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  1. I think SLU is one of the oldest universities in the state of Missouri was founded by someone belonging to the church. Regardless they serve a purpose, but not significant. It would be cool if some jesuits come out and cheer occasionally. Can’t argue with having some more blue representation in Chafeitz. It would feel more local because it’s a close-knit community with fans and students. Now back on topic... Recruitment is good now with local talent from ‘20-22 classes. Future is looking pleasant with the current status, despite past conflicts.
  2. I saw two replays of his blocks, so I can confirm that it did happen. Edit: Found this reel, a block is recorded at 5:28.
  3. Why is there a VT fan sitting in the SLU section? Overall ok game, we can learn from it. Oh and when did the majority of the lottery randos leave?
  4. We played our butts off to get here and I'm glad we have the drive. We show this team what ST LOUIS basketball is no matter the damb score. Sure some people don't care show that we bleed blue. No matter the outcome, this has been one heck of a ride!
  5. Oh no it's 4:20 I've seen to games here it's 4:20, finally french makes me proud.
  6. It's a game of runs, seems like most posters has forgotten that. We still have 27 minutes to play.
  7. My caffeine intake is wearing off. I’m becoming more focused, I want to be loose!
  8. I think it will work Old guy. Regarding price, I’m wondering if there’s a service charge. I personally don’t know if there is. For people who want to watch the game on the TV and not the computer. You can use this link: Madness comes to your television. Basically you need an external device to watch it on the big screen. An HDMI cable in a nutshell. The game link is provided below, Bills vs Hoogies.
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