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  1. When you look at his stats based on the lost games I think he’s the next man up for a banner, but I concede there are several others worthy. The intangibles are what sets him apart. I wonder if he were to come back another year how his stats would be perceived? Another JGood type of year and the banner becomes a no brainer imo
  2. Not sure there’s been a more productive 10 minutes of action in college basketball like the one Terrence Hargrove put on last night. Made all 4 shots of which 2 were 3’s, 2 rebounds, a steal and an assist. I’m not sure where the minutes come from, but Hargrove needs more pt
  3. Clock and 05 have summed up the Miller era and why they believe new blood is in order with facts and astute observations. Roy, you are just annoying.
  4. The reason for why he hasn’t been fired can only be answered by one person, Chris May. If you have his ear maybe he’ll tell you, but to ask 05 why it hasn’t happened is silly. I never said he should be fired, Roy got upset, name called and made that part up. I think SLU is perfectly happy with a mediocre volleyball program and as I said they brought in a couple of asst. Coach’s who are focusing on local talent, and it will pay off. My guess is as long as a coach at SLU is in the top half of the conference and it’s players are good citizens and students the job is safe. The point 05 made and I
  5. Roy, your guess was way off base. You admit you know nothing about the subject and you are correct. SLU's is at the top of the budget pecking order in the A-10. What you do know a lot about is SLU's apathy for non revenue sports. So I'm surprised that you question why Miller hasn't been fired?
  6. Miller has bungled the local recruiting scene since day 1. For those unaware, St.Louis is a hot bed of volleyball talent and Miller has all but ignored the best local talent. By the time he gets around to making offers he is usually left with what's left, and in a sport that the top kids often commit early in high school, it's a recipe for disaster. Playing in an awful conference has been his saving grace. However, things are looking up. The addition of a couple of assistants who were hell bent on going local paid off this year with the addition of 3 top St. Louis kids.
  7. There were 4 guys behing the Lasalle bench in the upper deck who were having a great time. They gave it to the refs and the Lasalle bench pretty good. Funny. No cursing. No reason to be ejected. They did leave early, but I didn't see anyone come for them. I attributed that to the beer running out at halftime.
  8. There was a change to his post covid approach after half time. Coach had a heart to heart with him in the intermission and he came out and didn't take a shot in the 1st 10 minutes of the 2nd half. He actually went overboard to let Coach know he got the message. Goodwin didn't learn squat on the bench, he was too busy cheering on his mates.
  9. Those that said SLU ducked Richmond and those that said we would never know what happened sure were way off
  10. We all need to relax, Stu will get to the bottom of this.
  11. Thanks. What an odd story to a crazy season. And could the Richmond AD be a bigger prick?
  12. You’re probably right. I’d just like to know what the hell they were doing/not doing that would cause us to up in leave? This was a huge home game for them to give up. I’m not buying the duck them theory at all so hopefully we will hear
  13. The protocols were the issue according to AD May, which will lead to more information forthcoming, since the conference tournament is being held there. If we wouldn’t play because of protocols then all the teams going there will need to know the details. Hard to believe that won’t get out, especially considering how the Richmond AD responded
  14. A year at a prep school to fill out his body might be an option they look at with him
  15. Watching his work ethic since arriving at SLU makes you really want Jimmy to succeed. The problem this year and perhaps next year is that there won't be enough playing time for him. Coach likes playing with one big a lot of the time and maybe that changes next year, but Linsen has been very good and French is French and Okafor in waiting makes minutes in the post hard to come by.
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