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  1. Updated Lunardi bracket. SLU actually went up this time.
  2. At least only one team in the A10 looks to have a better noncon. Too bad its the one team we don't want having a better schedule than us.
  3. Maybe it will be on ESPN+? Weird since Fan Guy does not remember a single game last season that was not at least somewhat possible to access reasonably.
  4. Fan guy looked back into the post history and it appears SLU is still supposed to play Boston College.
  5. Fan Guy thinks he remembers hearing about BC unless that was pushed back.
  6. Fan Guy would like to remind people of the curse of being picked number one in the A10 preseason polls.
  7. Fan Guy thinks that at some point the NCAA is going to make an example out of Memphis because He really feels like there isn’t any another serious way Penny keeps landing all these higher level recruits and it already kind of happened with Wisemen.
  8. Fan Guy has returned to let you know you should leave.
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