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  1. Say the names of the players. We're all adults here. Which. Guys. Are pu$$ies?
  2. Yes, by one consenting person, with contract in hand, no phones and no spectators.
  3. Said this to the wife about this time in the game last night. Can obviously shoot it, but not just a 3 point bomber. Being a good size (actual NBA 2 guard size) and playing pretty good defense in his fifth game as a freshman, I see the NBA in his future as well. Great last name, too. Absolutely best in class.
  4. Guarding the hooter. Hate bras. Unnecessary outside of sports.
  5. Just saw wiz's breakdown of same stats. Don't care. Needs own thread. YURIMANIA
  6. In another thread, @brianstl said Yuri could lead the conference in assists if he works on his jumpshot. I started to correct him and then decided it needs its own thread. You mean lead the NATION in assists, right? He's currently 5TH. http://m.espn.com/ncb/leagueleaders?groupId=50&season=2020&seasonType=2&statgroup=assists&category=avgAssists Also, all those other above him are playing 35ish minutes per game, compared to Yuri's 26. Assists per minute, he beats them all. Hate to break it to you, but Yuri Collins is currently the best passer in the country, right now, as a freshman. YURIMANIA. Catch it.
  7. It'll be crazy when he has to normie his name to something like Jeff Smuckers to do porn. Something tells me he won't bother, though.
  8. GOTDAMN. I get so hot and wet watching clips of that team. Towel me, I guess.
  9. If Danny Brown ain't get his scooter back, then Dwayne Evans ain't get his scooter back. Simple as that.
  10. Guys. I think I'm getting Yurimania a little bit. No reason, I just feel a little funny when I think about him. Like a little crazy. Like maybe I've got Yurimania...
  11. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. told my wife he air balled his first ever shot. She said "oh no, oh well, I guess." "Then he hit 5 of his next 6. He real." "Niiiiiiiiiiice."
  12. Has a bit of smushface, a la Rihanna. Some call it a fierce look, not my cup of tea. Would still pay for her meal at red lobster, though.
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