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  1. as an old fogie i agree, fewer kids are playing football and i have not seen a pickup baseball game in decades
  2. i would be willing to make an investment. maybe we could get this going
  3. I would certainly purchase several, I wonder if there is a way we could get an order together?
  4. I think it will be difficult to keep Hargrove off the floor. I hope the Swede grows into the 4 that stretches the floor,
  5. Leaving the scholarship open for a mid season transfer has its merits. Ford obviously makes the call for Russell earning it or not.
  6. Maybe the Swede grows into that 4-5, with a full off season he might be that guy
  7. Trey Phipps looks interesting to me, maybe pistol has some thoughts on him
  8. Is it too late for Has to show up at a pro day somewhere and see how he shows against other football players?
  9. I would not be to quick to write off Jimerson,thatch, jacobs and bell. I am for bringing in the best players you can get, but those four have had their moments, i think jacobs was hit hard by the virus or was injured he had star like moments before covid
  10. he would be the only point guard for sure, watson certainly is not a pg and i do not think any of the incoming class is a pg
  11. mizzou will be very short of guards next year, some on mizzou boards think McKissic could not play at the sec level. if he went to mizzou he would be the best guard on their roster
  12. pinson has not shown he can shoot the ball, do not see CF having interest
  13. i think sekue had a few good "plays" do not remember a good game
  14. The Swede is reported to be a shooter, we can hope that he progresses and becomes another outside threat
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