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  1. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    So much for colleges like Duke boasting about their shoes, do they get a group rate on them? I want duke to lose.
  2. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    No TV for Dayton

    I second that by saying their next two games( Slu, Davidson) will be on that service.
  3. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    OT: Buzzer bearers.

    Baylor was actually playing defense: Plot Twist Its not like they can get 20 points in 2 seconds. Most I’ve seen in two seconds was 6.
  4. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT LaSalle exploring how to beat the Bills

    Or maybe they are not 100%
  5. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    The Bills over LaS by 6

    The real question is who’s going to start the game day thread? Should be a good one today, haven’t seen a Lasalle team bit lower than 11-13 Lasalle teams than this one since I watched them one time in 2010.
  6. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT: Floggy Bottom ....

    Just stands around for the ball, then chucks a long prayer in the french situation.
  7. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT: Floggy Bottom ....

    Isabelle with the nice reverso layup, foul on French.
  8. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    NET, et al.

    It has the potential to shift the dynamic of any team on the bubble, the way they're thinking and using NET is humiliating.
  9. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT @ Flappy Birds

    Ah, we lost by thirty, at least we didn't get blown out by 50, the amount Duke usually wins over Western Michigan. The better question is the what living day-lights is this? This is not photoshop, it's for the Lasalle game on the 10th of February. It startles me!
  10. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    This game really brings up the fact that anyone can have a good game, regardless of the previous attempts. Nice to see everyone was involved last night, including the fans. SLU looked dominant through the first 8-10 minutes of the game. Then, just held on to their position. Overall, a good team game by everyone and nice rebounding.
  11. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Sees Foreman play 20 minutes... Game Anyways, go SLU
  12. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    Recruiting - 2020 Class (Optimal Vision Class)

    I witnessed an interesting game tonight between the Parkway West Longhorns and Mehlville. The game started off slow for the Panthers as they got in foul trouble, against a 2 win team. This was no challenging feat for them. As they eased past the Longhorns by half. Davion Bradford scored 11 points leading the parade of panthers, Lamontay Daughtery was the second leading scorer with 8 points. Entering the 3rd quarter and throughout the fourth quarter, Parkway West struggled to compile good shots. Meanwhile, for the Panthers, Daughtery, Waller, and Bradford were all getting into foul trouble, 2 for all entering the third. Daughtery being the worst case, as he fouled out of the game in the 4th with 14 points. He has a very good drive, he is the most energetic person defending for the Panthers and on the glass occasionally. Sorry that I didn't address this earlier Pistol, Waller was a force on the defensive glass, with 4 rebounds, and 4 points. Wow, I found an error with my data. So... The Panthers won 57-38. With a dominant performance by Davion Bradford, with 32 points. I'm not going to glorify him for getting that feat against a 2 win team. His slash line goes as follows; 4-6 from the FT line, shot 66% field goal, 5 or more rebounds, with 4 dunks. I'm impressed by Waller, even though he didn't get quality points, he stilled helped the team overall. If Bradford develops a bigger motor, he could be mid-high D1 prospect to solid D1 prospect with it. Mehlville lacks a solid Point Guard, for their squad. Lamontay is a player, I personally would like to see more often on the court, and not on the bench come the 3rd and 4th quarter. Overall, Mehlville was in the spread regarding the winning margin.
  13. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT: RI round 2 fight night

    Mid-Range game seems promising for Good, terrible pass by Foreman, into the commercial break, also the announcers are Pats fans, Let's go Bills
  14. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT: RI round 2 fight night

    That day the rim was brutally sent to death by French, please pay respects.
  15. Ballingmeanthegradesfallin

    GDT: RI round 2 fight night

    Same, I can vividly recall his travels.