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GDT Obi Floppin and the Boyz

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Those knocking Jimmy Bell will be kissing his arse by the time he leaves SLU. This is a kid who was the 3rd string C on his prep squad for cripes sake. The kid mad a commitment to shed 70lbs thru hard

Likely our last chance at a at large bid, roll bills 

Jimerson with 13 to give slu the win at #11 Dayton, improving the Billikens to 20-3             smh 

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Weathered the first 4 minutes down 2 and free throws coming.

I think it is real early to call blowout we need to give the team a chance they are like a box of chocolates you never know how they will play.

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Rebounds young men if you want to win everything else is pretty good down 2.

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1 minute ago, billikenfan05 said:

Obi is getting away with everything you’d expect a POY to get away with 

The Bills have had guys who could be POY if they could get away with breaking the rules.

Heck, Jett was so tough, he didn't even need to get away with anything.

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I don't think we'll continue hitting 3s like we have but we can certainly stop giving up offensive rebounds.   If we didn't give up OReb we'd be in the lead

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