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  1. But we needed a big and not a wing. Linssen is exactly what we needed.
  2. It's okay watching on the CBS Sports App with a family member's login. No ability to rewind on the app via my AppleTV. The app is fairly confusing and frustrating.
  3. Yes he was. Hopefully it translates. He worked super hard on the defensive end. I've seen the work ethic translate.
  4. If Goodwin plays 35 minutes at the point with a banged up shoulder against Fordham something is wrong
  5. Did you just get a phone call? An email?
  6. Not quite sure what that means but thanks
  7. Curious what are the deciding factors on which season ticket holders get to go?
  8. I just sat there thinking about it earlier today and came up with 5 plus reasons for each. lol. just made me realize nothing matters if we don't win ball games. Excited for Rhody tomorrow.
  9. Who do we hope wins in the VCU-Dayton matchup from potential league standings and NET rankings? do we hope VCU stays hot? or do we hope Dayton wins to make the loss look better?
  10. I think we blame the layoff on that one. In game jumpers don't come easy after a month without them
  11. So after browsing the CBS sports website and the CBS sports app, signing in with a TV provider and streaming is more complicated than any other streaming service I’ve ever seen.
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