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  1. The plus and minus scores really make little sense to me. Like how does Willie Reeds stats against Memphis give him a -11
  2. Kc hankton could have a super sophomore year. That rebound and shot at the end was amazing
  3. Looks like weaver is at Fords house?
  4. Still worried why ford can’t get another commitment from a power player after winning the A10. I guess we need consistency
  5. I’ve been saying y’all have been sleeping on Gibson.
  6. No one posted that Isabel is invited to play in the summer league?
  7. None of them were ranked higher thank French. What is your point?
  8. So then aac has room for us?
  9. Well the A10 teams with no hype last year ended up doing quite well. We have the pieces, it’s just up to players to step up. Perkins, Thatch, Hargrove and Gibson have potential
  10. I feel like it’s a competition with you. Do you hate Mickey Pearson more than I hate Gordon? Haha
  11. Is there any indication of Blackshear looking at schools or staying at Tech
  12. Ugh i wanted this to be true
  13. Can't find any info online. Does Depaul have a message board?
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