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  1. I see teams often at the Ballpark Hilton.
  2. Does anybody have 1 extra (could be any old seat) for Sunday that they'd be willing to part with? Need one for my 4-year old.
  3. Kwamain is definitely the SLU comp that comes to mind and so far (2 games in) I think Collins is the better ballhandler/playmaker. Mitchell, however, was an excellent defender and decent outside shooter, so we'll see if Yuri can do the same. He has a chance to be special and really does make Goodwin (really the whole team) better.
  4. Fwiw, the ball's rotation looked much better on his made free throw than it did at pretty much any point last year.
  5. I was totally expecting this guy to be a recruit.
  6. Sept. 2011 through Aug. 2012 was the best of times Sept. 2010 through Aug. 2011 was the worst of times
  7. 1999/2000 1.) Rams win Super Bowl 2.) Cards win Central division 3.) Blues win President's Cup 4. Billikens win Conference USA tourney I'm sure Mizzou probably did something OK that year, but who cares.
  8. But oh, what a week it would be!
  9. What level of SLU tourney success would you trade for a Stanley Cup or a World Series? Not to take away the excitement I'm feeling for the Blues or have in the past for the Cards, but I would simply take a SLU appearance in the Final Four and probably even the Elite 8 over either of those two things.
  10. It's the curse of the Fox Sports Midwest Commercial. For those who don't recall, Fox Sports Midwest ran a commercial in 2000 (maybe 2001) making fun of Boston sports teams and hyping our string of success. It had two Boston sports fans sitting in a bar lamenting the state of their sports teams. Well, a year later the Rams lose to the Patriots and the rest is history.
  11. I have no idea if he is "good" enough, but he's certainly got the size and the athleticism. I also have no clue which recruits will do what, but if the ratings and hype on this board are any indicator, I think you'll see lots of lineups with Hargrove or Perkins at the 4 and some combination of Thatch, Goodwin, Collins, Lewis, and Jimmerson occupying the other 3 spots. Maybe Jacobs or Hankton can prove me wrong. Teams really don't need two traditional "bigs" anymore, especially in the A-10. A lineup with multiple guards and wings can still defend and rebound, particularly when those guards include Goodwin and Thatch and your lone "big" is French.
  12. I read once he gave the showrunners a general framework for how it was all supposed to end, but I don't think he's involved too heavily with the more specific storytelling. I was underwhelmed by last night had hoped for more from this final season. I still greatly enjoy the show and the action (what you could see of it) last night was fun, particularly Arya's scenes, but the show doesn't surprise anymore or offer any real plot twists. I've always felt like the white walker stuff was the least interesting thing about the show, but we spent 10 years hearing that the army of the dead was coming and this was the "real war". It ended with one flick of the wrist and the deaths of like 4 secondary characters. Now we're left with just 3 episodes to sort out the best part of the series.
  13. There's research indicating that crime actually worsened after those barriers were put in. Now I could argue that crime was probably going to increase in these neighborhoods no matter what and that the pots weren't the cause of that, but if it at minimum appears that they do little or nothing to reduce crime, then yes, they should probably open up the city grid and improve connectivity.
  14. If the show wants to end on a happy note, either Danaryeas or Snow take the throne. If it wants to end based on the show's at least initial premise of turning fantasy storylines upside down, it should be one of the behind the scenes schemers like Varys.
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