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  1. BrockL

    GDT: RI round 2 fight night

    But it is mind-boggling that the coach was one of the best free throw shooters in college basketball history and yet his team is one of the worst FT shooting teams in the nation.
  2. BrockL

    Conference Tourney or Bust

    Thoughts? Ford skipped the post game radio interview and apparently was quick with the media in his press conference. I personally could care less, but this "LeBron Gaines" dude is making a big deal of it on his Twitter acount
  3. BrockL

    GDT: The pretend Duke

    Foreman, Bess and Isabell all have more TOs tonight than Goodwin, who has 11 rebounds and four steals.
  4. He actually only had three turnovers (which of course is three too many). But four of our five starters had at least three turnovers today. Goodwin's shooting, 3 of 15, was the real issue today. But then again, Gordon and Thatch were the only two that shot well at all today. Bess was 6 of 18. Isabell was 1 of 5 and French missed all five of his shots. I'm a Goodwin lemming, so I'm inclined to defend him.
  5. BrockL

    GDT Hot Old Ladies

    Carl Lewis?
  6. BrockL

    Recruiting - 2018 class

    In his recent interview on Frank's radio show, Ford said his son is going to Mizzou.
  7. BrockL

    Jalen Johnson transferring

    He started 24 of the 33 games he played last season. He started 42 of the 66 games he played in his entire SLU career, so I think it's fair to call him a starter. But that's just my opinion, which doesn't mean much.
  8. BrockL

    Jalen Johnson transferring

    That honestly seems like a fair and accurate headline. I'm not sure how it's "half clickbait little j journalism"
  9. BrockL

    2018 NCAA Tournament Thread

    Bills also beat Murray State, which plays tomorrow
  10. BrockL

    OT: Business School Renaming

    Like it or not, this shows Pestello will be around for awhile.
  11. BrockL

    Gordon suspended after altercation.

    I remember when Ross Varner sang the national anthem one time before a game. It was awesome!
  12. It wouldn't be worth their time or money. It's extremely tough for plaintiffs to win such cases. See: http://www.aaronkellylaw.com/gossip-defamation-law/
  13. I don't like the column anymore than you guys. And I do feel that Ortiz could have manipulated the info he was given by Chris May to fit his own narrative. At the same time, I don't have a lot of faith in Chris May. And based on my own experiences of hearing May speak in past, I've noticed he has a habit of providing glib remarks like that quote in Ortiz's column. That's just my opinion and observation though. But the bigger issue is that Ortiz is making assumptions on things he's not right about.
  14. Ortiz's column is awful, but this quote from Chris May is pretty bad too: “We have training that we train student athletes in many different areas, and we train annually,” May said. “It’s all part of what we do.” The athletic department does indeed offer training on sexual assault and I wish May would have provided him with a full list of the previous trainings so that way he could have poked a major hole in Ortiz's presumptuous column.
  15. If you'll allow it, I'd like to add to this conspiracy theory -- Ortiz joined the Post-Dispatch in April 2016. Coincidentally enough, Tilk signed up for Billikens.com in May 2016.