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  1. What did the Iggy post on billikens.com say???
  2. Was the Minnesota game not part of a home and home series?
  3. Die Hard Fan: Billikens, Blues, Cardinals Also like: Orlando Magic, Portland Trailblazers, SEMO Redhawks Hate: Dayton, Any other team in the A10 that is mediocre in nonconference then plays well against the Bills (Duquesne and Davidson are the main ones), Blackhawks, Missouri
  4. No worries! Really enjoying the Pod. Looking forward to more former player interviews.
  5. In Apple podcasts, It gets cut off in the middle of the #PartyGate discussion.
  6. Every starter has scored already, solid start.
  7. I agree. I think this is largely due to our Steal % so far this year being ranked 24th per kenpom, probably inflated due to the weaker teams we’ve played. Our 2P% defense is only 80th in the country per kenpom, compared to 23rd last year. I have to think it will get better.
  8. I was a fan of them too. The blue trim really made them pop. Now if only they were available for fan purchase...
  9. Others have mentioned it but I have absolutely loved Jacobs through 3 games. He has a ton of talent, it was just a matter of him not being consistent game to game last year but so far this year he’s been great every game. I believe Bess mentioned on the House that Rick Built pod that he thought Jacobs was the 2nd most talented player on the 18-19 team.
  10. Per official website game against SIUE is at 6 pm on ESPN+ https://slubillikens.com/sports/mens-basketball/schedule
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