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  1. I figured! I just love the region as a whole. St. Louis is underrated.
  2. It honestly just slipped my mind. lol. St. Charles County is fine by me. I'll eat a Fratelli's pizza every day of the week.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Wish him well. Just want everyone from the 314 and 618 to succeed and if it can be in a Billiken uniform even better
  4. Does anyone have any experience with Hulu with live TV? Specifically with what sports you have available? Being 24 with one roommate we're looking to spend wisely, but I'm making it clear to him Billiken basketball is a priority.
  5. I saw that. I try to keep up, but haven't seen him get any new offers. Genuinely surprised that he hasn't been scooped up by someone. I know he isn't a top tier prospect but he seems like a kid that plenty of coaches would love to have.
  6. Hey Coach! Not necessarily related to Levi, but I was wondering if you had any insight into what Philip Russell is planning on doing. I haven't seen any new offers as of late and just really hope he lands at a good program. Loved watching him play and want him to succeed at the next level.
  7. That's pretty funny. I've only heard good stuff so wonder if he did a little growing up.
  8. Do we think that it’s probably a pay increase?
  9. Definitely. Big name school schedules us. Wins, “good job you should beat an A-10 school” Loses, “what a terrible loss”
  10. NITs are what we should settle for every 5 years during a reloading period. And we shouldn’t be happy about it
  11. Part of me is excited that we're already getting some national attention and part of me is nervous. I almost want us to be a surprise to the national scene.
  12. Randy Reed wasn't even the coach Tatum's senior year either. Trevor Laney had taken over at that point. Watched North play this past year against Hazelwood Central. Looked like a young team. Barely any guys over 6'2.
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