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  1. Basketball math favors the 3 - I hope Ford gives the green light to the shooters & hope Goodwin never takes one - he earns his keep with other skills. This could be a really fun year.
  2. I’ve never seen them at a tournament but college is a great time to take up the game.
  3. I grew up in the 50s & 60s playing pinballs pool & ping pong. All required hand - eye coordination. My grandkids are being short changed, but they would wipe me at their video games. We had the Atari hookups for Pac-Man, super- Mario, frogger & space invaders for my kids but, alas, I had already wasted so much time in my own youth that I could no longer stomach the hours to achieve prowess in the new genre.
  4. Tailgate - you’ll know who’s looking for a cheap beer / spread the wealth
  5. That’s why George Burns gave up the ghost at 99 - he didn’t want to retire
  6. Bad timing for me - I always go to KC the day after Xmas for 2 days at their bridge tournament. I have a good friend who’s a KU grad up there & invited him to SL when we played them with the Robertson bros were on the separate teams. I walked away with the bragging rights. He got a ticket from the MO highway patrol for driving in the left lane when nobody was in the right lane. The R lane was full of ruts back then from the truck traffic. Thank you highway patrol.
  7. This is embarrassing but before the untimely passing of the PD food guy whose name escapes me at the moment I was talking to him about a wine & habano porch party with the old farts club
  8. Priorat has some great wines - near Barcelona I took a Wine Merchant trip there some time ago. Your first bottle might have been corked or cooked - both not good. The dirty secret is that an estimated 10% of wines using corks are tainted. I have a cellar & never stop buying
  9. In Providence I hear he was called Ernie No D
  10. Yes - Frank has vision probs but u can’t leave him alone. Dan is dead eyed from the 3 pt line... but we only score 1 pt at a time. Wednesday & Friday 10 am Sunset Hills Community Ctr
  11. I play hoops with 2 old fa*ts who were - one might have gone - he would’ve been 5 & eventually played for SLU - Frank Zavadil. I met him in a 60+ league in Venice FL
  12. Who can forget the 1944 streetcar World Series? Probably no one on this board attended it.
  13. That would be brilliant- would provide clues on how personalities would fit in
  14. I’m happy to watch what we have develop - if who we’ve recruited can’t adjust to D-1, then let’s find out now. Don’t want Jimmerson running off for lack of pt.
  15. It’s the off season - hope springs eternal...
  16. They could also put it in a jar with a lid & sit back & watch it explode
  17. Go big or go home - if they win, bring the frau to SL & avail yourself of all the things that made you happy when you were here
  18. When I was 66 I was playing in a rec league in FL when a fireplug shaped guard who got to the final cut with the Celtics 45 years before drove the lane & hit my knee. I tried to keep playing but the knee buckled whenever I changed directions so I quit & went to the orthopedist & he scheduled an MRI. I needed a new acl & he remarked that it was the first time he had seen this injury in a Medicare patient. I returned to SL & got a referral from my CRNA daughter to a young orthopedist she had assisted often in surgery. I met him & gave him the disc containing the MRI & he said that most people my age just stop playing sports but if I wanted, he could replace my ACL with a cadaver’s & get me back on the court. He did it outpatient at a surgicenter & I went home with a whole leg brace, crutches & a big vial of oxicoton. I quit taking those the 2nd day & did 6 weeks of rehab at SSM. Then I took a Vermont Bike Tour trip from Prague to Vienna & returned to SL. I started back at the gym shooting, running & lifting. My surgery was on May 1 & I played my first game of pickup August 15 with great trepidation but all was well. I’m now 73 & still play pickup - full court in FL & half court here at the Sunset Hills Community Center twice a week. I have not worn a brace since the injury & have no limitations. When I hear about it taking a year to recover from this type of injury, I think those are situations where they are trying to repair a tear & keep the original ACL. I am extremely optimistic about this recruit. If TF reads the board, the orthopedist’s name is Jody Jachna
  19. The Jimerson video shows he already has a touch past the new line
  20. My take on the post injury video is that he has soft hands & can finish after contact. Any contact seemed to throw off DJ. He has 6 mos to get that knee in better shape - l love the signing
  21. What do you know about Steve that the rest of us don’t ?
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