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  1. Wow best FT shooting team in the country? This has almost completely offset losing our top 3 from last year. Gibson is a beast, but he seems passive imo. I would like to see a fire under him. He seems quiet but I could be wrong. Silent assassin Okoro looks lost in the sauce. Looks like he is still developing into his body, doesn’t know where he is. That rebound he took away from Yuri was trash. we will be top 3 in the A10 this year with FT shooting alone boosting us. Just have to get the rest of the pieces together and consistency with guys like Nessbit and Hargrove
  2. Why haven’t they even said where this would be
  3. Jordon isn’t in so far but the wizards aren’t doing too good.
  4. Delusional. He came from a too program with a loaded player count. The team didn’t mesh but on paper that was a top 5 team.
  5. Does Beal have any input with the Wizards? Wouldn’t think that would hurt Goodwin
  6. Goodwin is +5 right now in the game tied for highest. Not too much scoring but putting in work
  7. Goodwin can play a really good role position. I know Bess could as well. Wish it worked out with him
  8. First day on the internet? He isn’t a former billiken. He is an ex billiken who left on horrible terms. I want nothing to associate our program with his. Unfortunately Austin mcbroom is already a former SLU guy
  9. French would do much better spending the next year trying to be a TE in the NFL
  10. I predict this will be a Perkins and Okoro team next year
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