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  1. Last team in this morning on Jerry Palm's CBS sports bracketology
  2. I'm not sure this one was a home and home. Might have just been a single game at Minn.
  3. Sad we haven’t even made a dent in their lead
  4. To answer your first question, the only games that should be on ESPN+ are the games scheduled to be on Fox Sports Midwest or ESPN channels
  5. And he does all of the little things right. It's so fun to only watch him during a possession.
  6. @billikenfan05 I think Seth Greenberg just gave you guys a mention in the ILL game
  7. UMass opens at -6.5 at home against Northeastern(picked 7th in the CAA). Umass easy pick?
  8. That JG shot and put back was laugh out loud funny
  9. If we were able to get 350 people in Chaifetz that's around 8 people in each section. I'm not sure why that wouldn't be possible. That's low balling it too.
  10. I thought that rule was only for seniors. I might just be wrong.
  11. I thought the original idea of the redshirt was because he wouldn’t even be ready to play 100% this season
  12. I think they've been wearing those jersey's as an alternate since Penny got there.
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