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  1. If he's truly limping and he's hurt, he should sit for a while. That said, I didn't notice much of a limp vs. Providence or Maryland.
  2. I feel like I want Perkins to play as much as possible. He needs to get his legs back and into game shape. That'll come with time on the court during games.
  3. I didn't say it'd happen overnight. But if I annually give $1,000 to the Billiken Club and there's a collective available, I might split my contribution into $500 increments, or something like that.
  4. NIL money isn't necessarily going to come from a growing pot of money. Instead, as more contributions go towards a collective, I think you'll see donations for facilities, programs, and coach's salaries likely drop. I mean, if the NIL money becomes everything, how important is it to pay a coach top dollar or have a sweet locker room?
  5. 31% shooting on pull up jumpers. Improve that to 40% and he'll average close to 20 ppg.
  6. Hold up. A definition of mid-major may be needed here. I don't think I'd call St. Peter's a mid-major and I'd like to say we have way more in common with a Houston or Creighton (both made long tourney runs in recent years) than St. Peters or Oral Roberts.
  7. The one thing about last year was that we had trouble generating any type of offense when Yuri was not in the game. Assuming Perkins is healthy, I don't expect that to be the case so much this year. Maybe he's not bringing the ball up the court, but he can be the one to create, either for himself or for others.
  8. Don't know who's out there, but I'd probably prefer a freshman PG. Someone that's willing to sit a year and learn.
  9. Not that many teams play 2 traditional bigs anymore plus Perkins wouldn't guard a team's 4. Thatch, Hargrove, or Pickett could though.
  10. That's not really what we're suggesting. These are just the things the average fan can do to help because let's face it, a billikens.com fundraiser isn't enough either. The majority of it is up to the athletic department to connect the athlete and big donor $s if that's what's needed.
  11. Was thinking about this yesterday. In addition to the above, how about places like Humphrey's (when it reopens) having NIL exchange nights. 20% of proceeds during and after games go to the exchange. That type of thing is a little easier to swallow.
  12. Exactly. You can't regulate how much a player makes in NIL money. You can regulate transfers though. Start with that. If a coach leaves, they get a waiver and don't have to sit a year. Easiest fix in sports.
  13. I feel like the money has always been there. It's just become so much easier to take it.
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