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  1. correct, with cardinals gone there was a big winter sports gap. some were hoping slu would get into football
  2. grawer said he only wanted local kids he knew would play. didnt want malcontents with local families harassing him ]
  3. Could he be close to a degree thus being a GT? most kids out of chaminade have some college credits, plus two and a half a t duquesne and summer school. he might be very close
  4. wooden's record was pretty ordinary until he suddenly got the best recruits from across the country
  5. i agree, many schools like slu would drop down a division or something to that affect
  6. Maybe there should be "professional schools" and non professional. i have grown tired of the so called blue bloods buying a team every year while the mid majors and such just cant or wont. lets have a separted div. for the pros
  7. i think hankton and jacobs should get incompletes due to injuries. and thatch an a on defense and d on the offensive end i guess that means an overall b. an for ford not sure why he is criticized for x's and O's when he had jimmies and joes who cant shoot
  8. if you cut the turnovers to about ten that game is very close, and with the extra shots you get who knows? the bills went on the winning streak when to's were about 8
  9. Pass first point guards are such a rarity now days that the average fan doesnt realize how much of a positive affect they have on a team. I dont think anyone is saying that yuri is isiah thomas, but that like the aforementioned guards he has the ability to make teammates better
  10. The va tech loss was a combo of turnovers and poor shooting. the first half turnovers put us in too big a hole. to's gave us less shots and them more. i agree with bbf. a true point guard makes a huge difference more shots better shots etc. yuri will play a lot next year
  11. Hope you are right, my coaching experience says otherwise
  12. He has flaws in his ft release, practicing a flawed release won't make it better. Needs to change it altogether
  13. i stand corrected , memory is getting fuzzy
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