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  1. had one of the all time best assist man in history of ncaa, you use him to handle the ball and pass, likely the scheme will be different without him, but you go to the strength of your players
  2. bbf all the smart posters know ford cant coach, please stop bringing up this stuff, it was just an accident that he wins any games
  3. second .8 of a point out of first, what if the coach knew what he was doing, unstoppable
  4. Does signing with an agent bar him from coming back to college?
  5. i agree roy, he kept proper position, stayed in front of his man, etc. wasnt flashy with the steals, but that is a small part of overall defense, imo he was our best defender
  6. it was the talk pre season how good thames defense was, i hope
  7. if the nil money is enough players can pay their own tuition and save a scholly, i have no idea if that will happen at slu, but i have heard it is being done in places
  8. maybe land that big pf to rebound and defend that could occasionaly play the 5 and go 4 guards sort of french like
  9. SIAP have you heard of any slu interest in davion bradford?
  10. amazing 2 mid major teams in the final four when the net was designed to let as few in the tournament as possible. that is the point of the net to keep out as many as they can, it is obvious that the mid major teams can do well, but fewer even get the opportunity
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