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  1. Out of reactions but Troll posts to pretty much everything Billiken Roy has said the last 24 hours. Haha god old people are hilarious.
  2. Off topic: I've looked for highlights of that Louisville game. Does any know where you can see some? I know the game was highlighted on sportscenter the next day
  3. To be absolutely clear, most “mainstream media” was responsibly reporting on the severity of the coronavirus long before Carlson did. He was early by Fox News standards, but he isn’t breaking any ground journalistically. CNN, NYT, Wash Po, NPR, Politico have all been reporting on it since January. If we’re giving out credit to reporters for just not being wildly irresponsible and dangerous to the country, the list will get quite long.
  4. Myles powell is a PG? MP is a shooting guard/off ball guard. Quincy Mcknight plays about 31 MPG as their point guard. Powell averages less than 1 assist more per game than Toppin. Obviously Toppin hasn't played as much consistent talent as powell but let's see his #s vs decent Power conference teams: Toppin vs Kansas 6/11 from field for 18 points 9 reb 3 blks vs Va Tech 10/14 from field for 24 pts 8 reb vs Georgia 9/11 from field for 25 pts 4 reb Powell has 1 (!) game all year where he shot better than 50% from the field (St. Johns) and 1 game since November where he was super hot from 3 (Greater than 40%...also the St. Johns game) In reality, Powell just wasn't a very efficient shooter this year. So if by deadly you guys mean has the best chance at killing your hope for a top 2 seed in the NCAA tournament then I agree...Powell is a more deadly player.
  5. Yes you can can compare it’s very easy. 39% vs 30%. hahah you just don’t want to compare because it hurts your case for powell
  6. If i’m down 2 with a chance to win with a 3 i’m taking toppin and pretty much guaranteeing OT as would any good coach
  7. Agreed but how is Powell more deadly than Toppin? It's not his shooting. It's not his scoring. It's not his athleticism. It's not his defense. How is he more "deadly"?
  8. well, OBI is the right choice. It's why Obi will be POY (or Garza with Obi 2nd) and it's why Obi will be drafted much earlier than Powell Powell is really good but he's a volume scorer and his team still had some big wins without him.
  9. Yes agreed this normally isn't wise but when the guard shot about 9% worse from 3 on the season (granted more attempts), that seems important We are not discussing any point guards
  10. Please elaborate as to how Powell is more deadly than Toppin haha. In my opinion, shooting is a large part of it hahah Toppin is a better shooter, rebounder, defender, more athletic, better in transition, the key piece of arguably the best offense in the country, and the list goes on
  11. FG/2pt/3pt/FT% Powell: 40/50/31/80 Toppin: 63/70/39/70
  12. Toppin was way more impressive vs us than Powell. SLU wasn't anywhere near ready for the Seton Hall game and Powell was 6/18 from the floor. Plus Seton Hall was still good when Powell was out for a couple games. Give me Toppin over Powell everyday
  13. Agree with your entire post and especially with the bold. Our defensive discipline was improving by the game and will be such an asset for our team next year.
  14. We’ll have to defend our A10 tourney title for another year.
  15. I don’t watch TV to get my news because I’m not over the age of 70. False equivalence alert
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