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  1. Obviously your attention wasnt focused on the game. Its okay, we won despite your negative energy
  2. Austin mcbroom is a rapist, and he legitimately hosts basketball games so that title is beyond confusing
  3. Should be a good game today Hope to see Strickland in the house and TJ get some solid minutes. This is streaming on ESPN+ right?
  4. Bad day? It’s ok Billikens basketball is on tonight
  5. Just imagine if we had Mike Lewis... we would truly be a deep team
  6. We beat Seton Hall we will be ranked and I hope Ford can get a commit right after I will put money down we will get a player not currently on our radar (Billikens.com radar)
  7. Also whoever said Travis Ford is old school is making crap up. Majerus was old school. If you would compare Ford and RM would be in two different sides of an old vs new school diagram. obvIously both great just different styles.
  8. We are doing well with 4 guards. If Bell can score he will be a threat but I see no reason to have Bell on the court with French, taking away from our many guards
  9. All I’m saying is high minutes translates to higher stats no matter what. I think Tj’s ceiling is higher than Jacobs but that’s my opinion. Proud of Jacobs the other night but 34 min for him and 38 for Goodwin is unnecessary. They just tire out and tired players get injured more. We substituted much better the other game and we produced a lot better because of it.
  10. It’s a long season and we don’t need to play Goodwin 38 min or Jacobs 34 min with our deep bench. We need to get guys like TJ comfortable on the court in case heaven forbid someone gets injured against a team like Seton Hall next week
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