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  1. Chances Jimerson, Thatch and Ford's plums suit up? 50/50? Fuok those guys. I'll see them next year. All ass and no basket for them.
  2. Definitely. I had the one block of 12/25 where I was tired distracted and frustrated with myself. I can only imagine how French feels. And to be fair, I probably only shot 50% in high school games. I would guess almost anyone shoots lower in-game than out. I know that I benefit from doing the same thing every time. Put your right toe on the nail, feet shoulder-width apart, left foot slightly back. 3 quick dribbles. Find the rim. Shoot it almost immediately.
  3. Fuok me, my kid was sitting on me while I finished the %s, so there's no 30-39%. Hasahn, you'll have to just write in your percentage.
  4. I realize that French, Goodwin and even Collins to an extent have the yips. But they're also D1 players. French especially shoots an inexplicable %. I think if you look at how far each shot is from an ideal trajectory, French is the worst FT shooter I've ever seen and it's not close. So I was at the gym the other day (haven't been to just shoot hoops alone in over 5 years). I shot around for close to two hours and took four sets of 25 free throws throughout. I made the following: - 20/25 - 12/25 - 20/25 - 20/25 72% total. I pretty much know that given 25 FTs, I can't make more than 21 or 22, ever. I was an average high school player at best. Granted, I wasn't sprinting around and then shooting 1 or 2 FTs in a D1 game in front of a ton of fans, but I know I shot every shot the exact same way, and rarely missed badly, mostly just short because of tired legs. This post isn't to brag, but to point out how crazy our situation is, and how good our team has been in spite of the FT woes. I do have a 20-22 inch standing vertical leap, still, though. And last time I measured balls to helmet, I was cranking out a hair over 7 inches. So there's that. Sooooo, what's your FT? How well does an MBM shoot? Could we make the team? Or at least hang our balls out the inseam like Ford?
  5. Oh make no bones about it, if we beat Dayton, and don't make it, then we have a strong finish, down two starter-level players to injury, beat the #3 team in the nation, and come one miracle shot away in OT from having taken the season series from said team. Anyone that doesn't put us in the tourney after that should be jailed.
  6. Zero problems with this approach. Creaming the roster is awesome and it's how real life works. Hell, those guys kept having to make the cut every year to make their high school teams. Are we crying for the 5'7" guy with good grades who never made the varsity team? No. At least when a D1 player's college coach cuts them, they can always fall back to a lower level. These are adults, not children, and they're being given a free education to produce basketball results. I bet very few players are run off after their freshman year. But if a guy finishes two years in the program and he's a stiff, you gave him a fair shake and you can cream him, throw him a towel and make some calls to other colleges for him. That "we owe them four years" bullsh!t is Soderberg nonsense and that don't win games, it don't get you in the tourney and it don't make millions. This is a business. Life is a business. You wanna stick somewhere, work. No free lunches.
  7. Out of reactions, good post. He's so smooov it makes me cry.
  8. Hahahaha fuok me, I told the nanny when it panned across them "oh fuok, those kids got poured out of a blender "
  9. I picture Ford's plums hanging out of some 1.5" inseam shorts, him acknowledging it immediately, not adjusting and being like "hey, shut up, let's play some ball." Then he just spins the ball a few times between hands, slaps it hard and aggro chest passes it at the first guy who makes eye contact. Then he goes like 7-11 from 3 with 6 assists and 1 turnover that wasn't his fault, like a backdoor cutter who didn't cut hard enough. I've got a backdoor cutter issue right now, too. Fuokin dangler I can't wiggle away from on the sh!tter.
  10. Dipsh!t cherry pick by Goodwin cost us there.
  11. Perkins so damn good at getting open. What a player.
  12. Didn't see exactly what happened on that rebounding foul against us, but the Tay Weaver foul on the break looked suspect as well. Zebras. Eat your own dicks. With hoisin sauce.
  13. Jimmy Bell. My birthday. Suit up.
  14. Tay Weaver goes under the screen for like 3 seconds, then fouls the screener. FFS, Perkins please.
  15. Asahn French starting for the Bills. That makes even less sense than Tay Weaver starting for the Bills. Why the fuok not Perkins??? This better not bite us.
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