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  1. What a great ending! Actually, proud of this team.
  2. Possibly, with this team. I would have no issue with all 18 students rushing the court.
  3. You have a great ability to make me laugh while drinking coffee. Although, my keyboard is always in jeopardy as I almost spit it everywhere. Thanks for the laugh.
  4. Congrats, Pistol!
  5. Horrible news. Prayers to the family.
  6. Fear the Reaper!
  7. This latest clip was better than the last one. Welcome, JJ!
  8. Haha Let them have fun.
  9. I understand
  10. I have no complaint with your thoughts on a message board. I just wanted to know why you think he'd be a good associate head coach?
  11. Not everybody does. Even worse, some believe he is ready for an associate head coach position. Based on what?
  12. Pelphrey would be an outstanding hire for Ford.
  13. It's tough waiting around for all these decisions. We had to wait for what seemed forever to name a new coach and now we got to wait on assistants. I understand that it takes time to do things, but I'm way too impatient for stuff like this.