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  1. My guess was it’s just his birthday
  2. It was a Sports Illustrated article. Who knows how much he said about each school versus what they actually printed. Not saying it’s bad journalism, but the hometown hero sounds better than printing a third “this is how they’ll use me” quote.
  3. https://twitter.com/andrewa11en/status/1310298425167093761?s=21
  4. Is he asking for opinions? Seems like a long time to sit with it on his twitter without announcing
  5. What are these flaws that are clear public knowledge?
  6. HA! I'm the one that asked that question. Funny it made its way back to the board.
  7. I guess I kind of see your point. But it’s pretty pessimistic.
  8. Haven't listened yet, but this was just posted.
  9. He deleted it. Maybe nothing. Maybe not
  10. I did see right before he left that he got himself in much better shape. I would love to see him and Kasubke have great careers at KSU while the program stays mediocre.
  11. This is exactly what bigger schools say about us when we get a recruit
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