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  1. we need jp to get back to his old ways and parker to get going, until they do it is the same team as last year with opponents chasing gj. we need someone to make them pay for that. lets go j smooth
  2. so if running the offense thru the best player is poor coaching, who would you have run the offense besides yuri? would you split it up amongst several? or would you let the best passer in the country do it most of the time? i wonder if opposing coaches thought it would be a good idea to neutralize mj so the could beat the bulls?
  3. that sounds like hope not a plan. hope is not a strategy. i hope five mcdonalds aa's come to slu but i need an actual plan if they dont arrive on campus
  4. i wanted a pony for christmas but i got a bicycle. so i bitched about the bicycle instead of riding it. wanting a tournament appearence every year and getting one are not the same thing. hope is not a strategy. the p6 schools make it as difficult as possible for mid majors to get in as they can. that doesnt mean there are not deserving teams that we can enjoy. oh what the heck throw the bicycle away and ***** about the fact we are not riding a pony while being a foot. if ncaa appearances are the only goal , mid major fans are going to be disappointed many times. i will enjoy riding my new bike
  5. ncaa appearances are tough to come by if you are not in the power conferences, mid major coaches shouldnt be judged by that criteria, some of grawer's teams were very good but the one bid league didnt allow him to get into the dance
  6. i have said previously that it takes a juco time to adjust, parker will come around
  7. agree, the mizzou mbm's are predicting ncaa tourney and 9-11 conference wins. i dont see it, but the games have to played
  8. 20 turnovers from wsu was the game, many unforced. wichita had the game won. mizzou will have problems with bigger teams
  9. admittedly i have character flaws and find myself watching mizzou basketball but only in the hopes that they take a horrible loss, forgive my transgressions
  10. i understand, i live near columbia and feel i need to have someone to root against when all around me are saying how good the tigers are, i am no fan of mizzou basketball, go billikens
  11. they actually are fun to watch playing the weakest schedule possible, wichita st. tonight is the best opponent they have so far
  12. mizzou hasnt played a team with a pulse yet, next two weeks will tell if they are real
  13. auburn had quite a lot todo with the lack of three point attempts, they forced the ball to be taken inside and the BILLIKENS MISSED THEIR FREE THROWS. that was the game in its entirety, cant fault game plan or ford or style of play , auburn is an outstanding team and will not lose many games
  14. those missed free throws amounted to five straight turnovers, cant win with that heckuva games, who genuinely believed we would be 4-0 in these games, we hoped, but deep down we know it was unlikely. go bills, lot of season left
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