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  1. No ESPN+ for today's game... that sucks. Yesterday's broadcast was pretty pathetic for most of it, so maybe our production crew uses programs like SJU as the benchmark. Freshman Jackson Yarberry will likely take the mound today... 4-2 w/ a 4.29 ERA... 1.28 WHIP. Richter has been effective in the lead-off spot while Moore recovers from the fracture received against @#$%&^ Cincinnati. Now has a .420 average which would easily lead most clubs but... Clohisy has an otherworldly .462 average going.
  2. D1 Midseason NCAA projections has SLU as 2nd highest 4-seed in with Nebraska and LSU… would be nice to ruin a bunch of Cajun’s postseason plans…
  3. Field looks fine… everything about the facility around it is a shame because the team is entertaining enough to draw more than family and friends. Hayden Moore determined to beat physician’s timetable on a return. Richter has done an admirable job stepping in as lead off, and hopefully Winters bat heats up now that he has a position in the OF.
  4. https://atlantic10.com/news/2024/4/2/o-shaughnessy-jefferies-yarberry-earn-a-10-baseball-weekly-awards.aspx
  5. The wonderful portapotty just visited had a last serviced date of 3/22. This is believable. The more humane actual bathrooms are of course locked.
  6. Confirmed- no centerfield camera today… they unplugged the camcorder attached to the $10 Amazon Go Pro mount. Was told “we’re doing the best with what we’ve got”. Meanwhile the earlier Old Dominion / South Alabama game had instant replay on ESPN+.
  7. Here's one that should be an obvious, easy fix: The centerfield camera is the default viewing angle during pitches, so this should have a stable mount. Instead, the camera is apparently mounted on the batter's eye wall which constantly flexes in the wind. This makes the viewing angle unusable anytime the wind blows (it does almost all the time). The fallback is the 2010-vintage camcorder mounted at the top of the aluminum bleachers through the heavy net. Fix: Have Facilities dig a hole, install a post, and mount the centerfield camera on the post. This is neither a significant expense nor is it rocket science. There are plenty of people with experience doing this sort of thing to help the school, and there's a forum on Reddit with people who have asked how to install centerfield cameras with plenty of good responses: r/VideoEngineering! (reddit.com) - Going for the Series Sweep today... Rhode Island came into this weekend with a higher RPI than SLU (Power rankings calculation based on strength of schedule / results, etc).
  8. Ray is likely going to pitch at some point... honestly with the offense (even without Moore) Ray's absence won't be felt as much during conference play... we'll see. Minor fraying of the UCL but doesn't want to sit... essentially his last year.
  9. Fracture, and yes... the Cincinnati coach was a POS and the pitcher that hit Moore just like him. They cried about a bat flip from Nouweg on his HR Friday, and then talked the umpires into ejecting Moore on his after the next AB. Watch any SEC/ACC game... Then when Moore came back Sunday he was pelted twice. They threw behind Sitzman. This is after the utter douchebag Cincy coach had a player steal home in the 9th Saturday when the game was in hand... Hendrickson had put in reserves everywhere, had a 3rd string catcher and a pitcher who had recorded no innings. Hope their season ends abruptly and with prejudice.
  10. He’s hurt, but not sure of extent. DH has made a couple of quick pulls in recent games… maybe to conserve arms as conference comes around. The pitch armbands are a travesty… multiple have to be swapped every game, calls are missed, and the clock ticks in the meantime. Nuances a catcher can have with a pitcher are lost also… absolutely cost a couple runs early today. The over/under on HBP tomorrow could be interesting… game got away from SLU late today, and in the 9th the douchebag Cincinnati coach had his player steal home against 3rd string catcher and a pitcher that had zero time prior to today. Between that and the club-softball dugout chants from Cincy, DH had enough and ripped into them. I can only imagine the verbal abuse that team is going to experience in OK and TX Big-12 games… SLU fans are 10x more polite and quiet compared to what they’ll experience on the road very soon. Moore is back tomorrow after his ejection for the same HR bat flip I saw multiple times in game highlights last night.
  11. 7-2 Cincy middle 6th. Cant hit a curveball. We keep calling for fastballs to lefties looking to hit it out with a wind blowing to RF… and they can hit.
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