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  1. There's some validity to this, but the proposed transfer rule would also negatively impact the continuity of mid-major programs. All in all, it's an awful proposal for the sport and for schools like SLU.
  2. I would have said no at the start the of conference play, but now I'm not so sure given that so many teams have similarly weak resumes.
  3. Nobody said anything about kicking him to the curb. IF he can't play, I'm sure the program can find a way for him to remain at school but not on athletic scholly (ala Femi John). If he can still play, then he can choose between playing out his final 2 years here or transferring and getting a fresh start somewhere else. At that point, it might even be possible for him to get an extra year with that team. But redshirting him and keeping him on athletic scholarship for an extra year only makes sense if you think he can actually be a good contributing player for 3 years. I don't think anybody on this board (or the staff for that matter) has seen anything from him to date that would lead one to believe that's the case.
  4. Only if you think he'll have a significant role with this team going forward.
  5. I'd be shocked if the team goes for a redshirt for Hankton.
  6. I'm not shocked by how this season has turned out, but I am a little surprised. I am, on the whole, very happy with it given the injuries we've had. In most seasons, losing FT and GJ--both of whom I thought would be top 5 players this year--would end the season. Hard not to be very pumped about the future as well as the present.
  7. That might be true for a game vs. some non-local interest opponent, but I don't know if that's true of the big local rivalry games. Like I know Mizzou has played Temple in a home and home during the past 2 years. Solid game, but not likely to move the needle for the average fan the same way a SLU or even Missouri State game would. My point is also not just about direct ticket sales. Outside of the true hard core fans, college bball isn't generating enough interest in November and December and more games like SLU-Mizzou are needed. The move to the SEC was also an awful move for the Mizzou bball program, so they could use all the buzz-generating games they can get.
  8. Bingo! And I'd argue this isn't just a Mizzou problem. While I love the game, college hoops has a regular season problem, particularly with its non-conference schedules. There are just too many crappy games or games in half-empty stadiums. The more schools can schedule teams that generate increased local interest, the better. And while Mizzou fans can say they don't care, a game against SLU would be a sell-out in either gym.
  9. Or....the governor actually does support the stadium project, but is not fully in sync with his staff who are actually the ones that held up the credits.
  10. I could be wrong, but I don't believe the rankings place greater emphasis on quality wins over non-quality wins so there needs to be some way to account for a team that actually beats other good teams. Just take a scenario where one team plays and beats the 150th and 151st ranked teams while the other beats the #1 and #300 teams. Both teams are 2-0 and, on average, have the same strength of schedule. I'm old enough to remember Missouri State not getting in the tourney back in the mid 2000s despite an RPI in the 20s. Part of the reason it was so high was that they had avoided playing many, if any, games against teams ranked worse than 200 and just racked up wins on teams ranked from about 100-200 (good strategy, btw). I think the biggest issue is how you treat the power conference team with like a 3-10 record vs. Q1 opponents vs. a non-power conference team with a 2-3 record vs. Q1 opponents. The Jay Bilases of the world would probably say the power conference team won 3(!) Q1 games and should be in since the other school only had 2. I look at those opposing records and see a school that just had a ton of opportunities for quality wins and was lucky enough to win a few.
  11. Given their relatively low rankings, I assume both teams had good records vs. Q1 teams?
  12. Valid point, but we play Dayton twice so I want them as high as possible.
  13. That's gotta be the worst war for a 7'3" person to fight in. Unless maybe it means you can stand in the back row and take your aim from there.
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