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  1. Strong start for the women! When is slaughter rule applied?
  2. It doesn't really matter since they still took it haha
  3. This may be a dumb question but how exactly is attendance counted? By tickets purchased or people there? For example I have 4 season tickets but live out of state. For some games they get used and some they do not. If no one uses my tickets is that 4 less in terms of attendance numbers? As well, is reported attendance done the same among teams? Looking at Dayton's reported attendance from last year I have a hard time imaging they had packed houses for these games: -Wednesday Nov 17th vs Lipscomb 13,407 attendance (coming off their L vs Umass Lowell) -Saturday Nov 20th vs Austin Peay 13,407 attendance (coming off 2 straight L's and students possibly at home for thanksgiving break) -Tuesday Dec 21st vs Southern 13,407 attendance (students home for winter break) -Tuesday Jan 25 vs Fordham 13,407 attendance -Wed Feb 9th vs Duquesne 13,407 attendance I've been to a few games at Dayton and it was a good crowd but not every seat was filled. What happens when students are home for break? I imagine they have a lot of season tickets sold but doubt they all show up for all of those games I listed. Maybe I'm just underestimating their fan turnout but it just seems almost unbelievable. (maybe I'm just jealous haha)
  4. I saw from IG stories that Luke Walsh was there as as well
  5. No Yuri, Sincere, or Perkins!?!?!?!? ***as in not participating
  6. Love all these stories! I've never been to a road game before but looking to get to the @Loyola and @Dayton games this year along with a few at chaifetz
  7. Was looking forward to him playing against JGood tonight too
  8. J Good and the wizards play tonight at 5 central against the Pistons. Haven’t seen any TV info for this game though
  9. I thought this was a pretty good tweet from Loyola about joining the A-10. Already trying to start the rivalry with SLU too, love it
  10. With all their new additions I really hope they finish top 100 (along with UMass too).
  11. I guess it’s going up then, 8,138 from their 2022 profile. A lot of cool info on SLU in here actually https://www.slu.edu/about/key-facts/slu-profile.pdf
  12. I know these Twitter maps are BS and just done to get engagement….but I still like seeing the Bills on there
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfXiLIRDYdN/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
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