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  1. agree, there are some what ifs. what if perkins becomes a big scorer, jimerson, hargraves. i have hope, and yes goodwin and french have to make another step up
  2. I can see picking us at 6, but i drink enough blue kool aid to believe we will have a good season. these recruits are higher level than we have had historically and with goodwin, french and thatch the defencs will be solid.
  3. yanking chains can be fun, glad that it is allowed on this board
  4. I think giving bad posts is kind of fun. i really dont understand these unwritten rules and why some posters are excoriated and others it is just satire and fun. cant wait for the season to start
  5. as was said in another LOK thread, it is satirical
  6. just want to make sure everyone is aware of the "unwritten rules" or tradition or whatever it is called. i think one of the moderators or ex moderators should jump in and set them straight
  7. Should the posting rules be explained again? it would seem that some forgot this should be in the recruit thread.
  8. Didn't coach ford say he was only going to add a difference maker? so maybe........
  9. old guy seems to be the one that threw the insults and talked of putting heads in butts, i will have to study up on the ignore feature
  10. i think the moderator should consider a private message and that would minimize misunderstanding and the thought that it might be a putdown
  11. i thought these message boards were suppose to be fun, i have a plethora of insults at my disposal, but i choose to keep them to myself. it makes for better odds of becoming an old guy. Do you throw insults face to face or just in an anonymous forums?
  12. all i did is say write down these rules so we dont waste time with this useless back and forth banter
  13. Maybe these unwritten rules should be written, then guys that like myself that are slow on the uptake would know and not break these rules. It would make it easier on the rule monitors
  14. An injury or two and you are back to a short bench, if a player is available that can contribute you take him.
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