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  1. TWU and Tulane are private schools thus their actions aren't controlled by a state legislature. There was no public law school in DFW area. TWU in Ft. Worth and SMU in Dallas. UNT was opening one in Downtown Dallas. UT powers reportedly thwarted aTm efforts to get a law school for years and this occurred under Rick Perry an aTm grad. UT isn't just hosting an Executive MBA in Houston apparently it purchased 322 Acres in Houston. No one really knows why. While interesting what does it mean for SLU? Nothing probably except to destabilize a like conference (American). If SLU wanted back into what is basically Conference USA it might matter. Maybe it takes away a possible BE expansion candidate competitor off the table. BE would be great if it happens. As of now I like A10, it's a solid conference, with like schools and we appear to finally be expanding into recruiting the NE which is natural for our conference.
  2. Hold the phone there's something going on maybe Texas is supporting UH to B12 perhaps tied to a large lane purchase by UT in Houston that UH does not support but would if they got into B12 maybe.....Texas politics
  3. Texas doesn't need the B12 the B12 needs Texas. Yeah there's debate that the Longhorn network led to departures but would any of you turn down $25mil? 2024 is when a Grant of rights expires and I'm not sure if anything will happen prior. A solution not acceptable to UT could send UT to another conference most likely PAC12. OU might be able to tag along but their legislature would probably demand OSU tag along. If I had to pick, I'd go Boise St and Colorado St. FL is tempting but the directional schooltoughs are tough to overcome. Tulane isn't even in the conversation though it's a fun road trip and expand into SEC country which is good.
  4. This isn't expansion this is approving to examine the possibility of expansion. Texas doesn't need expansion and is in the driver's seat with OU. UH adds nothing B12 owns Houston TV market already why would they boost them to being a greater recruiting challenge? UC maybe Memphis maybe USF or UCF bring for recruiting, new tv markets UCONN maybe but way up there BYU maybe None excite me as a Texas grad/fan.
  5. It's proven that throwing and catching rolls helps with your individual skill development.
  6. Hmmm I know a guy from OK he also used couches. Probably saved $ on the couch to supplement his import beer habit. Also $2mil for 628sq ft and it probably doesn't even have one laundry room. Hong Kong residents are suckers. They don't have Eskimo Joes, Sonic or a mediocre football team either.
  7. Says the guy ordering premium import beer while there's $3 tall boys. Didn't you live in Jordan Shipley's house? You have no credibility. Is that couch from Ashley furniture still available? Also is it a sleeper sofa? Asking for a friend.
  8. You mean Baylor videos?
  9. I'm pretty sure Biondi only drinks Pappy Van Winkle. So who's going to buy this thing? Can we have a board 50/50 to raise the funds to buy it? 1 winner gets the $ the other this sweet tanning bed. Sign dude is really pale jus' sayin'.
  10. Off Topic Or maybe that he's getting irritated with the constant barrage of negativity. I still think he might be trolling all of us.
  11. I'm a brunswick stew fan. I did live in Ft. Worth area until about 3 years ago. MoyToy and I took our band "Prison Math" to SXSW and we just stayed. Look for us on upcoming Austin City Limits episodes. We only eat paleo and always separate our recyclables.
  12. The Black family has beef. Terry Black's is not to be confused with Black's BBQ. Same family, signs look the same but apparently they don't get along.
  13. Only if we discuss which bourbon pairs best with which bbq. For Bonwich and the chosen one, my favorite in Austin is La Barbecue as good as Franklin but better sides and shorter line. They will run out so get there early. Franklin is really good and they outlawed paying some one to wait in line for you but it still happens.You can just tail gate while you wait supposedly the line is responsible for 3 marriages. You gotta get there about 6 AM. So I recommend La BBQ. Salt Lick is picturesque and good but it's a drive. Can't wait, can't drive other places out of BBQ? Well get to Terry Black's on Barton Springs Rd. It's good and has the pedigree of Lockhart BBQ. BBQ is great but get breakfast tacos, Tex Mex, Mexican margaritas, and some other great food in town too.
  14. That was terrible. Also, I know you guys think Pappy's is good but it's just that you don't know any better.
  15. Yeah for real. This whole successor in waiting myth is silly. Yes some schools seem to be able to promote the next guy and keep rocking. Xavier comes to mind. Others just go out and hire the next right guy, VCU.