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  1. goodwin had a couple of noticeable hitches in his free throws, i am sure if i could see it so could the coaches, sometimes players just do not listen
  2. The Swede does not get mentioned much in this thread, he has legit size and presumably can shoot. Maybe he is that 3rd "big" stretch four type
  3. The Locomotive is one of my favorites, i hope he dominates in moberly
  4. my understanding you had to declare by july 1st for immediate eligibility, the portal is always open for the sit year type transfer
  5. 6-2 actually and when you point that out to a mizzou fan the subject of sec dominance is immediately changed.
  6. the mizzou fans say it was a courtesy offer and jones is much better, so yes suck it mizzou
  7. I get a headache when i try to read tigerboard, that said join team blue mr turnbull
  8. possibly, but catching a ball with a linebacker bearing down takes some skill and willingness to get hammered, i hope french does well but vastly different than basketball. tebow has quite a bit of experience and knowledge of the game of football
  9. If goodwin and or french come back do not be surprised if someone transfers out. I think you likely want to leave the last schollys open until the roster shakes out
  10. Just putting out what I heard, time will tell if it comes to fruition
  11. I heard a rumor that french and goodwin will be back. source seemed credible.
  12. I met him when i went to the vcu game with my son, very likable young man that i was glad to have met. my prayers to his family
  13. was dobbs a juco? he is one of my all time favorites
  14. Jacobs had star like moments pre covid pause, he didnt have the legs after the pause. I hope he does well. That said I want Nesbitt to have the most minutes he can and develope into a star player
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