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  1. Was tuning in to the ACC network before the BC game. Roy said he tries to travel to upperclassmen's hometown's and also tries to play former assistants to give them a quality game on their schedule. example: UNCW
  2. reminder. he doesn’t not have a left hand due to lack of talent. that’s his wrist that has been hurt since a bad fall in practice
  3. Everything I heard was that we were never a thought.
  4. Big fan of the logo front. Like the ability to change it up. Sometimes the white at home gets boring. More than anything, players get excited to wear a different jersey. Not that it showed too much in last nights performance. I think we should consistently have 4 different looks to go with.
  5. Any update on ways to watch this game?
  6. Well I would assume 16 and 17 are still considered youth players. So if we're really behind there then our youth system is still behind. We win these youth tournaments somewhat frequently and alot of it is due to athletic ability. The problem is we lose at the National level. An we lose for a reason and it's not because we just all of a sudden forget how to play at the age of 16. If we struggle then, there's some sort of development thats missing. Just my thoughts.
  7. It might have been my connection to North County, but I was pretty bummed when we didn't recruit Sneed hard. Kid's a baller.
  8. So just to clarify, AT&T SportsNet is not available for DirecTV in the St. Louis area?
  9. well I'm at least glad he got to see a good win with the place packed
  10. Anyone know if there were any recruits at the game on Saturday?
  11. Thanks. Completely forgot Fox Sports Go and Fox Sports were different websites.
  12. Anybody know how to stream the game tonight?
  13. Agreed. After watching Sneed play 4 years at Hazelwood Central, he consistently did the things you want to see in a high level recruit. His offensive ability and shooting stroke are astounding for someone his size. Then the way he played defense and rebounded in high school made me think he was going to be pretty successful in the college game.
  14. Having known Zeke in high school, and watched him play games a couple years in a row, I think Zeke had the ability to be a elite mid major 3 and D type wing. Maybe off the bench. I think coming into a program being run by that former coach of ours really changed that possibility.
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