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  1. I think we'll be fine from 3. Henriquez will be our primary threat, but Roby was pretty darn good last year. I think he ended up shooting around 38% from 3, but was 41% in conference. And this year he'll have some playmakers who can set him up for open looks. JJ and Bishop have also clearly showed the ability to stroke it from deep.
  2. Totally agree. If pitbull was played when jolly committed then it just needs to go.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. Agreed.
  4. You just said there was trauma inflicted.
  5. Yeah, the shots fired thing is the oddest thing here. Still, the trauma inflicted here is nothing compared to that of a real event that isn't sufficiently responded to.
  6. Agreed. In today's environment, I'd rather they overreact than the alternative.
  7. I was going to say the same. Maybe Willie will end up on the sequel to ESPN's 30 for 30 on why athletes go broke.
  8. You forgot graves.
  9. That puts you at one over the limit with only one graduating player next season and the Gordon and thatch commitments. So either there is another transfer or you only sign one more this season.
  10. Except in my mind, Gillman's scholly was already called for by Gordon. Unless you were getting a senior transfer eligible immediately, AG's leaving didn't mean much. Theoretically, Santos' scholarship is coming from Neufeld's departure, so that's obviously an upgrade, but I still would've preferred a four-year player with that one. I realize I'm nit-picking, but our fortunes have changed enough in the last year that I feel we can afford to be picky. Who knows, he may end up being All A-10.
  11. I'm normally jacked up after recruits commit, but this one has me scratching my head a little. I confess, I have not SEENTHEKIDPLAY, but Santos' stats are mediocre for a bad team. He doesn't help us this year and will just be taking a scholly from a potential freshman or someone in 2018. It's also a little concerning in regards to a few existing players/recruits. One, he appears to be a similar player as Foreman. Is there ongoing concern about Foreman's long-term health. The same can be asked about Welmer. Given his health problems, is there a chance he may not be here long-term. I hope not because I think he offers something different - a good shooting big. Last, and probably the biggest leap, does this raise any concern about Gordon's commitment? Is the staff hedging their bets a little to make sure they have another inside player if Gordon decommits?
  12. Is Pickett a 4 star? Class would be rated even higher if you considered the transfers.
  13. I don't know if you're being facetious or not, but my guess is that the timeline is somewhat reversed. It's probably Martin calls up Porter - Porter says yes - Romar gets canned.
  14. OK, so this is clearly a situation where he's not some top flight assistant and deserves the salary he is getting. He has children who are awesome at basketball. Talk about a rule that needs to be changed. Maybe SLU could find some mid-level admin job that typically pays $50K per year for Tillman's mother and give her $150K for it.
  15. I'm sure it's somewhere in this thread, but what is Porter Sr's coaching background? Does he legitimately have one? It's important to remember that many on this board felt SLU should bring Justin Tatum on the staff for the same reasons here. BUT, he was a former player here and is an accomplished high school coach.