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  1. I cant wait seeing yuri flying on a carpet or sitting on top of the arch at 2 in the morning
  2. What's the future for that swedish kid?
  3. I can maybe see porter next step at northwestern....
  4. Slu should be the buzz killingtons instead of the billikens
  5. He was my first thought quinn snyder was my second
  6. Remember when pics of coaches and attractive college coeds was a thing
  7. Think they will be motivated to perform in not? I have heard team underperform since they are so disappointed they did not make ncaa
  8. When is the not selection show. Ha!
  9. Really worried about this game. Prove me wrong billikens!
  10. Tell me about this alternate option. If a 1 seed gets covid. Does reseeding occur?
  11. Maybe they need a banner that list greatest billikens ever. 1 banner with all names. After all there is one that acknowledges the nit appearances. You have the ncaas then you got the nits....
  12. How does french matchup look in this game? He almost seemed to score at will against vcu
  13. Keeping close but worried we may not be able keep with them in 2nd
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