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  1. Proposed rule changes for college soccer: https://collegesoccernews.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-proposed-college-soccer-rule-changes/
  2. Article on Joey Maher; https://www.idsnews.com/article/2024/02/former-indiana-mens-soccer-defender-joey-maher-transfer-commit-saint-louis
  3. Back in TDS's Top 25: https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-national-rankings/men Previous game: it was a joy to watch Seth Anderson completely own the left flank and watching at field level was even more entertaining. They had no answer for him as he used speed, timely feints and misdirection to get balls screaming across the box time and time again. Well, actually LaSalle did find an answer....take him out and get a couple red cards. Flynn was also a constant threat on the right side.
  4. Just a joke dude. And I don't need a history lesson on former int'l SLU players.
  5. Might have to wear the US jersey tonight after looking at MO State's typical lineup. Intl flavor for sure as noted : ) Other element is their overall age and class. Of the starters who have had 3 starts or more (11 of them), average age is 22.4 years and class breakdown is 6 Seniors, 4 Juniors, and 1 Sophomore. Experienced and mature team coming to Hermann tonight. Love to see a win.
  6. Very lucky to have that one go our way. Toothless in the attack for most of the game. Boys still trying to find the right combination to make the most out of the talent they have.
  7. Good point on the lack of penetration. I made a comment at half time that we were having trouble getting into the final third with consistent threatening moves. Speaks to what you are saying. That and the turnovers and consistent interceptions by SIUE really hurt our flow. Two years of starting off slow is disappointing but I do think it is about getting the pieces right. At least four new guys on the pitch each time we start......and subs are either transfers or freshman. Talent is there but not clicking right now.
  8. Upside of last night: Great crowd for men's and women's games. ~8500 announced attendance. Women's game was fun and open....plenty of goals especially for SLU. Fun taking my boys team down to walk out the SLU players and getting out to the middle of CityPark. Then a few of them got to be ball boys. Priceless experience for sure. Nice to walk around CityPark at less than half the typical capacity of a CIty game. Downside: Bit of a warm night. SLU didn't look on while SIUE was there to win. Hope this is just reflective of early season play and working in new players. Bit concerned about that left side of our defense. I believe a majority of goals scored against us have come down that channel thus far. Anyway, running around the place talking to team parents and players left me unable to really take in the game properly. Credit to SIUE for executing their plan.
  9. Quick early season reference point for SLU given they played ND in an exhibition. Indy and ND played this past weekend.
  10. Caught from 15 minutes in right after Butler goal to very end. Couple quick observations: Boy Butler had our number in the first half. They were pinging the ball as if they were Man City. SLU looked lethargic...poor first touches, turnovers, just bad soccer by SLU. S Anderson in particular was off. He did get played in by Redmon and had good look that just went by the post. Our goalie came up HUGE with premier level saves....think Burki type saves where you thought the odds were we were going to get scored on. Forward line and advance middies were not linking in second half. They had a couple moves forward, numbers up, and the lack of releasing a pass early enough led to offside calls that killed the opportunity. Coppola had a glorious chance and when he rounded the goalie he took such a heavy first touch that he lost the angle to slot into an open goal. BUT....the kid came up huge with two goals so props to him. Leatherman has some serious hops and my god is he fearless going up for challenging the ball; I thought he was going to get whacked hard in the head a couple times. Like to see him as a Isaiah Parker type threat on the wing this year.
  11. #29 in Collegesoccernews Men's poll https://collegesoccernews.com/college-soccer-news-2023-preseason-top-30-mens-college-soccer-national-poll/
  12. 4-0 SLU Rough in-game notes: Starters Buredia Almonal (goalie) Diego Grady Max Johnson Seth Vrobel Mads Flynn Redmon Shaky early on. Guys not in sync. Not connecting passes. Kalish up off bench, barking at front line early. Finally make a nice offensive move down right side, squares pass across goal but goalie cut it out. Flynn growing on me. Good hustle, good size, enough skill to be a nice addition on right wing. Goal ...Seth. Mads picked up ball at 30 and drove at 18, laid Seth in, onetime ping off near post. Vrobel playing well as target fwd, using size well and connecting with middies. Second Anderson goal….after Flynn got whacked at 18, ball came back to him, then played Seth and he one timed it. Slight deflection on shot as well. Coppola and Leatherman in 22 min in. Leatherman at right mid....very, very dynamic. Buendia. Gamer. Gets ball, passes ball. Shows for ball. Tanner and Sully on for Seth and Mads. 30 min Mika on for Johnson SLU/UIC: 32 7/2 shots. 6/2 ck Second half: Starters same except Leatherman on for Redmon and CJ up top for Vrobel. Mason in goal now 20min…Mads grabs ball at half line. Plays Seth in who beats two defenders, goalie comes rushing out and he dinks over goalie at full speed and drifting right. Subs. 24 min…Komodo, Sully, Mika, Ukraine kid, Tanner. Immediately grab goal with CK goal header near post flick to far post. Max F scored it. Rest of game was a bit ugly as Kalish subs out starters and put in guys for playing time. Definitely could tell a drop off in play.
  13. Saw this first hand during a lunch with Kalish a couple years ago. They have software that helps them allocate the 9.9 in scholarship money men's soccer has to allocate. It showed how much each position would be allocated per 1 scholarship. Positions matter so, for instance, a top center forward could get 0.9-1 scholarship while a right back may get 0.25 of a scholarship. They then aim to augment that with academic scholarships where they can't get to the level of scholarship needed solely by athletic scholarship. Other variables certainly come into play as well but that is the general gist from what I gathered.
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