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  1. Effectively, he's shooting worse on 2s. Shooting 33% from 3 is the equivalent of shooting 50% from 2. Majerus used to basically say that players should only take three pointers or layups. Highest effective shooting percentages on both.
  2. Agreed. The other obvious undersized power forward who used savvy and positioning to his advantage was Evans. It's my hope too that Bess can be that type of player.
  3. Agreed. My perhaps unrealistic hope is that we're at least an NIT level team and are knocking on the tourney door to make things interesting.
  4. True, but a lot of that was also Ian becoming a stud and a weaker schedule. I actually think people on this board are probably overrating the newcomers a little and underrating next year's bench. All of the transfers have some question marks associated with them, while Goodwin and French will be rookies. While I fully expect them to be studs in time, there's usually some growing pains there. On the flip side, if Roby, Johnson, or Bishop were the ones transferring in, we'd all be saying, "Those guys averaged double-digits in scoring and shot 40% from beyond the arc in their junior year." Don't get me wrong, I think we're upgrading our talent here, but it's really difficult to project how good any of these guys really are.
  5. A huge offer from the county and/or participating municipality to help subsidize a new stadium.
  6. Cities and regions have to make choices on what kinds of investments are necessary to stay competitive. A dollar spent on a hockey arena or a soccer stadium is a dollar not spent on public safety, education, transportation, etc. It's true that we're probably falling behind, but our lack of investment in stadiums is not the reason. I think if you ask major employers (who, by the way, aren't typically the main source of employment growth) why they locate within a certain region, sports teams are at the very bottom of the list. It's also probably worth pointing out that in the same year St. Louis lost the Rams, the region also had its best year of job growth since the 1990s.
  7. You probably need to divide this by 7. Players, coaches, etc. only had to pay 1/7th of their salaries towards the city earnings tax because they practiced, or "worked", in the county the remaining six days of the week. This is why some of the city's alderman were rightly arguing the practice facility should be in the city if the city was to fork over the entire bill. I think people also need to understand the difference between benefit and net benefit. Just throwing #s out there, but if it costs a city $1.0 million to keep a team and it only derives $500K in revenue, then there is no net benefit to the city other than a little pride and notoriety. So while the city and state might be out a little revenue for the moment, not having to make bond payments for the next 30 years on something that will be fully depreciated in 20 isn't so bad either.
  8. I'd argue they'd have an easier time getting a tourney bid because of their conference affiliation. Go .500 in the Big 10 and you're potentially dancing. There's a smaller margin of error for A-10 teams. As someone close to our program, I think we have a chance to be good next season, but we're talking about jumping up 200+ spots in the computer rankings. If I'm any sort of pundit, I'd probably be picking ILL too.
  9. I don't have a problem with that statement. Illinois has a competitive team currently and an equally impressive, if not better, incoming recruiting class than us. Groce's status creates a bit of a wild card situation, but assuming he's back, they should be in contention for a bid next season. I'm hopeful we will be in that position next year, but that's a big leap and we have a lot of unknowns.
  10. You clearly are a believer. I love the improvement, but we're not good enough to be looking 2 or 3 games ahead in a tournament. Two weeks ago, I thought getting double digit wins would be quite an accomplishment for this team. Getting out of the PIG would be just short of incredible. Hats off to the coaches and the players for the improvement.
  11. A big reason for this is SLU. We've been a drag on the conference overall and that shouldn't be, as I think we have one of the highest program ceilings in the league. Better play from Davidson and GW the past few years helped offset our suckiness, but they've come back down to earth some. A few other programs are playing admirably (Bona, LaSalle, Mason), but they're more limited due to facilities, resources, geography, etc. I think the A-10 needs SLU, UMASS, and St. Joe's to get it going, all programs that should be much better than they currently are.
  12. That, or a certain administration. #SLUrostermassacre
  13. When and where did he say that?
  14. +1. I kind of envision a bigger (hopefully better) version of Ash if that helps.
  15. Who knows. I wouldn't think it has anything to do with SLU since it seemed we were never on his radar. I'm wondering if there's something up with L'ville.