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  1. Our offense bogged down at times last year, but nothing like some of you would like us to believe. You don’t average 76 points a game running clock.
  2. The chief benefactor from these two sharp shooters is Okoro. Add Parker to the list and you have teams that just won't be able to double down, which will allow him the room he needs to dominate down low. He didn't pass well out of the post last year when that happened so it will mask his weakness. I'm expecting a monster year from the big man.
  3. This is going to come down to cash.
  4. Ya, I was just adding it to the post. Beal gets all the attention, but the Jets have a pretty good program and are more local than BBE. With that being said, BBE is building a state of the art facilty with a local volleyball program. The Jets just upgraded their facilty by taking over the old Lindenwood gym in Belleville.
  5. I believe Pickett played for the Jets.
  6. Conklin and Low would also have to be added to the list of top decade players.
  7. McCall definitley belongs in this conversation. Loved his game. He also came in looking like Medley. Jett was the biggest 6'2 guard in college basketball and Kwamain and Yuri are also big for their height. Medley will be more like McCall in size and if he plays like it he will be a Billiken great.
  8. What’s the timeline on us getting to check out a practice?
  9. What do most Big10 teams have? Would like to see your data on this one. Illinois paid more than that for Skyy Clark.
  10. What do most Big10 teams have? Would like to see your data on this one. Illinois paid more than that for Skyy Clark.
  11. I agree. What it would have cost to get Nesbitt vs what he would get for his 2nd season here would be night and day difference.
  12. I'll play, but I have it at 800k for total NIL money the first year. Ford can't have all the skin in the game so the boosters agree to 400k more, if Ford gives his 400k. Keep in mind he gets it back and then some if we obtain agreed upon success. I'm going with the assumption Yuri was on the market for 200k, so hopefully, I get a home team discount and get him for 150k. Perkins gets 150k for obvious reasons. Then I give Thatch, Jimerson and Okoro 100k and Hargrove gets 50k. Then I split the rest among all rostered players. And at this point I also ask Tate for 100k. He said his ability as a recruiter will be much less impactful as a result of NIL. I would have given that to Smith or someone like him.
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