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  1. Bills are up to 107 in the net
  2. So maybe TCU and Creighton would decline and self impose a postseason ban on themselves after today could open up a few more spots
  3. So with a win Saturday and 2-1 in Brooklyn that would put us at 22-12. 4th in the A10 we could hope Davidson or Dayton win the conference tourney if we don’t because they would both be locks for the NIT. A win over VCU in the semi would definitely help our net would it be enough to make the NIT?
  4. Let me start by saying I still believe we can win the conference tourney and make the big dance. But if we don’t the NIT would be progress. What would it take to make the field? It seems the auto bids to the tournament have increased the past few years and will make it tough for us to squeeze in. 22-11 enough?
  5. As long as the team makes progress from last year that’s all you can ask. Win more games than you did last year and keep building. Need to win some games and make the NIT that would be a good year and an improvement.
  6. I know you automatically qualify if you win the regular season title and lose in the conference tournament.
  7. Any chance if we win out and lose in the conference championship we could get an NIT bid? That would put us 19-14
  8. Would you want a CBI bid? Would Ford and May want a CBI bid?
  9. I am hearing rumors from a former Ole Miss basketball player who seems to think he is in the know that Gordon’s girlfriend is no longer going to attend SLU and he is going to ask for his release. He also told me that he fought his own teammate over a warmup jersey and told his Webster coach he is quitting the team!!!
  10. How could anyone think these suspensions are fair? The police have pretty much ruled no one broke the law. I am just stunned!!! Wish it was Hines
  11. Only the die hards will be there this weekend for the upset. I had us 9-3 in the non con the bills can still make that happen. I would not even be disappointed with 9-4. Either way 5 of us rented a house 2 blocks from hinkle will be in 224 row 10
  12. Karma for refusing to play the Bills again. Will be difficult for Mizzou to win a road game now SAD
  13. Anyone seen the line for the game tonight? Bills maybe -8or9?
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