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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/college/virginia-tech/Article/The-Latest-Mike-Young-comments-on-Kerry-Blackshear-situation-132181643/Amp/ zero update on Blackshear but he is most likely not going to stay in the draft. Ford could maybe get him to commit, ensuring him that it would mean substantial minutes compared to a blue blood to get him ready for the NBA. He would be our next Bess. And I don’t think anyone here would argue he would get a majority of minutes
  2. What are the chances Phil Forte takes a spot as an assistant coach? Ford started young too
  3. Am I out of the loop? When did Macon leave? Is this bad?
  4. With Memphis getting the last 5* recruit today they pretty much have the strongest recruiting class in history. 7 top 100 players and one of the best grad transfers that was on the market. It is completely acceptable to be interested in how that plays out next year. I do believe they can perform far better than Duke’s team with Zion last year. Props to Penny for his rebuilding. Hopefully we can get a home and away with them set up with them being fairly local
  5. Truth hurts but I think this board has too big of expectations
  6. Can someone explain to me how Jimmerson played on a high profile team and is regarded as a top 5 shooter in 2019 but gets no attention in the ranking system?
  7. I hate these class rankings. Outside the top 20 it ends up being useless. No way umass beats us
  8. Lol you can be a SLU fanatic and appreciate other teams and players. That’s like saying you couldn’t follow Zion last year. You mbms and your gatekeeping shows how insecure you are
  9. I have a confession I will be still watching SLU basketball just as much as I have in the past, but damnit if it aint true I will be keeping an eye on Memphis this year. Can we just talk about that rebound class? I think they could rival Duke for best Freshmen class. Will be interesting to see if they fail to meet expectations like Zion's class or make it deep in the tourney
  10. You're not wrong, but I guess we are saying he looks out of place among his peers, and his Playing Time competition. Basically it doesn't give us a good feeling he will be in the rotation with Perkins coming in and Hargrove
  11. He’s saying he looks like he hasn’t been lifting
  12. Jacobs has a high ceiling. I guarantee if he was 100 % healthy early on, and we had Isabels role figured out earlier, Jacobs would have gotten more minutes early on to build up his comfort on the court at the higher level, and would have seen drastic minutes increased later on. I don’t think Ford put him in since he was a turnover machine, but it seemed it was due to nerves, same as Thor’s Hail Mary, trying to do too much to prove you aren’t a bench player.
  13. Too many freshmen getting drafted besides the few exceptions. So many get drafted based on potential, then go to G league and disappear overseas. There shouldn’t be doubts that Bess can perform at the NBA level. His defense is top and excels inside the arc. NBA team 3 point percentages are weak so it shouldn’t be as huge a factor for him
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