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  1. New episode is out, different than normal kind of a three hour running conversation. Had the guys from 3 Bid League come on to talk A10 and SLU, then myself and John from West Pine Warriors talked conference and coaches.
  2. Just a friendly reminder that in a little over 5 hours our interview with Paul Biancardi drops. Make sure to check that out, Paul does Monday With Majerus on Twitter every Monday, has a lot of love for a Rick and a lot of great stories To tell about Rick (not as explicit as other interviews). If you haven’t in the mean time check out our other interviews, likely some more new stuff in the pipeline so as always stay tuned here, the way you guys have been listening to this podcast without any actual basketball is truly awesome and it’s very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy.
  3. Okay so then we were pretty close with calling it the Plaza. Not as bad.
  4. Paul Biancardi joins the podcast on Monday. We may be the worst podcasters ever because we couldn’t remember the name of the hotel Majerus lived at downtown, so I’ll apologize for that in advance. But it’s also a great interview, another one I think everyone will love.
  5. Forgot to publish last nights episode but it is up now, should show up on platforms shortly. Brought @Pistol on again to talk the Okoro signing and Madani leaving, along with breaking down some of our favorite moments in Billikens history. Don't forget to check out the Chris Sloan interview.
  6. I would counter this by saying I feel like watching a sporting event from the top of a parking garage on campus would be a blast, especially with downtown somewhere in the background depending on how it’s all laid out and again I have no idea how any of this would work or look. Also, anyone who has a problem with the views from their apartment/residence can bite it, we are talking about more important things here.
  7. @billikenfan05 talked about putting a lacrosse surface on top of the Olive/Compton garage, or we at least dreamed about what that would look like on the podcast a while back. I feel like the land locked nature of the sports complex will definitely make expansion for baseball brutal, if not impossible, but if there's a will there's a way. No idea what the actual dimensions would have to look like but, as has been mentioned already, without money this is a totally moot point.
  8. Chris Sloan Interview out now. Should show up on all platforms soon. Jumping on to record another "normal" show tonight which should be up by tomorrow morning.
  9. I finished editing the Sloan interview, will be out soon hopefully. Waiting on approval with something and then will run it out. Stay tuned in the next few days for that update.
  10. That's awesome. Would never object to that. Thank you for archiving that as I have a feeling it will help a lot as the interviews continue to stack up.
  11. Appreciate all the feedback on our recent interviews. Hopefully you guys check those out, if you haven’t yet go check our page and don’t forget to drop us a rate. Shameless plugs. Thank you again to everyone that is listening.
  12. I mean I’m not arguing Loe is necessarily better but I’m saying I like Loe and in the interest of adding other names to the conversation I dropped in Loe.
  13. We lived by the Rob screen at the top of the key in the Butler game (likely others just don’t want to over state what I don’t actually know) which was absolutely deadly because it’s either pick and roll, or more often times pick and pop. You never know what’s coming and both can kill you.
  14. Probably not but it’s fun to be a little different. Also just watched the Butler/SLU match up and seeing him drop a hook, mid range jumper and two threes early in that game reminded me of his versatility, something I think I overlooked when he was playing.
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