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  1. I'd like to think if one of our top 4 went 15-3 in conference with no terrible losses and didn't win the conference tournament, they would have a NET around 40 or lower to get the at large.
  2. I love Travis but we’ve walked the ball up the court with leads under 10 minutes in all of the home losses. Maybe that’s because we’re not anywhere as deep of a team as we thought we were and want to consume energy but that’s the reason we lost these games
  3. They said he was sick for the BC game. Hope to see him start getting some more minutes but I think his defense might be keeping him on the bench.
  4. Will we need 2 boosters to go to a game next year?
  5. Is this the same venue as 2013-14 when we played Wisconsin? Edit: I went ahead and looked it up that tourney was in Riviera Maya
  6. I thought we had a thread for these last year but I couldn't find it. Mercer our opponent next Saturday just started on ESPN+ against Winthrop. Mercer gave Arkansas a game on Tuesday.
  7. Demarius Jacobs and Mickey Pearson's Ball State team is on ESPN+ currently
  8. That was Ford's first game but yea all Crews players minus Jalen Johnson
  9. Points for - 89.5 (U) Points against - 64.5 (U) Players used - 10.5 (O) Players receiving >28 minutes - 2.5 (U) Yuri assists - 9.5 (U) Nesbitt points - 10.5 (O) Perkins points - 14.5 (O) Players w/ >9.5 rebounds - 0.5 (U) Team FT% - 78.5% (U) Team 3FG% - 34.5% (O)
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