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  1. Wants to wait for on campus visits before a decision. Pro mizzou article as would be expected. No mention of other schools other than a list of offers
  2. i asked to be removed, you chose to reply. so tell me what is happening? why do you care about my request?
  3. My point is i want my name off of the message board, i dont want to be associated with the multiple losers on this board. which you may be one of. so please steve take me off
  4. i prefer my name off the site and i fail to see how this would bother steve, he is the administrator. my request certainly is not any of your business. as my uncle used to say, "you can go pound sand"
  5. The fun that i used to have with this board is gone. Please steve close my account
  6. it is not worth the nonsense, when i guy can getted ripped for using the word lady, but the f word can be used without impunity, i am out. i can get bills basketball without the insults and the f bombs
  7. this is why i am going to quit, clowns like you that want to troll, clearly identify yourself so that i dont mistakenly invite a jackass such as yourself
  8. I ask that steve close my accountfor all the reasons Clock_Tower mentioned and more. I get tempted to weigh in on this nonsens when all i really want is to discuss basketball. So i will waste my time on something else. If i knew how to do it i would start a board that is hoops only and politics and political correctness were totally banned. There are posters i will miss reading when they post bb comments, the rest i will not miss at all. Likely no one will care if i read or not, but i am saying this anyway. i will look into starting a facebook group for basketball only
  9. I grew up in a time when calling someone a lady was a compliment, when did it become offensive?
  10. It is a rarity when any recruit mentions academics as the reason for choosing a school, or transferring to another. I remember waiting at the semester break wondering if players would be academically eligible for the spring. I cant remember the last time one wasnt
  11. did they die of the virus or arrythmias? Was the lower dose segment of the trial ended?
  12. the drug of choice in the u.s. is hydroxychloriquine and the brazil study used 3 times the standard dose of chloroquine and noted some arrythmias. Did anyone die in the brazil study?
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