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  1. Duquesne is in as the “tourney winner” since they have the best record in the conference. Seeing as they are below the last at-large teams on lunardi’s bracket, he doesn’t have them as an at-large team currently.
  2. yea i wasn’t talking about the last play...that was a good shot. no qualms here. i was talking about the 4 minute stretch where they hit 6 uncontested 3s in a row
  3. I think that’s unfair of Ford (and i’ve been hard on him last night) He’s turned a bottom tier A10 team (at the end of crews tenure) into a top 4 or 5 team in 3 years. Won the A10 tourney last year (!!) Has wins over Dayton last year (x2), Davidson last year, VA tech in New York, Seton Hall last year, and i’m sure way more. Sure we haven’t beaten a Top 25 team yet, but we’re clearly a better team and program now than 3 years ago. We will beat a Top 25 team either this year or next year...I’m almost positive of it.
  4. FWIW, Lunardi currently has VCU as “first four out” and SLU, Richmond and Rhode Island as “also considered”. We’re still just on the other side of the bubble. The fact that we played Dayton so close and it was such a good game on national television is all good for our at large chances.
  5. Me thinking Ford is a good coach and wanting him to stay with the program while also thinking he could’ve done a better job in the last 7 minutes of the game is ridiculous? Haha ok good point! I’ve vented enough. Ford still has my confidence just frustrated me with a few of his decisions last night. Still believe this team can be top 3 in conference and be in the discussion for at - large. The team played hard last night and Yuri is coming into his own.
  6. No i love Ford and he’s done a great job with this program and want to keep him around for a long time. Doesn’t mean i can’t think he dropped the ball in the 2nd half.
  7. 1/250 calculated above doesn’t check out. 1. a 40% 3pt shooter for the season is much better when it’s an uncontested 3. 2. if a shooter has just made 4 3s in a row, he’s still going to make the next one 40% of the time. I’m just saying Ford could’ve easily adjusted after say the 3rd 3. The whole arena knew they were getting hot.
  8. It’s pretty safe to assume Ford wanted us (or atleast was OK with us) sagging off the 3 pt shooters as we were doing it most of the game and he wasn’t screaming at players or taking them out. It’s much more likely than the players just doing the opposite of what Ford wanted and him just standing quietly watching it. He took a gamble and let them get open looks and they hit shots.
  9. Ford can only call a timeout during live action in last 2 minutes of 2nd half or OT. Someone, French or another player, should’ve called it for sure though.
  10. Well we both agreed Ford made a mistake by leaving Bell in too long during the 2nd half run by Dayton. So you think my point isn’t misguided. So agreed on that.
  11. “but you’re wrong” compelling point haha but thank you for agreeing Ford leaving Bell in was a mistake. Good point. spoken like someone who is not MAD and has sound points
  12. Um yes. So you think all of the players were doing the opposite of what Ford wanted them to do? He wasn’t on the sideline screaming at them. Ford isn’t one to sit quietly if the players aren’t listening. There were no changes after the time out.
  13. The obsession with not trashing Ford when he clearly fell asleep behind the wheel for the end of regulation is hilarious. Ford had Bell guarding wings in crunch time. That’s beyond idiotic especially when we aren’t even going to him on the offensive end for a mismatch. By this logic, ford will never be to blame because we are always going to be a bad FT shooting team with JG and HF on the team. In my defense, i’ve never blamed a loss on Ford (started posting this year). Can’t speak for the others though.
  14. We also were up 13 with 7 minutes remaining on the 13th beat team in the country and allowed them to take uncontested 3 after uncontested 3 to get back in the game That’s what people who are mad at ford are mad about. Not adjusting until we were down.
  15. French and Goodwin are bad Free throw shooters. They are about 2/3rd of the way done with their college careers. We can’t expect anything else from them. You can complain about it all you want, but we’re gonna be terrible at FT shooting this year and next. We can expect coach ford to make a change after maybe the 5th straight wide open 3 for Dayton.
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