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  1. Watching now. That first half was unreal.
  2. https://collegehoopstoday.com/index.php/rothstein-files/early-edition-preseason-45-for-20-21/ Number 32 on Jon Rothstein’s early preseason rankings
  3. I think Boston College at home assuming we're in a home and home with them. Edit: Nevermind I think that game was part of that small tournament in November.
  4. I believe Strickland himself said he could play the 1 through a 3
  5. I was wondering this too. I see he's a RS Freshman for JUCO so if this is his 2nd year at the JUCO maybe he would be eligible for D1 next season?
  6. Think if they ever hosted an NIT game against a big school. I'm sure that place would be fun.
  7. This was on the broadcast of the Belmont Murray State game tonight
  8. I just meant to start the game. I feel he would be more effective in getting the offense off to a good start right away instead of 5 minutes into the game
  9. Didn’t know where to put this - I guess ESPN doesn’t consider Goodwin as a guard because they just highlighted Belmont’s point guard as the best rebounding guard in the country at 8 rpg
  10. You would think if Jacobs is going to keep playing hesitant you swap in Perkins to play the 3. I could see this also possibly taking some pressure off Jacobs by coming off the bench.
  11. This might be bigger than Seton Hall
  12. Yes YouTubeTV has all of the additional sports channels included (NBC Sports, CBS Sports,etc). I think the only sports channels you don’t get are NFL and NHL networks
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