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  1. Character and chemistry can take you a long way.
  2. Given this huge get, what are reasonable expectations next year? I would guess the floor is making the NCAA but how far can they realistically go? Is it safe to say that Kalish is an upgrade over the previous regime or is it too early to say?
  3. It's odd marketing. I would never market a team with players that hardly see the court. I've seen advertising for SLU vs. Seton Hall three times and I've only seen Jimmerson for each. I guess it just so happens that when I clicked on STLToday, it was when Jimmerson's rotation was up. And marketing Hightower, who I have never heard of doesn't make sense to me either. I'd focus on French or Goodwin. And if you're going to market a St. Louisan, then what about Yuri? Those would be the only three I would focus on, actual stars or those with a local connection. But what do I know about mark
  4. Just a question and you answered it. I'm not local, but this isn't the first time I've seen his picture. That's fine if they rotate different players.
  5. Just curious and this is not a big deal. I see the Billikens marketing the basketball team, but don't recognize the player. Is it Gibson Jimmerson? If so, that seem odd to use him in an advertising since he's a freshman that wasn't highly touted. I would have thought Hasahn French or local product, Jordan Goodwin would have been more ideal for this marketing campaign.
  6. Excellent analysis and here's my question. Do you see this league as a 1- or 2-bid league?
  7. I actually think SLU can benefit with Gordon leaving. Chemistry is important, plus I think an early favorable schedule in the A-10 could work in SLU's favor. They can build confidence and emphasize more spacing. Of course, that means Isabell will be a key and will definitely have to step up his game. Also, Thatch looks like one who could grow into a good one.
  8. I think SLU would have a better chance at getting a home-and-home with Mizzou. With Mizzou already playing a neutral court game with Illinois, it might be a hard sell to get Mizzou to come back to St. Louis twice in one year when they don't go to KC for one game.
  9. I have DirecTV, but they said that they're in a contractual dispute with FS2, so it's unavailable. I'm in SW Georgia, but curious how others are able to watch it on DirecTV.
  10. I don't have a subscription to the Post, so appreciate the insight.
  11. Link: https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/macon-named-associate-head-coach-by-slu-s-ford/article_55139735-b5de-5172-bbeb-76d335917d1b.html With this promotion, that leads me to this question. When looking at the assistants under Ford, what are each of their strengths? Is Tate the ace recruiter? Tactically, is Macon the one most often turned to? Who works with the frontcourt? backcourt? Would you say that overall the staff under Ford is above or below A-10 standards?
  12. Talk to Derrick Goold, who's the Cardinals beat writer and he says he's not a fan either. However, they devote blogs and articles because there are more clicks. SLU is a better program than DePaul, but still both are similar. I would guess that there are more articles on the Illini than DePaul. That's because they have had more historical success. Now if SLU can get into the postseason a couple of times, then I think you'll see more articles. Maybe one day they can be like Gonzaga, who I would imagine gets more press than the University of Washington in Seattle, but that's just a guess.
  13. Outside of Gordon, Thatch, and Isabel. Don't know much about the Maryland graduate transfer and maybe one or two players. I went to www.slubillikens.com, but they don't have the current roster. I believe Wiley scored 4 or 5 ppg and is a shooter, so maybe he makes the rotation. However, what about the other guys? Could they be rotation players or not?
  14. That might be able to work. Maybe include Loyola-Chicago and then try to attract two other Power 5 regional teams and that could work.
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