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  1. We made it until tuesday before the jimmy bell cant play post hit the board. Is this a record? I wonder when that dead horse will stop being beaten. Ford is going to play him even if mbms think he should sit
  2. Bell wont be guarding wiley for long as he likely will only play about 10 minutes, He just needs to do what he does get a few rebounds defend the paint and a bonus will be if he can draw a foul or two
  3. i became a billiken fan when he was the center, loved those teams. My condolences and prayers for the family
  4. we can hope he draws a few fouls and gets them in some foul trouble early
  5. their mbm's to the west like to say coach ford is a slimy cheat and not a single player on the billikens could play in the sec. so i dont see them poaching travis
  6. I think you will see more of jimerson's game as he gains experience, drives, pull up jumpers and such. when that happens he will get to the line
  7. this is like what spoonball could have been if there had been a big inside presence. i had hope this would be our team preseason and it appears it is starting to come together. lets take down auburn
  8. i am considering attending, does Slu have tickets or do i buy from Sprint center box office?
  9. remember bbf this is about things billiken, best not to even respond to this political stuff. plenty of forums to debate such things. this is not one
  10. you made an excellant choice, i have tried to read the tigerboard as i am a football fan, but found it basically unreadable
  11. Since this board consist of mbm's which am one, i will continue post my opinions while respecting the opinions of others, so i will likely remain on whatever "kick" i choose
  12. cramping was mentioned. Is that symptomatic of mono?
  13. i have already seen a few "get travis ford" posts
  14. i do think many have badgered jimmy bell and i have never said he was a great contributor now, but he will be
  15. I think of some of the big men that wore a slu uniform, tadyshak, melroy butler. sekue. Bell was not a top 100 and nobody said he was , i do not understand the constant badgering of that young man. there have been very few bigs produce as freshman for the billikens
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