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  1. i dont think too many will play 30 minutes, if that happens then the freshman would be disappointing. i think the roster goes deep and a many will play. if perkins goes 11 i think that will be a very good number considering the depth
  2. stuen set up the visit for my son and i when went to vcu. i was very impressed with the young man
  3. i remember getting shafted on the season ticket deal,
  4. very few are a rm. ford is just fine
  5. Ford has done an ouststanding job of coaching, he made a team that relied heavily on a walk on and made them competitive, last year he coached a team to a championship after losing key players and multiple injuries. not sure why anyone thinks he cant coach
  6. I believe will find that hankton also can hit an outside shot. it has been reported that jacobs shot looks good. many freshman make a big jump in there soph year.jimerson had a prep school year playing against top competition. i agree with clock tower there will be shooters on this team
  7. I will drink the koolaid along with you. goodwin, thatch, and french will dominate physically and when the frosh get up to speed Team Blue will be feared. Collins will find the shooters and i can see this team doing a lot of running
  8. Gush all you want slu72, Big Bill Fan was on yuri months ago and i think it will be awesome to have a real point guard. gushing over recruits is what the offseason is about
  9. Lets not forget hankton, he is legit 6'8" and just may grow into that 4 or occasional 5 spot
  10. i agree, the fact that he is white means he is not athletic, that is what is in the minds of most. Larry Bird was not the most athletic and he seemed to be a plus player. From watching his tape i for one think his athleticism is just fine and if he scores enough he will be on the floor as he learns defense. tremaine certainly wasnt a plus defender
  11. I think it is a bit early to write off jacobs, he hasnt shown much but i have seen a lot of billikens blossom their junior year. if ford has patience so do i
  12. i believe that yuri will get starter minutes, but also there will be games when he plays like a freshman and having weaver will fill those minutes, i hope jacobs steps up, but at this point he hasnt shown anything to be optimistic about. ford has depth and options the bills havnt had in a very long time
  13. i believe you are right, if jimerson makes shots he will get minutes. his defense will only have to be slightly better than a matador and he will play
  14. sorry i forgot i am not allowed, please forgive me your honor sir
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