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  1. Luis Santos from South Florida as well.
  2. Looks like he led their team in assists and steals.
  3. That’s what I am seeing as well but everyone seems confused on the situation for some reason.
  4. Watching Carpenter's highlight tape I think of him as more of a Dwayne Evans undersized 4 type player that can step out a little bit which we could use.
  5. Despite the outcome these last 2 days have been really fun. Let’s get a W
  6. I think it's important that we get off to a quick lead tonight because 1. You could expect Dayton to come out a little rusty since they've been off a week and we found a nice groove in the 2nd half yesterday and 2. Our players will probably start to feel the fatigue of playing in multiple days towards the end of the game while Dayton could start to get hot.
  7. I haven’t really seen Yuri play in person so I’m curious is he an upgrade over Isabell from day 1? I know there will be a learning curve but I just can’t see a true point guard making some of those mistakes.
  8. People who are saying our defense is the problem aren’t watching the same game
  9. Agreed. This team is almost as thin as last year right now and same weaknesses. No one wanted Ford gone last year when we were .500 in conference.
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