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  1. This thread is literally only blue balling you when you get your hopes up. Wasn’t Isabel a late transfer? We have plenty of time, stop getting your hopes up because you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment
  2. I think we can have some amazing surprises in the offseason in the form of GT
  3. Now that the seratonin levels are lowering, we can be realistic. If we did not do the seemingly impossible, people would absolutely be questioning Ford. If there was a stretch of 4 games we would win, Richmond, Dayton, Davidson and St Bonnie’s would never ever be the 4 we would guess after losing to all this season. The fact is, we did the impossible and all credit goes to Ford. However now in hindsight, we said fatigue was the issue all season, but now that seems to be a dead argument. We did still finish 6th in a 2 bud conference. For now Ford has my complete backing. Next year is still the gold standard to judge Ford. Can he 1. Keep a full roster all season (minus injuries) 2. work on deficiencies ( we cannot afford to be the worst ft team in the NCAA ) 3. Continue success ( at large bid next year and higher than 13 seed) If those 3 happen he should get a 5 year extension after next years season. This isn’t a knock on Ford, just a knock on people wanting to extend a contract after a ncaa bid
  4. I will admit that is the only game I missed this tournament. I would really like to see footage of the 2nd half especially if it is available
  5. Is Missouri’s basketball billboard up in Stl still? We need more billboards with the pic of SLU storming the court after the win and say “Missouri’s best Basketball team” or something like that near recruits schools
  6. I know it was posted elsewhere but since then are there more A10 champs gear like the flag somewhere that we got in 2014
  7. If the rumors about Jacobs are true I’m sure he is regretting even thinking about leaving. If he was, making the tourney is a good way to keep players
  8. Imo, Florida st is close to on par with Va tech but much more physical. If French and Isabel have amazing games we can win. We need Izzy to put up his 30ppg mode
  9. Exactly. If you look at Thatch, he is a star stuffer but did not put up his hs numbers which I didn’t expect from him. If Gibson can emulate Thor’s brother than he will be fine. I do not expect Yuri to put up his 30 ppg either. Let alone even 10
  10. I can agree but with that logic why not take a guy who sits 1 year then plays 2 or 3?
  11. CG is still on my mind because we would have an almost autobid if we didn’t lose 10 games in the A10. CG helped us early on. If he didn’t bring the team down, it would be a different story. He almost cost Bess, Isabel and Ford out on another tourney. I never knew Tremaine never went. That’s what irks me. It affected the entire team and some people’s careers and college experience. This is the hot take but Ford’s seat would have been getting warm if we didn’t have a miracle in Brooklyn, which I credit to him immensely. But we were one Hail Mary shot away from not making the Tourney. We still finished 6th in a 2 bid conference. We were banking on an autobid with CG
  12. I’d take 0 Rasheed Anthony’s. Holy crap thank god no one here makes decisions for SLU. I would rather roll the dice on guys who averaged solid 3 point and ppg like Isabel any day, even before he turned up in the back half of the season
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