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  1. Porter Moser wasn’t good enough to be the SLU coach after Majerus, he wanted the job too. But same guy that pushed him out hired Crews and what we have now. Not to mention same guy that got out maneuvered by Creighton trying to get into Big East. At least we got to go to the NCAA’s one time in last five years after 6th place finish in A10 that season. Very happy for Loyola and Coach Moser. Good things happen to good people and people that aren’t so good, eventually karma comes around and this time it sure looks a lot like Sister Jean, Porter Moser and the Ramblers!
  2. Thank you. I should have said thrown away.
  3. I just hope Travis enjoys his new house. He’s earned it.
  4. I don’t begrudge anyone that makes a nice living. BUT, what gave the powers that be at SLU the idea Travis was going to evolve into more than what he was at UMass, OK State, W. Kentucky??? Here is a simple question to answer IF he is worth $1.2 million a year for what he’s done so far in his entire career, not just SLU....IF Villanova or Gonzaga, schools that SLU aspires, at least I hope aspires, to be....had job openings, would Travis be at the top of those AD’s list for head coach? No way. Plus, St. Bonnie coach probably makes half that salary, not a great location or even close to resour
  5. Multimillion dollar houses, wow it pays in life to be mediocre. Money well spend SLU.
  6. 1 NCAA in 5 years. Highest paid coach in A10 by a long shot. Let the “blame covid” excuses begin. $$$ well spent. Disappointing.
  7. Who from SLU was in charge of making this call? I seriously hope that person or persons have a medical background and not just an admin, a coach or a trainer. Why couldn’t they just play tomorrow? If A10 thinks Richmond is safe enough to host tournament, why didn’t SLU? It’ll be interesting to find out.
  8. If soccer, basketball gets pushed to spring will they play with baseball and softball and track???
  9. Huh??? A10 Championships??? Are you serious?
  10. Rinse and repeat. More of the same. Make all the excuses you want. Reality is, well reality. Mid-major program happy to get lucky every 5 years or so. Mediocre is the word.
  11. Really? Are we watching the same program over the years? Hey at least I’ve been consistent and living in reality. What in TF’s coaching history makes you think he is going to be any different???? Seriously? That’s not called trolling if it’s true. Answer this one...IF a Creighton, a Xavier, a Villanova, a St. Mary’s head coaching job opened up today, would TF be on that top 5 list? Hell no! But good enough for SLU and he’s expected to be our savior??? Go ahead and call me a troll. I’ll take it as a compliment, keep drinking your free Billiken Club kool aid pregame with stale pretzels and cold
  12. And in 3....2....1.....go for Chris May talking about gpa, community service, great students, program better positioned more than ever, great energy around program, everything is great, Gino loves what Lisa Stone is building here, volleyball will be really good next year, women’s soccer is incredible, men’s soccer is on right path, Chaifetz that’s a decade old is best home court advantage in sports, best fans in college athletics....blah, blah, blah....reality....coach with 1 NCAA win, Crews has 2....no quad 1 wins....last in FT % in THE COUNTRY...millions of dollars spent on this current dump
  13. Volleyball was up to the usual, VCU game has become expected, that program is the definition of mediocrity. Women’s soccer will still get a champions parade for making tournament, but again bounced 1st round, your typical A10 team. Just happy to be there. MBB is better, BUT, today just proved this program is a long ways away. We still have Pat Summit, I mean Lisa Stone to prop up, hopefully another NIT this year! I know this post is negative, but the point I’m trying to make is, when is just getting by or just happy to be there not enough? It the same stuff over a
  14. It just keeps getting better and better. Look at Webster University new baseball facility. Also Priory is building a $6 million baseball complex. So Lindenwood, Maryville, Chaminade, SLUH, Priory, Edwardsville HS and College, Bayless HS, Vianney and now Webster University all have better facilities of some sort one way or another than D1 SLU. Embarrassing.
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