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  1. What years did you play SLU Lax? I played from 2009-2012. Tried PM'ing you but it didnt work.
  2. Hasnt the A-10 honored 6 players pre-season for years? I feel like I have this discussion every year. I think the Big Ten had 10 players on their preseason first team.........
  3. FYI I dont have FSMW and am watching the game on ESPN+ currently. Looks like it is just the FSMW feed directly to ESPN+. No Blackout.
  4. I saw some construction on the southern parking lot of the Marchetti Towers - just wondering if anyone knows whats going on or what is being built and for what. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone heard anything on any of the empty Laclede buildings? Humphreys, Diabliatos, and Laclede's are all sitting empty and have been for years. You also have the empty warehouse a little east of Laclede's. It is really frustrating to see those sit there empty with apparently no plans. A lot of great things happening in the general area of SLU but frustrating we can't even get the stuff across the street from us right.
  6. I am looking for 4 tickets for Saturday, January 26th vs. Davidson. If anyone is out of town or cannot use their tickets I would appreciate them. Some family is coming into town for the game.
  7. The last gift left to us by Eric Greitens.
  8. I really like the space. Frankly, I love the food and menu size. I don't really need an extensive menu at a brewery. The burgers and fries are really good - not as good as Mac's but still very good. I like their beers - more so than a couple other breweries that have opened recently. I had 3 of the 4 Rockwell beers they had on tap when I was there. I really liked 2 of them, the third was blah. Excited to see them grow the beer list and the patio looks incredible for the summer.
  9. I think when they lost by 50 points people would notice.
  10. I would really encourage everyone to simply go downtown and walk around on like a Friday for several hours. Its far busier than you think and there are lot of lawyers/accountants/finance/residents just walking around. I would love to hear a report from people who actually go do this. This thread is filled with some unbelievably stupid people.
  11. I received far more money from SLU then I did from anywhere else.
  12. Loyola is in its first tournament since 1985. They moved from the Horizon to the MVC. There alot of reasons the Ramblers were more patient then we would have been.
  13. Agreed - they should move the banners to the middle so they are more easily seen by everyone. I dont have time now but google the marquette banners if you can - they look really cool.
  14. Why there is no 1948 NIT champions banner or 1948 National Champs banner is one of the most confounding things of all time.
  15. I practice there one year. That was wild.
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