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  1. Burn. Box, grab Leon and do this in the driveway.
  2. I mean, why can't I get on KU's bus if I want to? Stupid elitist bus driver keeping me out.
  3. They're are battling more consistently though this shallow bench will tire as the season goes on. Let's meet GM don't they know it's un PC to be a patriot?
  4. Besides the UDee game they have battled just about every other game. Only 7 saw the floor and really only 6 had significant minutes.
  5. Also the Big XII is tough again this year probably the best basketball conference. IU implosion might be good for a couple recruits in the short term. In the long term maybe it's best they stay mired in mediocrity so it helps SLU.
  6. Boom A10 Victory Run starts now
  7. Damn it big rebound by Crawford on the miss then he is stripped as he doesn't pay attention to who is around him but looks down the court. 57-54 SLU 1:27 left
  8. RA with a quick move! 52-49 SLU
  9. No way you make him shoot 2 instead of a layup no matter how well he shoots. You foul in that situation nearly always.
  10. Moore shoulda' hard fouled Moore on that break away. He didn't even get in front of him is he really that slow?
  11. and another for JJ! Only one keeping SLU in this right now 45-42
  12. JJ 14 PTS with that 3PTR
  13. whoa they executed a give and go RA finishes
  14. Oh I'm listening to him on some Vinyl right now got the LP at Goodwill playing on the record player I got for Christmas. Thatch Jr gonna tear up the A10. Straight outta Sikeston best player from the boothill since that one tool that went to UNC.
  15. Shut your mouth Just talkin' bout Thatch Who's the cat that won't cop out when rolls are thrown all about? Thatch Can you dig it?