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  1. I love Perkins, but Toppin required soooo much attention from defenses. Jalen Crutcher is clearly a good player, but he's already showing how much Toppin meant to that team.
  2. yuck, didn't realize he was out for the whole season.
  3. Some ranking systems might, but the ones that count don't give earlier games any less weight. I think when it's all said and done, the computers are going to love our wins vs. LSU and NC State.
  4. Well, I think it depends on how much better Kentucky gets by the end of the season. They often aren't very good in November/December, but are rolling by the end of the season. If that happens, and Northern Iowa gets healthy and rolls through the Valley, their stock could rise.
  5. Hopefully that changes. Richmond is a good team and we need their metrics to reflect that.
  6. So much of it has just been not having our offense go through French and Goodwin for everything. And Goodwin's FTs looked pretty smooth last night.
  7. I asked this question in another thread, but don't think there was an answer. Are the computer models still giving additional weight this season to road and neutral wins over home wins? If they are, we need to find some more road games since home court advantage is mostly negated this year.
  8. If Goodwins hits 80% and French hits 55%, we're Final Four baby!
  9. I think that could be a good role for Linssen.
  10. If French shoots 55% from the line, we're a top 15 team.
  11. Seems like many too Temple and St. Joseph players (except no Delonte West) and not enough Xavier players. Don't think I would take Fernandez over someone like Roman Saito, Stanley Burrell, or even a Scoochie Smith.
  12. Yeah, clearly a good problem to have. Remember when our best player was Mike Crawford? Disclaimer: Mike was a decent player and seems like a very good person.
  13. I was actually thinking the opposite. It often seems like we struggle offensively early in games and I'd like to see us get off to better starts if possible and then bring in some of the better defenders and high energy guys like Thatch and Hargrove. That would frustrate the crap out of me if I was the opposing team.
  14. I was wondering about this yesterday. If there's no fans in the stadium, does it really matter if it's home or away? And if the NET rankings are still going to emphasize "road" wins, should you just play as many games on the road as you can?
  15. I think he's being sarcastic, Taj.
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