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  1. It’s a fact. This board can’t comprehend this team was a fraud. No team we beat in our “great preseason” turned to be true winners. All frauds
  2. This board will make every excuse imaginable for Ford
  3. Last year we were going to be in the tournament if it wasn’t for covid
  4. Gibson just needs to be more than a 3 point shooter. I feel like all playmaking had him cherry pick outside the three line but he’s big enough to be a threat all over
  5. Damn that Santos, henriquez, Bess , Goodwin and French lineup would have been legendary
  6. Ford is going to go all out and over recruit. This is his make or break year. Make the tourney or bust. No more excuses. Ford did make the tournament 2 times in my view which isn’t horrible. We have sweet sixteen potential
  7. Jacobs leaving opening a spot for Mckissic?
  8. We are guard heavy so I don’t see a big issue. If Goodwin comes back I would worry about another transfer for PT sake. I really wanna see Hargrove and Strickland tear it up
  9. Bump because it’s not a stupid boring thread title
  10. Congrats on French doing well at least. I was wrong
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