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  1. He's not the beast that French was and he doesn't have the same low-post moves, but at least he can hit a free-throw.
  2. I've got 4 free second row tickets for tonight's game. PM me if interested.
  3. Depends on the grade of the tear, but I'm hoping it's just an MCL tear/strain. He could be back playing at pretty much full speed in a month.
  4. You’re almost there. Just replace your irritation with having to continue wearing a mask despite having done the right thing and switch it to the vaccine or negative test requirement, which would make the decision much easier for parents or seniors. I’d much rather they have a vaccine mandate over the mask mandate. It comes down to placing the “freedoms” of those who choose not to get vaccinated for often ridiculous reasons above the health and safety of those who have responsibly chosen to do so, but have to remain vigilant because they’re seniors, have health concerns, or are ineligible for the vaccine. These types of policies put the needs/wants of the irresponsible over those that have less choice in the matter and it’s not right. As you said, “let them bear the brunt.”
  5. This is a good post, but I fundamentally disagree that people's decisions are being made for them here. Unvaccinated people don't have to go to Billiken games. Vaccine mandates for sporting events are the carrot, not the stick.
  6. I don't think we should demand the same of a 5 or 7 year old as an adult, but that's just me. I also don't think vaccines are health safety theater. The health checks, spray-downs, and half-mask wearing are, but vaccines are clearly not.
  7. I think Delta changed the overall concern level for kids, but I can assure you that my concern level for my kids' health has always remained high. My wife and I do not keep them out of most things (school, sports, etc.), but we also make sure to assess increased risk wherever it may be. I clearly need to brush up on my Wu Tang.
  8. Yes because they don't currently have a choice in the matter.
  9. This entire conversation ignores the many fans who can't yet get vaccines (kids). I'd personally like to bring my three kids who are all currently ineligible for the vaccine without having to worry about them catching it. They'd probably be fine, but 10-day quarantines are no picnic. Good policy should reward good and responsible behavior. If you don't want to get the vaccine or a negative test, fine. Just know you could miss out on some fun stuff like a Billiken ass-kicking of Auburn. The entire idea that we shouldn't have rules/laws because people will just break them is also silly.
  10. I have no idea how any potential winnings could be used, but I think you're right on the money, Slu let the dogs out. Downtown's current road network could definitely use a diet and some major improvements. Would make it safer and far more appealing to pedestrians. Some targeted real estate investments paired with those improvements wouldn't be the worst thing either.
  11. It's not just the developers that have to adjust. One thing people don't often recognize is the impact these incentives have on land values. In fact, it's often the sellers/speculators that receive much of their benefits because the incentives increase the amount that developers can spend on acquisition and make the project work, which helps drive up land prices. Getting those land prices back down to reasonable levels where a developer can still make a project work without the incentives is far more difficult once market expectations become set. Because they knew Cortex was going to take decades to develop, the TIF was set up to be flexible over time so that developers could adjust to changes in the market, maximize TIF revenues, and so the City could review each new project as it came in. In many ways, KDG's proposal is just a new TIF within the larger district and I don't believe there's any reneging on prior deals.
  12. Each deal is complicated and should be evaluated independently to determine whether or not the incentives are necessary or beneficial. Like most things, the problem is that politics tends to get in the way via aldermanic courtesy and other nonsense. While I'm cautiously happy to see Jones attempting to roll back the use of these incentives and/or leverage them to increase investment in other parts of the city, doing so is tricky for a number of reasons. The market has gotten used to these incentives being available and if you pull the rug out too quickly, it could certainly halt investment/progress.
  13. He had a green light, just not from 30' with 15 seconds left in the shot clock.
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