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  1. If I wasn’t Metz club i would good post ya
  2. All in next year is great but I wish we have some upperclassmen with more experience in 2021 with scoring ability other than possibly Hargrove.
  3. Glad Ford is cleaning up everything he can. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a transfer to sit and come in to replace Goodwin and French
  4. Called it. Wish him the best. SLU wasn’t the pick for him. Decent shooter and defense could do fine at a smaller school
  5. I would rather a scholarship be taken by a guy sitting one than someone who would make us suffer on the court
  6. That’s the most random school list I could see
  7. Jgood is staying. Also any word on potential extra year of eligibility for everyone?
  8. Ooo good point. Ending the season benched for some reason wouldn’t be making him end on a good note
  9. I have nothing against him at all. I just won’t be surprised if he leaves to chase playing time somewhere else. I just don’t see a spot for him next year and I’m sure he does too. Would be a great spot for a sit one play 2 transfer
  10. What’s the future for KC Hankton? There is a possibility Mandi gets some pt next year but doubtful. KC may look to transfer and I wouldn’t be surprised.
  11. We got picked like 64th out of 68th. Don’t know how Richmond was so much higher than us
  12. Jacobs out is the best thing to happen to us. More pt for Hargrove who is at about 70% potential right now up from maybe 40% early on. Perkins might get a 30-40 point game like Isabel last year and Weaver, if he plays like it’s his last college games, can be an X factor
  13. Yuri as rookie. I’m anticipating Jgood getting 2nd team and French 2nd. Perkins can get 6th man. It’s all how too heavy they make Dayton honestly
  14. Double by will allow us to bully every team physically even more than we already do. When the most athletic team in the A10 is fresh, other teams watch out
  15. I love Goodwin, he also takes most of our shots though.
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