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GDT Obi Floppin and the Boyz

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19 minutes ago, billiken_roy said:

Its always been my belief rebounding is mainly effiort and positioning.   There is a reason Goodwin is a world class rebounder and tyoically 6 inches shorter then everyone under the basket.   Obi needs to see the light and want to rebound.  

Can't teach desire.  Obi sucks.  Obirated.

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Those knocking Jimmy Bell will be kissing his arse by the time he leaves SLU. This is a kid who was the 3rd string C on his prep squad for cripes sake. The kid mad a commitment to shed 70lbs thru hard

Likely our last chance at a at large bid, roll bills 

Jimerson with 13 to give slu the win at #11 Dayton, improving the Billikens to 20-3             smh 

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Obi is easily 1st-team All-American this year and deserves every accolade. Dayton plays beautiful offense and you almost never see a Flyer force a shot. It will be interesting, maybe tonight, maybe in the A-10, but certainly in the NCAAs, when Dayton is down 12 in the 2nd half, or down 6 with 4 minutes to play, whether Obi tries to take over, and what that looks like. He's only averaging 12.6 shots/game. That's not a lot for a lottery pick. 

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1 hour ago, Crewsorlose said:

The guy I see slipping is Cole Anthony. He's not big, not a great shooter, and not an amazing athlete. I can't see him as a starting PG on a decent NBA team.

Cole Anthony is a G, dude is so good. I watched a video of him last year (hs) in a pickup game with big time nba players, was just as good as any of them as far as pick up pace goes 

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On 2/10/2020 at 9:56 AM, wgstl said:

Jimmy was great, but I think the frustrating you hear from people regarding Bell is because Bell seems to struggle with easy put backs.  


Also I thought Jacobs played well, very active. 

Bigs do this.  (Conklin first two years) give Mr Bell some time, let him practice reputations over the summer,  he will be fine.  He just needs reps!

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On 2/10/2020 at 2:35 PM, Pistol said:

-The officiating from where we sat looked really bad, especially in the first half ( @TheChosenOne was with me, rewatched the game last night, and confirmed). The one that got us the most was the tripping foul called on French before a media timeout that somehow turned into free throws coming out of the break. Of course Crutcher hit both. I don't need to rehash others, just underlining the fact that the calls were bad even from the nosebleeds and that Toppin indeed seems like a protected player (he has four fouls in the past five games! Some of this is just the way he plays because he doesn't like contact at either end, but come on.). The A10 might be able to get a 1-seed this season. I'm not a conspiracy minded person at all but the incentives are all pretty obvious here.

The other one that really stood out (and I am not sure which half this was because I have gotten up to about the final 6 minutes of the game) was a foul called on Yuri where he was clipped on a screen and fell down and he was called for the foul. I remember us being baffled at the game, but thinking we must have missed something and on tv it was just as confusing. It has been interesting watching the recording of the game because seemingly every call we questioned and didn't look right from where we were sitting in the crows nest were just as questionable on tv, we just did not get the benefit of the whistle at all.

One thing that I noticed watching the game was how much louder the game sounded on tv than I remembered it. Maybe sitting way up there in the ceiling you don't get the full noise from the crowd? I thought the stadium was nice, but it is certainly no Chaifetz.

Also, it continues to amaze me how we miss shots at the rim that almost look impossible for a college basketball player to miss. I assume based on %s that is going to continue, but man it would be nice if we just finished the two foot putts.

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