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  1. i have coached kids that just refused to learn shooting fundamentals, because it didnt look cool. i charted percentages with shots off the glass versus shooting over the rim and all players were much higher off the glass but they didnt want to look like tim duncan because it wasnt cool. i could guarantee better ft's with a rick barry style, but none would do it
  2. Ford is flexible in style when he needs to. he showed that the first year he was here and will continue to do so. Not many kids will buy into the RM style
  3. Grawer was getting the local guys, had he gotten upchurch, who knows? lots of talent in the area after that
  4. this is during the shootarounde before the vcu game
  5. coach ford handed out hard hats to the players last season, when my son and i went to the vcu game in richmond we wore hard hats. go a lot of comments from the coaches and the crowd. i posted some pictures, not sure how to find them in the archives
  6. Makes me want to put my billiken hard hat on and watch some hoops, cant get here soon enough
  7. Coach ford has this program trending upwards and has made good hiring decisions along the way. if he wants him i am all in
  8. scorekeeping in those leagues is generally suspect
  9. if it was only for those in attendance ,why stream it on youtube? if i told a casual fan to watch the shooter jimerson he will really be something, they would not have seen it. the replays masked all of his 3s. the event was fine the streaming wasnt
  10. if they had they would have experienced a poor product. my son is in the persian gulf right now and he got to see almost nothing. if you are going to do it, do it right
  11. whoever, could have been better, i am very lucky that there are those that will correct all those with opinions that might differ. i guess i stand corrected, i am wrong
  12. I get its "not for Me" . the marketing department missed an opportunity to put out something for their fans that couldnt get there. lack of foresight on their part. IMHO
  13. i live 150 miles away and have a disabled family member. travel is not always an option. the streaming for those online was poorly thought out. with replays most was missed
  14. i believe bell will be a very pleasant surprise and as i have said before dont sleep on hankton
  15. brewers are red hot, cards need to win three as the brewers are unlikely to lose
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