  2. I’m in FL & had to watch on NBCSN — the announcers got it right at the 4 minute mark saying SL was playing “not to lose” & it might cost them. True dat. What a closeout from the line!
  3. The sky is not falling by a long shot. We have useful talent going forward & I like our recruiting going forward. It appears that we have addressed our deficiencies that stand out this year/ lack of a real point guard & shooting. We have made real inroads to local talent. More to come. Hoping for NIT this year & greater things going forward
  4. I didn’t think we ever gave up; every bit of momentum we gathered was pushed back with them drilling a few shots to maintain the margin. I kept waiting for that mini run to get it to 7; then I liked our chances. Kudos to a great shooting nite for them & on to the next game.
  5. Maybe an injury & her entire support group is in SL
  6. Stipo’s last daughter is playing JV at Clayton - saw her at Affton Tuesday & will see today at Clayton - not very big yet but talented. Hope to see her at SLU eventually
  7. Hankton showed a quick flash to the paint & pop vs UMASS; he has the speed and a quick soft release to get that shot often, but it takes timing - probably an automatic part of the offense with RM coaching ...
  8. Don’t think u can depreciate a building not put in use - it’s just inventory. Not saying people don’t do this & it slips thru the cracks. Retired cpa whose practice was based on real estate clients.
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