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  1. Send towels. And aloe. I'm DRRRRRRYYYYYY!!!
  2. This. I don't want bros that will run from a challenge. Level up, buttercup. Thatchiepoo will set expectations from the get-go when some freshman tries to get in HIS lane and doesn't respect his Greek underground gay porn hard body. Shaft will be fine. But he do be needing that jumper.
  3. Westy doesn't want this unless they fix the glitch on the last NCAA March Madness game, because I could be 5 feet behind him on breakaways and teleport in front of his guy and take the charge 100% of the time. I just couldn't help it. Like if you could walk up to a soda machine and just hit a button and get a free soda every time, you would, even if you didn't want one. One time I bought a soda in the John Cook School of Situation 1 and it unloaded the whole rack, so I just loaded up my backpack and arms with all the free sodie popz and went back to my room and then I was so tired that I skipped the class I was there for and took a nap. Woke up to my girlfriend blowing me. After that I put on Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica and just spaced out for an hour. After that went and ate a metric fuokton of ice cream at Gries. I probably drank enough to black out after that. Hard to say. If I could play an up to date NCAA men's basketball video game, I would. And I would take the Billies to the 'ship urrrrrry time.
  4. Yeah, and there's also free popcorn from the guy behind you if he's not paying attention to his popcorn. I had a lot.
  5. Don't work on sh!t. You'll be dead soon, lines are for suckers.
  6. VT showed up fueled by meth monry with fat cheerleaders. We got em. Billliez. I stand by my earlier statement.
  7. I'm not seeing a lot of skill from these buttholes. Just size and diokheadedness. VA TECH = OVERRATED. GO BILLS!!!!
  8. Yessirrrr, though I'm looking into skipping up the block closer to the arena at the Marriott for Sat night if there's vacancy. Looks swanky, and closer to business.
  9. Welmer keeps splashin em from the wing and no one will give him his change. It's killing me. Ageism at it's finest. Fun to see the guys in their element. Hasahn with 2 inches would be in the NBA already.
  10. had marquette going to the final four. wahahahahaha. couldn't care less, happy for the little guys like murray state.
  11. trough trolls spotted at 4:30. fuokin' eh. i used to encounter trough trolls at the cro home...
  12. No team EARNED THEIR WAY here more than you. You paid the iron price. Action must be taken- we don't need the key, we'll break in! You guys are the face of SLU. You are Team Blue. Make us proud. 4 games in 4 days. Gotdamn CHECK. 2 games in 3 days, no problem. To win: Defend and Rebound. LETTT'S GOOOOOO!!!!
  13. Anybody have tickets yet for today's session? Section? Trying to figure out where to nab seats once I get there to be with the most bros.
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