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  1. What? We HAD to memorize it or be in deep Schit! Wasn’t that hard - the question sort of led you where you were supposed to go
  2. Remember Bess predicted Perkins would be our best offensive player
  3. I have it & just went thru the nightmare of slow internet & travel computer & am now set up to watch on the East coast - tech is not as easy as it used to be, or as safe
  4. I’m out of town - what r tv options for tonite?
  5. Jacobs made that great drive from outside left to the right of the lane - sweet bank off the glass. Prior to that he was wide open beyond 3 & I was shouting to shoot it but he passed off. He needs a little Perkins mind set. Hope he blooms soon.
  6. Thanks but I just like to joke - didn’t notice the avatar
  7. I don’t think HF has a jump shot - all we see are baby hooks & pushes close to the hoop. I’m surprised he hasn’t developed a short jump shot to bank in from a few feet- he goes straight for the rim & the refs don’t call a lot of the contact he absorbs.
  8. U missed the Illinois game- blew them out & Illinois looked good right before that game & stomped FL last nite
  9. Had to tape the game; just watched- complete game for the Bulls - we’re coming along
  10. Never mind - found it in a previous thread - 671-1 for those who have direct tv
  11. Talk to Billiken 05 - he clearly has a hearing loss - but you’ll have to speak up
  12. My issue is the sound level - it’s up a lot this year - use fingers in my ears often but am ready for earplugs going forward. Of course a lot of fans already have damaged hearing from what they’ve been exposed to all the time, so they need the extra volume...
  13. Watch Diarra in pregame warm-ups; you won’t see thunderous dunks - I suspect his knee(s) are still healing or he’s reluctant to push himself too much. I have higher long term hopes for him than a laundry list of former SLU centers. He certainly passes the eyeball test.
  14. I’m merely saying Goodwin’s strong with the ball & should have been in there.
  15. The worst decision was the play before that when he removed our warrior JG in favor of Hargrove & we lost the ball on the throw in & got tied on the fast break. Leave JG in & probably no OT
  16. I bought espn+ - it failed in the 2 nd half tonite but I saw the entire K State game
  17. Might need to consult a naturopath (ND) - they look for nutritional fixes rather than drugs - been taking CO-Q10 for many years- mitochondria assist - still playing hoops at 74
  18. Come to my house & watch it on my computer 314 412 8564
  19. Thank u espn+ - we’re doing it with mirrors
  20. Gave up 35? How can he not block a jump shot with his lift?
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