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  1. Hargrove needs to add to his game something besides threes and dunks, he doesnt handle the ball well, rebound and his mid range game is lacking. His athleticism is off the charts, his basketball skills are not
  2. no need to worry for awhile, late signees are not unusual, dont panic until late june
  3. i watched pinson a fair amount, he has games when he disappears , others that he looks great. with my unlearned eye i wouldnt want him
  4. i guess i recieved a badge of honor, thanks pistol
  5. pistol makes an accusation and gets called on it, while telling everyone should play nice, who is the troll here?
  6. i worked for many radiology departments, they read all images asap, most are read within in minutes of completion. no reason yuri's wasnt read sounds like bravo sierra to me
  7. At one time the NIT was a top tournament and the NCAA said a member was not allowed to turn down their bid to play in the nit, thus the nit become a 2nd rate tourney, the ncaa could do something similar again \
  8. i would consider some fund for present players, nothing to entice players to come to slu or to lure them back after they left
  9. agree, if yuri is welcomed back do the fans have to come up with huge money to keep perkins and jimerson? how would they feel if yuri gets the dough and they dont? yuri made his decision i personally would not take him back under the circumstances
  10. i would guess there are many that are not liars, to bad you admit to being one
  11. i dont have a problem with yuri getting the money, but i think it was classless the way he went about it.
  12. gates will boot a player if he finds one he wants more.
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