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  1. no one though blake ahearn would spend a minute in the nba, but he did. players develop nba rosters sometime need a niche player at the end of the bench. likely to happen? maybe not. could it happen, absolutely
  2. would not be surprised,iirc in his recruiting video he shot a few
  3. my understanding is you cant play at all to get a redshirt, as much as i like the idea of a big, a shooter is a greater need
  4. I am hoping that diarra develops into a player,
  5. I have observed a hypnotist do things i never believed could be done, smoking cessation, weight loss and some other behaviors. I think it would be worth a try, for these guys.
  6. the 3 consecutive turnovers during dayton's 3p binge was really the crusher. empty possessions, no time off the clock and the lead blown quickly. players have to make the plays, tough to blame ford for the to's
  7. he completely whiffed on harrelson or he could have had a good big
  8. i think we may see some zone, protect french and bell a bit
  9. before richmond the practice was 2 hours according to my son who was in attendance. dont know if that is the norm
  10. this is where THE LOCOMOTIVE got his name
  11. i revised history? not seeing that, u said he couldnt make it past the 1st media timeout. you were wrong. enough said. i didnt call you out you called me out. i never mentioned your name. give it up man. jimmy bell is not heavy footed troll and never has been
  12. apology accepted, i am not sure everyone remembers it quite the way you do; oh well to each his own
  13. for months MBM'S have been saying what JBJ cant do, and for the most part have been proven wrong. I dont know if he can slow toppin, but as you say "that is why they play the game" THE LOCOMOTIVE
  14. tj is still learning defense and some basketball fundamentals that most learn in high school. he will have his moments this year and be awesome next
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