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  1. I make a good post and yet people still but a bad post. Get over yourselves. It’s also 2020 and I can’t buy a billiken Jersey. Every excuse is BS
  2. Billiken is big in Alaska for some reason. Had some people come up to me with a billiken shirt on and asked if I was from there. Makes sense for Seattle. also they were able to mass produce jerseys for a student section that were great but couldn’t make more and make $$$ off them? Gross incompetence
  3. The death rate for this disease in the college aged kids is near zero. Average death for this is higher than national average. 84 to 83. Sports should absolutely go on. This country should go on. If you have conditions that make you part of the 1% who can be severely affected by this disease, stay home.
  4. With schools having massive budget problems coming up, I wouldn’t be surprised if bottom feeder schools drop some athletics
  5. This is dumb af. If you think you submit a 4.0 to Harvard without a 33+ act score or sat equivalent and get in, you’re wrong. Also this screws over students with the national average of 0.0-4.0 scale. Don’t some Chicago schools go up to 6.0 or some bs if it’s an honors or ap course?
  6. There is a Netflix special doc coming out this week on how the media impacts a lot of court decisions. The HBO doc put proof to those allegations worldwide
  7. They won’t get drafted but might go to the G league. Go the Javon Bess route
  8. I heard Okoro wanted his number..... Also scholarships are year to year and Ford won’t let a program waste them anymore. Good on him. This isn’t a charity
  9. We almost had mike Lewis last year. We have locked down local recruiting IMO
  10. You keep beating a dead horse. still applies, if Okoro takes Mandi or French’s number I think we have an answer...
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