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  1. harrellson would have signed with slu in a heartbeat, but brad never offered him, showed no interest at all
  2. unfortunately the discussion of non basketball topics continue to emerge, the moderator should not allow this, no matter which poster does it. some posters are allowed a lot of leeway while others are suspended. lets talk hoops
  3. half the teams leave after each round, so only 4-8 teams would be there the last week
  4. the format is so bad it gives me a headache to read. the team to the west is better and the sec is weak this year so they might be ok. They often say the a-10 is so weak they would destroy it. record doesnt show that this year a-10 4-0 iirc against sec.
  5. has to readjust a few times, but rammer touts a sync app, have not tried it
  6. In caveman like fashion i eventually got it synced. There are no announcers that can match rammer and earl
  7. Ruthless defense and definitely hit the over.
  8. i am not smart enough to know what you mean
  9. shot free throws like last years billikens and played the last 3 minutes like a pick up game
  10. Mizzou is definitely better, i am not yet convinced they are top five. the illinois game might prove me wrong.
  11. I find it amusing that on mizzou message boards the SLU vs mizzou comes up often. The fanbase for the most part is delusional about how good they are versus lowly a-10 teams. I do not care if the game gets played, at best they are a middle to bottom of the sec
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