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  1. If it does get picked up by ESPN+, anyone know if the Fieldhouse is able to stream it? The lady and I were planning on going to the women’s game at 2 and were thinking of catching the men’s game there beforehand.
  2. Great win! French with a performance for the ages
  3. I initially did not like the gray uniforms when they revealed them, but I thought they looked sharp last night. The blue uniforms are still the best though IMO.
  4. Coach Ford did mention the other night that they want the team to run more this year. If this ends up being the case, I would think being out in the open floor more will definitely grow Jacobs' role with the team as he can utilize his athleticism and ability to finish at the rim.
  5. Indeed. October 2011- Cards win World Series March/April 2012- Blues won the old Central Division that year and won a playoff series against San Jose. March 2012- Bills returned to the dance, beat Memphis in the first round, and took Draymond Green and Michigan St. down to the final minute in the second round.
  6. He hit 89 three’s his sophomore year and a shade under 37%. I’ll certainly take that. Hopefully he can play right away.
  7. Wow. Great execution down the stretch. Two more to go!
  8. Team blue! Gutsy win. Ford still look pissed in the postgame
  9. Would have had a monster throw down if not for that awful call on thatch
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