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  1. https://twitter.com/tarrisreedjr/status/1383897674512961545?s=21
  2. Why is the stitching so god awful?
  3. This is just an opinion but I feel like they’re a crappy team right now, but they still have national notoriety. So it’s an easy win for most of the teams, but people still know the name.
  4. I think transfers sign some sort of financial agreement to make it binding.
  5. I like the idea of us just playing the hot hand with Perkins being the go to shot maker in crunch time. Could be nice to see teams key in on one of our scorers and another come off the bench and light it up.
  6. Only lost twice in their last thirteen to a final four team both times. They were rolling. Regardless of how “complicated” you assumed their game plan to be, it’s hard to get game time when you’re the new guy and the team just keeps winning.
  7. Even being a one and done talent doesn’t always equate to getting serious minutes after being thrown into a brand new team in the middle of the conference season. He wouldn’t have known plays, schemes, or rotations. While I think there is more to the reason he left, I don’t look into him not playing much.
  8. Landing a top 50 recruit isn’t what winning the recruiting battle always looks like. Recruit players that want to be here. Winning with them will push the program forward and it will come. We’re in a better spot than we were 4 years ago. We’re losing two of the best Billikens to ever lace them up and I’m happy to see where we go next.
  9. I believe they ran with MOKAN last year
  10. To be fair they’re both pretty solid chess schools. Which is surprising for University of Missouri. I work for the St. Louis Chess Club and both have Grandmaster’s that do work with the club.
  11. Think he was misused most of his SLU career. Statistically the most efficient offensive player we had. Played great as the ball handler in the pick and roll his sophomore year. Instead it seemed like our offensive game plan had him stand in the corner and wait. Bummer that our most versatile offensive player aside from Javonte wasn’t give more of a role. Hope he gets a role he can thrive in so where else.
  12. Yuri, Fred, and Mckissic would be a frightening perimeter defense
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