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  1. People are complaining about May's comments, but they are just that, comments. If he has the backing, I think he'd be willing to make a move. He has shown the willingness to make tough calls with coaching changes. He fired Sodie after a 20-win season and Stone after she showed significant progress with the program but couldn't get the team over the hump. The Stone firing particularly felt like a head scratcher at the time. Now look where we're at. If the money wants Ford out, I think that's what will happen. Let's also see what happens this week. Hopefully the seniors are as hungry as they sound.
  2. I asked Hargrove after the game on Friday night if he'd be back one more year. He indicated yes and seemed pretty set on it.
  3. This may have been said - but the absolute best case scenario to me is us getting slotted in the 2 or 3 seed with Fordham as the other 2 or 3 seed. Happens if we go 2-0 and Fordham goes 2-0. We can also go 1-1 if Dayton goes 0-2 (probably not happening) and Fordham goes 1-1.
  4. Does anybody know if there is any conversation about bringing back Phillip Russell? I think he still has 2 years of eligibility and would be a great add for next season. I understand why he left, but man, would've loved to have kept him.
  5. If he's truly limping and he's hurt, he should sit for a while. That said, I didn't notice much of a limp vs. Providence or Maryland.
  6. I feel like I want Perkins to play as much as possible. He needs to get his legs back and into game shape. That'll come with time on the court during games.
  7. I didn't say it'd happen overnight. But if I annually give $1,000 to the Billiken Club and there's a collective available, I might split my contribution into $500 increments, or something like that.
  8. NIL money isn't necessarily going to come from a growing pot of money. Instead, as more contributions go towards a collective, I think you'll see donations for facilities, programs, and coach's salaries likely drop. I mean, if the NIL money becomes everything, how important is it to pay a coach top dollar or have a sweet locker room?
  9. 31% shooting on pull up jumpers. Improve that to 40% and he'll average close to 20 ppg.
  10. Hold up. A definition of mid-major may be needed here. I don't think I'd call St. Peter's a mid-major and I'd like to say we have way more in common with a Houston or Creighton (both made long tourney runs in recent years) than St. Peters or Oral Roberts.
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