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  1. Thatch should be around Goodwin’s freshmen points number this year
  2. I would still encourage anyone looking for a university to check the respective program along with the university
  3. I must be super behind. Is there a good reason Saadiq transfered to Bradley
  4. That was the most painful way of you saying our multimillionaire salaried coach might actually "coach" during a basketball game.
  5. Old guy is just mad people liked Dave Chappell’s new special edit: NH lmao sticks and stones bro
  6. well screw me if I see a new post on a 2019-20 season thread and go through 2 pages of conversations about hurricanes
  7. 100% Gordon trying to punch SLU players and saying "f u" to Ford and staff is enough for me to make a judgement call on him. Honestly though there isnt much else to say about this matter. Just interesting to see if he even ends up anywhere
  8. Do y’all wanna make a hurricane thread?
  9. Ah yes the outliers. Always bring up outliers in an argument. What’s the over and under of Gordon being a doctor or lawyer? The kid certainly isn’t taking college serious, you think in 3 years he can get the grades and test scores for Law school or Med school? All I’m saying is we have a right to say Gordon is a bad kid I wouldn’t want my kids to hangout with, and I don’t excuse any of his behavior. He was given everything and threw it away.
  10. We wanted Gordon and hoped he grew up or that college would be different. Gordon has proved over and over that he is unworkable. There are players with far harsher backgrounds than him who have done far better. Laws and rules do not differ based on how people grew up. Gordon is a lost cause
  11. Attacking teammates over and over and over again, teammates who came from similar backgrounds, and you’re saying it’s excusable?
  12. No there were several rumors he was asked to go before the Europe trip, he ended up going and right after he was asked to leave.
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