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  1. dennis_w

    2018-19 season

    As suggested, shoot off the square, maybe a two hand set shot. i taught a few guys and we hand them shoot in one motion, not stop and lose rhythm. french gets tied up with his lack of rhythm
  2. dennis_w

    OT: Failed Leadership 2.0

    my observations from working in hospitals for decades, most managers do not understand basic economics and tend to do things the most expensive way, heap govt intervention on top of that and you have a major cluster
  3. dennis_w

    GDT vs Southeast Missouri State

    I agree with roy, redshirting has become for the most part a thing of the past. coach ford will keep recruiting and likely isnt looking for a player that will contribute in year five
  4. dennis_w

    2018-19 season

    Dominate the boards and you get more shots, so the shooting percentage doesnt have to be as high to increase scoring. rebound and defend= wins
  5. dennis_w

    Ingvi on live

    jordan's 3pt percentage was respectable in confernece play, he will be ok
  6. dennis_w

    Ingvi on live

    barentine,tadyshak and ivester were jucos if i remember correctly. so didnt suffer for 4 years with them
  7. dennis_w

    Columbia Post Disgrace

    I rarely drive to st. louis,but the last two times i did i listened to bernie rip matheny incessantly. does he do this every day?
  8. i stand corrected, though his records werent great other than the hughes year
  9. were those spoon's recruits?
  10. spoon didnt recruit much after grawer's guys were gone
  11. It was suggested that it be a perfect time for slu to get into football with the cardinals gone and an unused busch stadium in the fall. packed houses at the arena then scottrade were awesome
  12. If i remember correctly, i saw claggett dunk once.
  13. dennis_w

    Welcome to SLU Dion Wiley

    Always thought upchurch would be the key to matching up against tyrone hill and putting us into the dance
  14. dennis_w

    Welcome to SLU Dion Wiley

    Anyone with knowledge of Gabe Dearmond knows he is a long time SLU hater. I could not tell you what the root of the hate is, but there is no doubt that it exists.
  15. dennis_w

    Welcome to SLU Dion Wiley

    the mizzou board also pointed out that no "good" teams had any interest in TI, so he essentially had to "settle" for a second rate school.