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  1. Anyone see what Grandy Glaze is up to lately?
  2. Chapley has never broken any news. He is anything but inside.
  3. Didn’t everyone already assume he was getting an offer from KU? This isn’t bad news for Billiken fans, he isn’t going to risk not having a chance to play in the tournament
  4. I’m hearing Mckissic has an offer from KU, I would hope that isn’t what Chapley thinks is bad news
  5. Chapley brings nothing to the table. I had to quit following him.
  6. Ford already bought another house in the area.
  7. SLU will go on the road to Carbondale. Always a dangerous game.
  8. Huge game Sunday at RI. I think a win would all but lock up at least an NIT birth. Saw 3 projections the other night two had us as a 4 seed hosting either ND or Minn. The other I saw had us as an 8 seed at OU.
  9. We better win some games down the stretch. This is a bubble NIT team right now. Friday is a must win.
  10. Well id say this thread is relevant at this point. We are almost at the point where we can’t lose too many more games or we won’t make the NIT either.
  11. Sorry fellas I’m a realist, hope we can do it but right now it’s not looking good.
  12. We’re at 17 wins right now what’s it going to take to make the NIT? BTW I still think we have a shot at the NCAAs if we can go 7-1 down the stretch
  13. What does anyone make of the line Bills +3.5???? Doesn’t seem good for us.
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