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  1. I'm learning that these guys don't care for haters though they realize that they will maintain their stance of hating. All the while these guys demonstrate love. Makes me involuntarily demonstrate my confounded surprise through non verbal means.
  2. Ramey and C Gordon have Texas offers Ramey visiting Texas and Coach Smart this weekend:
  3. Are you sure they aren't llamas? Cause I accidentally wrote Alapacas when I meant Llamas. Also don't you think 05 offered some great insight? Anyone need ACL Second weekend wristband? I'm selling mine, if you're a good SLU fan, you can stay in my apartment too, it's walking distance to the fest. Hit me up.
  4. Great insight 05. Also who listens to Okapis? They are full of sh@t so are Llamas, I f*&KN hate Llamas. Can not be trusted.
  5. Yeah the students they get to provide input to these types of things are a bunch of more celibate 05s with way less tolerance for appletinis. If that's possible
  6. Dr. Pestello isn't the most unattractive thing on campus anymore. Dude is so ugly he had to trick or treat by phone.
  7. Moytoy, Box, neighbor Leon and I considering splitting room at knight's inn.
  8. And that's why I invest in precious metals
  9. T. Hicks, I'm appalled at your suggestion. I request you disavow your previous post. Can we not discuss existentialism here? I learned about it at SLU, the premier Catholic university.
  10. No one is addressing the existential absurdity of being a wannabe ND fan? Ignoring the issue. Pretty Much inexcusable like Heidegger's Nazi support.
  11. I mean this is fun cause I have time during this boring meeting, but if I did this every day.......I'd probably have to read some Albert Camus and really evaluate my existence and it's purpose and continuing. But I went to a good Catholic school and have too much respect for life not some has been football factory filled with tools and wannabes.
  12. No way don't go all Lochte your statement isn't true. Lochte is an a$$, I heard ND immediately offered him a scholarship.
  13. And that is your medical opinion? You heard it Matt N, Old Guy says you're weak man up.
  14. My GroB Oma Korte was a killa* *of chickens on the farm Back to ND their fans are annoying and SLU is superior. I didn't even want to have ND as my safety school. Just a bunch of tool boxes no real friends almost pitiful if they weren't so easily hateable
  15. So we're all in agreement ND fans are a$$holes . Glad we finally found common ground.