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GDT Obi Floppin and the Boyz

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I am proud of these guys they played hard and never gave up.


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1 minute ago, RiseOfTheBillikens said:

I mean they gave us some calls too. Has can't pick up his 5th. That killed us 

I agree but they called the foul on the wrong player.  Why didnt they review it?  Shouldve been the 4th on Perkins.  

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I've never seen a team whine to the refs more than the Dayton players do.

Having said that, I'm going to whine: Half of Dayton's screens are illegal. They shuffle their feet, they lean in to players, they extend their elbows. They review a foul IN BETWEEN Bell's free throws. They ice Collins by slowly cleaning up the floor. I guess Dayton just doesn't think they can beat teams on their own...

Excellent game by Goodwin. Smart drives to the basket today. Would've been a blowout without him.

I can' wait until Dayton loses in the second round because they don't have the A10 refs to lean on.

Whenever I get down I quickly remind myself that this entire team (sans Weaver) is back next year.

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