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  1. 2017-2018 Season Prediction thread

    Uh that's my thing. As for Welmer this probably set him back from entering the draft this year. So we probably have him at least another season.
  2. Also just logically his unsourced statistics put assault at about 1/4 why would anyone pay to go to school? Those rates are higher than war torn Sudan. All this as female students out number male students in universities. The great statistic you see is about the huge number of unreported cases. How'd they measure that one?
  3. If the videoing is true this stuff happens, a lot. In 2015, Texas dismissed 2 football players involved in a similar situation and they were later found not guilty but did not return to the team. http://www.hookemplus.com/story/kendall-sanders-found-not-guilty-of-sexual-assault/
  4. OT: FBI Arrests NCAAB Asst. Coaches

    Just me speculating here but these arrests are just the beginning. It's one thing to go down for NCAA sanctions to protect someone it's a whole other thing to go down on a Federal crime for someone. They'll roll. Also it appears there was/is one or more Title III wire taps in this case. You conduct an arrest and listen to see what happens sometimes you'll get the evidence you need for more arrests. Also normally associated with the day you do arrests they normally execute search warrants. Though they've already looked at all the telephone contacts of all these guys and ran their call logs prior to arrest. Going to be real interesting to see how this spider webs.
  5. If the news report is correct (they are often wrong). There are 7 total key interviews. 3 accusers and 4 accused. 3 accusers is a significant difference from our incident in 2010. Those interviews would have likely occurred on the night of the report. It is not a given that just because one goes to the hospital for treatment and what is likely a rape kit that the police are called. It is a persons right whether or not to report. 1 individual may have reported or any combination of the 3. When conducting interviews key witnesses should be separated prior and during. Witnesses can contaminate one another's statements if left together. The accused were most likely interviewed the same night or the next day. If they made a statement at all. I'd recommend getting a lawyer before committing to any interview custodial or not. If there is a totality of the evidence to suggest that the accused committed rape the police can get a search warrant for the accused DNA. That would probably take about one more day. DNA tests to match the forensic evidence would take a while for the results. Those saying this is all "he said" "she said" are a bit off. There's 7 witnesses possibly more, witnesses at the bar, apartment, on campus etc. There's cameras everywhere these days, on each person, on street lamps, security cameras. There's cell data, snaps, FB posts, instagram etc all kinds of possible evidence of possible consent or no. Lots of possible data that could exonerate or condemn. Hard to say when one would expect an arrest. SLU can't be Baylor which acted in a detestable way that was dangerous to their own students. I hope they get to the truth and react accordingly. Really bad situation to be in, again.
  6. Rhode Island flat tire

    I heard that GD13 was involved in an incident with Mall Security and his mom was arrested for failing to signal after driving home from my place.
  7. 2018 U.S. News Rankings

    That's a good point. Many universities are expanding their technology commercialization/licensing to feed entrepreneurship.
  8. Stop being a punk. These Boone County Puntos can't win a Battle of wits. They never won a damn thing. Even if they could Poach our recruit they're one protest, arrest, atv crash, or other scandal away from slipping further into mediocrity. SPUMAC gonna SPUMAC
  9. SLU Soccer 2017

    Couple things I like in this thread: The random Iranian retweet I can get a free bowl for my ***** at the Soccer game Wait I can't type B&tch? She really would like the bowl.
  10. Recruiting - 2018 class

    That's a weird list. Different types of schools, conferences, geography, and demographics. Maybe dudes never been to Wyoming and he wants to check it out. Flying Dutchmen are pretty close to home as is SHU. PS Flying Dutchmen is an unofficial mascot the schools official mascot is "The Pride". Made official in 2004 it features 2 lions named after the school's founders. Lame, Flying Dutchmen is much better. PPS Pretty sure Coach T. Ford will wrap him up on 9/10 and this guy's just going on a sight seeing trip.
  11. SLU Soccer 2017

    I don't think it's a fairly good job. SLU chokes in the tourney, if they get there. Can we get Bob Warming back? Last SLU Final 4 Appearance was when I was a student 1997 under Warming. At this point I'd take Dan Donigan back.
  12. Welcome to SLU Jack Raboin!

    Mattoon that's by EIU, Tony Romo's alma mater and near the "Bagel Capital of the World" where they make the Lender's Bagels.
  13. Good places to eat before soccer games?

    Big Red Snapper
  14. Good places to eat before soccer games?

    Now that Del Taco is closed, I'd just bring PBJ sammiches.