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  1. They could also put it in a jar with a lid & sit back & watch it explode
  2. Go big or go home - if they win, bring the frau to SL & avail yourself of all the things that made you happy when you were here
  3. When I was 66 I was playing in a rec league in FL when a fireplug shaped guard who got to the final cut with the Celtics 45 years before drove the lane & hit my knee. I tried to keep playing but the knee buckled whenever I changed directions so I quit & went to the orthopedist & he scheduled an MRI. I needed a new acl & he remarked that it was the first time he had seen this injury in a Medicare patient. I returned to SL & got a referral from my CRNA daughter to a young orthopedist she had assisted often in surgery. I met him & gave him the disc containing the MRI & he said that most people my age just stop playing sports but if I wanted, he could replace my ACL with a cadaver’s & get me back on the court. He did it outpatient at a surgicenter & I went home with a whole leg brace, crutches & a big vial of oxicoton. I quit taking those the 2nd day & did 6 weeks of rehab at SSM. Then I took a Vermont Bike Tour trip from Prague to Vienna & returned to SL. I started back at the gym shooting, running & lifting. My surgery was on May 1 & I played my first game of pickup August 15 with great trepidation but all was well. I’m now 73 & still play pickup - full court in FL & half court here at the Sunset Hills Community Center twice a week. I have not worn a brace since the injury & have no limitations. When I hear about it taking a year to recover from this type of injury, I think those are situations where they are trying to repair a tear & keep the original ACL. I am extremely optimistic about this recruit. If TF reads the board, the orthopedist’s name is Jody Jachna
  4. The Jimerson video shows he already has a touch past the new line
  5. My take on the post injury video is that he has soft hands & can finish after contact. Any contact seemed to throw off DJ. He has 6 mos to get that knee in better shape - l love the signing
  6. What do you know about Steve that the rest of us don’t ?
  7. In MLBB they don’t count all star game, playoff, & WS stats in career totals but list them separately. Don’t know about NBA or NFL. Claggs didn’t have the NIT runs that Bonner, Gray, & Douglas had. The first time I saw him was midnight madness as a frost. He brought his team back to win with a series of jump shots & no defender could stop him. I elbowed a friend & remarked that we could be looking at the future all time scoring leader at SLU. His teams were too good & had short dancing runs.
  8. True dat - should we worry about what our players do while in bed?
  9. Anyone besides me worried about an unanticipated injury from a new sport that requires extreme effort?
  10. Found a friend who has them all & will binge watch Fri afternoon beginning around 12:30 in Shrewsbury near Kenrick - call me if u want to come 314 412-8564
  11. Jimmy has amazing body control. We should run every out of bounds play with him as option 1. Let’s see; Lewis averaged 14 as a frosh & we’re worried about finding minutes for him? Does his jumper remind u of a certain guard on VA?
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