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  1. If the show wants to end on a happy note, either Danaryeas or Snow take the throne. If it wants to end based on the show's at least initial premise of turning fantasy storylines upside down, it should be one of the behind the scenes schemers like Varys.
  2. Yes, but if we're taking fewer free-throws, presumably we're getting additional FGAs, which should lead to more points.
  3. This. I love all the experts showing us their picks. Pretty much all chalk all the time.
  4. The bonnies kicked our butt for the past 5 years, so they earned a little hate from us. That said, it's a compliment to be hated. Nothing would make me happier than for the rest of the A-10 to really hate us.
  5. I'm not sure Goodwin's mechanics are really all that bad, but I'm sure the staff will work with him and/or French. It's also worth noting that Bess' mechanics are different (better) from last season. Does anybody know if that was all him or was the coaching staff involved? I know he put in the work, but I gotta think they helped him with it. Given the incoming class and their respective skill sets, I think Goodwin's gonna put up crazy numbers next year.
  6. Goodwin should go back and watch some film of Jordair. While he may yet still become a good shooter from 3, Jett showed that you can do a lot of damage by just stepping inside the line and taking 15 footers. Jordan could make a living there.
  7. Maybe I'm missing something, but I would argue the opposite. If we're going to the line more than other teams, it makes hitting them at a higher % even more important. For example, it seems to me that a team that shoots a lot of 3s, but makes them at a below-average rate, is not setting themselves up for offensive success. Ultimately, how and where teams get their points is far less important than how efficient they are when they do it.
  8. Saturday night at 5:00...they're not studying.
  9. While I will also feel some for those two, if they really want a shot at the dance, they need to spend the summer moving that FT% up.
  10. Exactly. If there was a ever a shot where a player deserved to be benched like Ray in Hoosiers, that was it.
  11. That 40' bomb was one of the worst shots I've ever seen taken by a Billiken player. And yes, I'm putting it above (or below?) some of those Jolly shot attempts.
  12. Lol, you don't need a "super mayor" for that scenario to occur.
  13. Again, a great reason to feel optimistic about the remainder of the season. A lot of these percentages are due to go up.
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