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  1. Looks like the picture was from AAU. Assuming it was pre-SWIC
  2. Where was Perkins committed to before SLU? and was it before his time at SWIC?
  3. Half of the Shockers scholarship players have now entered the transfer portal
  4. Not sure if Phil will be offered here. But I defintiely would be excited to see him here. He's a winner. Ice cold and can shoot the lights out. Plays hard defense. Was an integral piece to the Vashon team.
  5. Kern was at the game again last night. Phil Russell and Cam'ron Fletcher were also there. I believe they had another person with them but couldn't tell who it was from 208. At least the second game that the three of them came. They were at the VCU game as well. I like that even though Phil and Cam'ron aren't coming here they still attend games. Truthfully I feel like Chaifetz should be an open door for local talent. I know they partly came to see Yuri play on his birthday. Just nice to have some kids from the nieghborhood feeling comfortable watching the home town team play ball.
  6. Really wondering what Jacobs had to do to get suspended... Just seems like an all around hard worker and not a trouble maker.
  7. And we're completely leaving out the teams best scorer in Perkins. Crazy. Doubt he's coming off the bench next year.
  8. Sounds great. meet me in the spot you took the picture and I'll bring you the money. I understand optics and perspective. I said it was close to the rim. His vertical is in the 40" range. I don't know why this is such a big debate? I understand the coaches exaggerating his vertical. But do you think they'd do it by a literal foot?
  9. Here's a picture of Fred Thatch with his head nearly at the rim in game. Fred stands at 6'3 (75 Inches) the rim is at 120 inches. I know there's a couple inch difference. But if he can get his head to the rim. His vertical is 45".
  10. There are guys being drafted with Verticals literally in the low 30s. NBA 2 Guard. Same position as Thatch, Jordan Poole. 35.5. I don't doubt that Thatch has a higher vertical than that
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