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  1. We all know your GD13. Say hi to yo' mother for me.
  2. Is that the Leon Box Index of NCAA men's basketball rating?
  3. The Longhorns had Jarrett Allen who was really one of the few highlights last season. He was really good should be top 12 in draft. Shaka learned he needs a PG cause they were mostly terrible. 4 star Matt Coleman on the way. This KU C probably has a lot of options. If we land him it'd be a major coup.
  4. We'll eat up Houston in the Frittata Center.
  5. You know what? I didn't offer you. The jerk store called they're running out of you.
  6. Ok ok ok boytoy and I got a lil more of a logistical challenge on Houston but it just means the party bus ride from ATX aka Heaven with Beer will provide more time for us to "prep" for the game. Once again I got dibs on GD13's mom. Phi Slamma Jamma KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN
  7. Drankin' that Beliken Beer checkin in yet another country I don giv a faaaaaaaq. J Toolman' amirite
  8. I didn't even type out the entire nick name. So get off my back go hang with Leon.
  9. One of our favorite teams is going to our favorite conference. Effective 1 July per Stu D. Seems like a good move, for them.
  10. At no point did I scoff at having an emergency plan. In fact I pointed out that I have a MS in Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness from SLU. I helped plan responses for every state in FEMA region VII. I'm second in command of the regional Chem Bio Radiological Response Team. Enough emergency planning cred? Cause I got more. What I'm stating is that SLU has the resources to do this and rather efficiently. They should do it, they should exercise it, refine and do it again. The process doesn't end. I'm criticizing this long video and some of the content. Here's where I scoff, there were no shots fired. A few people might've seen a guy with a toy gun. I guess that can be scary. Everything is over the top sensitive. Pointing out those that might've experienced previous traumatic events, why? Just odd to me.
  11. Hmmm, I got a MS in BIosecurity and Disaster Preparedness from SLU. An entire class is on disaster communication, this one is too long. If people want to know more besides the basic facts refer them to a website. Also committee? How about have those professors get the grad students to update SLU's plan. There's already an entire class where the project is to review and update a Hospital Emergency Plan (as many of the students are nurses). So sensitive in the end especially to those that have experienced prior traumatic experiences. If you're going to live at SLU there might be a shooting in the area mentally prepare yourself for it. So traumatic to be near a place where there was a report of shots fired. Must've felt like hell on Earth in Marchetti. I myself can't imagine it.
  12. Let's start the rumor that were not paying assistants enough they have to earn extra cash as spin instructors and massage artists on backpage.
  13. I already counted on GD13 cause his mom is bringing him. 05 you're stopping at Winstar Durant OK on the way so no reason to waste time at Ameristar. Final Four going to be awesome.
  14. I'm not quite sure but if I had to give him a rap name DJ Porter Haus is solid. Maybe even MC Porter Haus or House. Works on so many levels cause House music is played by DJs.* *that last part was for Old Guy's edification
  15. We're not staying in SA. Moy Toy and I both have bunk beds at our places in Austin we will then take the party bus down south for the games.