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  1. Who do you take in a close game? Hightower or Peyton Jacks? Peyton Jacks for me. Moxie coming out his fuoking ears.
  2. Non sequitur. NIT means season over. No learning opportunities. No teachable moments. Failure. Losing. Just win, baby. Anyone in that locker room who wants to hear anything about the NIT needs to clean out their locker.
  3. Season over if other A-10 coaches watch this tape. Exposed.
  4. Ford not coaching. Riding these guys like dogs, won't call a timeout. Fight me on that.
  5. Not in the cards, boys. Grady might as well pull our funeral shovel out of that 6 foot deep a$$hole of his.
  6. Need Yuri to shoot that 3. Weaver will do it, though. No worries there. HATE. And I'm sorry, how do we not keep these guys off the glass? Annnnd, Asian guy gets the rebound and the foul, and they mention that he's making his parents proud. Hilarious. "YOU DOCTA YET!?"
  7. Love the ball movement, even with the miss. Too much all-around talent for hero ball on this team. Davidson can shoot it, them's the breaks.
  8. Fantastic board and putback by Goodwin. That play was exactly what I was asking for after the Dayton game. Perkins tries to make something happen, doesn't have it, dishes to Weaver for a decent look from 3, Goodwin cleans up the garbage. All three touches play to all three players' strengths.
  9. Cry me a river, dickfaces. You need a lolly, puss puss? Jump ball.
  10. Maybe it's Perkins' length, but I swear he always gets a clean look at the basket in close. French always seems like he's fighting through a typhoon to see the rim.
  11. Love Goodwin, but players stand when he has the ball and dribbles too much. Doesn't happen when Yuri has the point.
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