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  1. Kentucky decided to jump off a cliff tonight...
  2. Seton hall losing Powell may have slightly weakened them, but they’ve grit. When they were close with Stony Brook, they roared back to a 17 pt win. Slu needs to showcase the 40 minute defense that coach ford has stated. I believe coach ford can make us go the 40 against seton hall. Tomorrow will vindicate my thoughts.
  3. That Jgood play needs to be on sports center top 10 plays.
  4. Goodwin would have to average 10.1 PPG while Hassan would need around 11.56 PPG to reach 1000 points before the season ends.
  5. The radio broadcast is in exhibition state, just got scared by an ad.
  6. The mascot made had a higher percentage of dunks than the team. The misses were fun, though
  7. The people from whims and wishes visited the bills today. Instagram
  8. The bigger question is... wür is he committing?
  9. I hope everyone stays safe down there. Go Blues!
  10. If the kids want to play with the ice, safety should be considered. An example of this is wearing gloves. Doing this will make sure the child doesn’t have a visit to an urgent care. Also, the child could put a penny in the ice and hear it vibrate on it.
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