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  1. Volleyball was up to the usual, VCU game has become expected, that program is the definition of mediocrity. Women’s soccer will still get a champions parade for making tournament, but again bounced 1st round, your typical A10 team. Just happy to be there. MBB is better, BUT, today just proved this program is a long ways away. We still have Pat Summit, I mean Lisa Stone to prop up, hopefully another NIT this year! I know this post is negative, but the point I’m trying to make is, when is just getting by or just happy to be there not enough? It the same stuff over and over each year. I don’t know about anybody else but history repeats itself each year it seems. Especially considering all the money being spent relative to what other coaches did with less in the past! Mens soccer....not even worth bothering, its bombed out into the stone ages nationally. That coach is the captain of the Titanic.
  2. It just keeps getting better and better. Look at Webster University new baseball facility. Also Priory is building a $6 million baseball complex. So Lindenwood, Maryville, Chaminade, SLUH, Priory, Edwardsville HS and College, Bayless HS, Vianney and now Webster University all have better facilities of some sort one way or another than D1 SLU. Embarrassing.
  3. Maybe the AD can make some calls and get somebody big time like new tennis coach. I heard a rumor that his wish list includes the head coaches at Harris Stowe, Avila, Central Methodist, Webster University and U of Phoenix. I’m kidding none of those coaches would leave for slu now. The program is laughed at and looked down upon within the local volleyball community. If it wasn’t D1 the relevancy of the program might be even with JFK High School. I say give current coach a raise and 10 more years. At least he has a pulse which seems to be the only real criteria for being the slu volleyball coach.
  4. Had all summer to hire a coach and William Woods is where you get your D1 tennis coach from in August? Where on Craigslist can one find the now hiring D1 coaches link? Asking for a friend! Wow. People put more effort and thought into ordering a pizza!
  5. Wow that’s surprising! I was really hoping they were able to pry away the coach from DeVry University, Cappella or U of Phoenix.
  6. Just another example of a D3 baseball program and their commitment to baseball.
  7. https://cugoldeneagles.com/facilities/?id=1
  8. SLU soccer field 2019 improvements.... Maryville also adding D1 hockey by 2022. Maryville.
  9. So well said. I like Ford, but if Xavier, Creighton, Villanova or say Gonzaga head coach position opened up would he be in any of those schools top 5 choices. No. That’s a big red flag imo. We’ve been so use mediocre across the board with the hope of turning the corner or that one magic bullet. Over and over and over. I know we went to ncaa, great, but Fords history has repeated itself at UMass and at OK State, we shall see here. Honestly Crew’s was soooo bad I would’ve taken the cheerleader coach over him and the program would’ve improved. Again, I like Ford. The fact SLU doesn’t have D1 hockey and Illinois and rumor has it Maryville will very soon says it all. Maryville. Maryville. Lindenwood partnering with the Blues at their new ice complex. We saw 500k went to blues parade. Think about all that. I have been very vocal about AD and current leadership. It’s not their fault. They are all just the results of mismanagement, incompetence and greed from all that came before them, they are just the results and carrying on the tradition. When the Chairman of the Board of T openly says we don’t want to be like a Creighton....believe him!
  10. I know I will get roasted on the board but our AD Chris Ponzi is a total con artist. Ford basically hired himself at SLU, but AD gets credit for ncaa run, IF everyone remembers big rumor from donors was Bryce Drew is who AD wanted. He was fired at Vandy. Please name one thing AD has ever built in his ten plus years at SLU? One. From very good sources the guy has been trying for years to leave SLU and nobody will hire him. It makes sense, came from a power 5 school with football and “loves” a mid major program with no football so much he’s turned down much better offers over last ten years? Really? People must see right through him during the interviews or he could be the biggest dope of all time within college athletics. 99% of all these ADs only care about eventually getting to power 5 position. But not this guy, because he loves hanging out at games with all his Delmar Gardens South donors all these years? Not buying it. Thank god for Travis Ford is all I’m gonna say. Thank. God. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  11. https://www.whig.com/story/27577033/quincy-university-to-invest-4-million-to-renovate-qu-stadium
  12. Right here. 15-16, get beat by DUQ, then next DUQ gets beat by 42. Stone is greatest coach in SLU WBB history, that is true. In the land of the blind the one eyed women is queen. Good thing she doesn’t coach at McKendree, she wouldn’t have a job. But SLU fans want to build a statue for her. Definition of insanity, myself included posting on this board. Just like over 10 years with the AD, Crews, Men’s Soccer, Situation 1-2, all the Ford hype with the same excitement as when Geraldo opened the vault. Volleyball coach, that if anyone on this board intentionally tried to destroy the program couldn’t do as good as a job, as he does naturally. But we keep same people in charge who make all the mistakes, over promise, under deliver and then let the same leaders fix the problems they created again and again and again. Hey what do I know, I’m just a troll who keeps paying money to watch basketball for years and years hoping with all the potential slu will figure it out....definition of insanity. Just wait until next year, Ford has best class ever coming in, Conklin summers are coming, Stone will play Geno again and thank him for stomping her team, the honor was all SLU’s, but wouldn’t play Lindenwood in preseason. Go Bills!
  13. Ya it’s called move past post and read something else.
  14. You are boardline Robert Deniro from the movie “The Fan” I’ve seen you at games, have a cold one and relax as well.
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