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  1. aj_arete

    S Hall over the Bills by 21

    I have DirecTV, but they said that they're in a contractual dispute with FS2, so it's unavailable. I'm in SW Georgia, but curious how others are able to watch it on DirecTV.
  2. aj_arete

    Van Macon Gets Promoted

    I don't have a subscription to the Post, so appreciate the insight.
  3. Link: https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/macon-named-associate-head-coach-by-slu-s-ford/article_55139735-b5de-5172-bbeb-76d335917d1b.html With this promotion, that leads me to this question. When looking at the assistants under Ford, what are each of their strengths? Is Tate the ace recruiter? Tactically, is Macon the one most often turned to? Who works with the frontcourt? backcourt? Would you say that overall the staff under Ford is above or below A-10 standards?
  4. aj_arete

    Columbia Post Disgrace

    Talk to Derrick Goold, who's the Cardinals beat writer and he says he's not a fan either. However, they devote blogs and articles because there are more clicks. SLU is a better program than DePaul, but still both are similar. I would guess that there are more articles on the Illini than DePaul. That's because they have had more historical success. Now if SLU can get into the postseason a couple of times, then I think you'll see more articles. Maybe one day they can be like Gonzaga, who I would imagine gets more press than the University of Washington in Seattle, but that's just a guess.
  5. aj_arete

    Requesting Quick Overview of Newcomers

    Thanks! I'll do that.
  6. Outside of Gordon, Thatch, and Isabel. Don't know much about the Maryland graduate transfer and maybe one or two players. I went to www.slubillikens.com, but they don't have the current roster. I believe Wiley scored 4 or 5 ppg and is a shooter, so maybe he makes the rotation. However, what about the other guys? Could they be rotation players or not?
  7. aj_arete

    Basketball spending

    That might be able to work. Maybe include Loyola-Chicago and then try to attract two other Power 5 regional teams and that could work.
  8. aj_arete

    Basketball spending

    I get that, but how do you spend beyond the athletics budget without dipping into the general fund?
  9. aj_arete

    Basketball spending

    Do they still aspire to be in the Big East? I thought administration was content with the A-10. That's on the AD. Can he get enough alumni on board and boost their giving? As a university faculty member myself, I wouldn't want SLU athletics dipping into the general fund to boost the recruiting budget.
  10. aj_arete

    Basketball spending

    First, I don't see national TV being interested in SLU-Mizzou, SLU-Illini, or SLU-SIUC. They're barely interested in Mizzou-Illini. We need to start achieving Xavier or Gonzaga success before drawing interest in Power 5 conferences. I think the key is getting in good tournaments and then knocking off some big names there. Then qualify for the NCAA and then make runs to multiple Sweet 16s. That would raise the profile.
  11. aj_arete

    Basketball spending

    I would look at our fund-raising and see how it compares to other A-10 programs. Our spending should match the level of resources. I would wildly guess we're in the top four of five in the A-10, though our spending should be in that area. If we're in the bottom half, then I would adjust our spending to be in that area. We're not Duke, so not giving Ford a blank check. As for charter flights, I think that's a high priority given the far outposts and getting rid of that would put us in a competitive disadvantage. I already think our facilities are among the top 2 in the A-10, so I don't think we need to add there. Next priority is giving Ford the dollars he need to recruit nationally, as long as we're seeing dividends from it.
  12. Fair enough. I'm done defending Jose Ortiz. I'll agree he went too far.
  13. Moving the goalposts suggests to me that you don't understand what sexual assault is. Maybe you think it involves making sexual contact, but it goes beyond that. I have never said that Goodwin was involved in sex with the other girls and let's not make the assumption that Ortiz did either. Sexual assault is also sharing sexually explicit video, which is called sexual exploitation. I'm not a lawyer and understand that having an expectation of privacy means that charge would be hard to prove. However consenting to being recorded is different than having that video shared. Otherwise, you wouldn't have spouses or past sexual partners suing their past partners for sharing intimate videos to others. This isn't clear cut. Now I thought most people agreed that Goodwin shared the video with others, but maybe that's an open question, which I was unaware of before. If that's an open question, then I would be more critical of Ortiz's take. Therefore, I agree the case is murkier.
  14. OK if that's the case, then I can see Cusamano absolving Goodwin from sharing the video. Did he do that? If so, then I'll agree with all of you and I'll write the letter castigating Ortiz myself.
  15. And Frank got that from Rosenbloom, I'm sure.