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  1. Looks like my direct tv stream has accn so what it sounds like I need to log into that through espn to watch it
  2. I agree. This is confusing. My espn+ is showing it's on at 6. Does this mean I can watch it if I have espn+
  3. I think you are right. I read reed and jones are fighting over how to spend.
  4. If this settles, Kroenke won. He will laugh at st louis while the politicians make fools of themselves over how to spend the money.
  5. Asking without looking. Is this game on espn+
  6. That dayton loss is an old school crews kind of loss
  7. Lots of work needed. Including the streaming
  8. Go billikens! Kenny powers is a sideline judge although he has blonde hair
  9. Very embarrassing. I am embarrassed to tell any one
  10. Anyone think stuen is going to get a banner in the rafters? At the exhibition games there was a rolled banner next majerus'.
  11. Keys to game. Alley hoops, dunks, nobody gets hurt
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