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  1. my daughter force a smart phone on me, she is the best daughter there is
  2. i wish clags would weigh in on this, i would have bet the farm on northern iowa
  3. it might be possible for an old dog to learn something new, thanks
  4. i am a follower of yours BillsBy40, dont disappoint
  5. i think highmark was recruited by MO before he came slu, i do not recall that he was going to transfer, i do remember claggs talking n. iowa
  6. i am twitter illiterate, i suppose i need to be educated on such things
  7. i can hope mbm's that attend give frequent updates, i need a billiken bb fix
  8. siap is there radio or tv tomorrow?
  9. oscar is my number one, jordan has the rings, but i think the big o was the best overall
  10. i met coach ford at a vcu game in richmone, was invited to the morning shootaround he discussed the game, injury report etc. i was very impressed that he would give a nobody fan that type of attention,
  11. after spoon had retired a friend sat next to him on a flight and they had a great conversation and a good time. that said spoon did not like to recruit and always thought what would the billikens do if they had a really good inside game to go along with clag and highmark. he surely outcoached his opponents
  12. Does the swede get front court minutes a head of Traore?
  13. i agree about linssen unless okoro is an outstanding rim protector, need someone at the back in to defend, not sure linssen is that guy.
  14. I am excited to see what the swede does going forward, i have heard he shoots 3's like jimerson, if true he will see the court
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