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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/belmont-to-join-missouri-valley-conference-in-2022-continuing-drain-from-ohio-valley-conference/
  2. What a tragic situation. Prayers for the family.
  3. Western Kentucky would be a good home & home series, sort of a natural.
  4. Disappointing on multiple levels.................who were the proverbial adults in the room?
  5. Now again on the outside looking in per Jerry Palm as of Saturday morning Last 4 In Team Net UCLA(17-9) 47 Utah St.(20-7) 41 Colorado St.(18-6) 48 Drake(25-4) 44 First 4 Out Team Net Saint Louis(14-6) 45 Boise St.(18-8) 51 Xavier(13-8) 60 Ole Miss(16-11) 52
  6. As of Friday morning X is out per Jerry Palm and SLU is in......
  7. Jerry Palm has us in the First Four In as of this morning: Bracket Predictions UpdatedMar 12, 5:55am First Four East 12 Saint Louis 12 Drake Midwest 12 Syracuse 12 UCLA South 16 Mt St Mary's 16 St. Peter's West 16 App. St. 16 Coppin St.
  8. China has 1,386,000,000 people. 81,000 got coronavirus. That is .0009% of their population. 3,169 died. That's .00002286% of their population. HOWEVER>>> The US has 327,000,000 people. That is 25% of China's population. If we get the same infection & death rate percentages as China that means that 294,300 19,110 will get it and 7,475 748 will die. The United States has roughly 25% of the population of China, so if 81,000 Chinese got the virus and the same % holds, the math does not bring you to 294,300 infected in the US much less approx 7500 deaths.
  9. Sounds like Travis Ford & Chris May have reached an agreement on contract extension. Good news going forward for MBB fans. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/ben-frederickson/benfred-ford-and-slu-continue-to-grow-together-and-best/article_af4f39bf-2a25-53f3-b9da-bac48966832a.html
  10. 31 out of 31 for the game.................wow
  11. Well, we certainly don't want a lot of new posters...............
  12. Someone has a little too much time on their hands......
  13. If there was an event for big donors I am not sure which looked worse: Biondi without socks wearing high water pants or Fred P in his usual snappy attire. At least SLU won the game.
  14. Rex was sitting on the baseline on the side away from the SLU bench.
  15. What a wonderful pre-Xmas present! This is a joy to watch unfold. Let them wallow in it. Their attitude has always been of being the superior program in the state. We should not listen to them trying to schedule SLU; we as a program have nothing to gain in playing them.
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