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  1. What sucks is after 5 years without being top 25 we may possibly spend 3 weeks ranked and then play unranked when we finally play next week (fingers crossed)
  2. I suspect a transfer or two next year with the pt being a major factor. Goodwin, French and Perkins could all stay another year if they aren’t ready for the big leagues. Not sure they want to do that but it is a possibility. Okoro coming in next year is a game changer. I honestly don’t see room for Bell on next years roster and even Our current bench. if the seniors do leave, Okoro and thatch have guaranteed starting roles with possibly Martin
  3. There’s like 5 types of bias we have rn lol. Ford would surprise me if he wants to start from the bottom when he finally has the program where he wants it
  4. We haven’t won a ncaa tournament game and yet people think he might take over one of the biggest post season winners at UK. Calm down. Fords done well but we haven’t cracked top 25 yet once. We might think highly of him but he doesn’t have the resume for a blue blood or power 5 so relax.
  5. Damn if we could play one big 10 team this year that would be amazing. SLU vs Wisconsin would be very aesthetically pleasing
  6. This announcer with the mask is gonna bug me all game
  7. Also another big like linneson is the game changer for us. He can subtly put up double digits and take French away from foul trouble without sloppy play from Bell who still needs time.... the what if’s for Gordon will bug me for some time
  8. rankings shouldn’t exist until game 8 imo gives a false sense of good wins before teams even have a resume to determine who was over or underrated. we may be top though. I wouldn’t discount it. There seems to be huge conference bias in the rankings for big 10, SEC and ACC where teams are highly overanked. 21 turnovers would cost us against a healthy team. Not discounting the win but NC state is without 2 of their top 6 and had a small bench which we clearly capitalized on. A win against Minnesota however will solidify us
  9. Draw fouls, put them in foul trouble and watch how soon they let us run to the basket
  10. The fact that the shunned players of the Jett era, McBroom and Grandy end up being the most successful is beyond annoying
  11. Empty stands could mean better ft across the ncaa
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