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  1. I know I will get roasted on the board but our AD Chris Ponzi is a total con artist. Ford basically hired himself at SLU, but AD gets credit for ncaa run, IF everyone remembers big rumor from donors was Bryce Drew is who AD wanted. He was fired at Vandy. Please name one thing AD has ever built in his ten plus years at SLU? One. From very good sources the guy has been trying for years to leave SLU and nobody will hire him. It makes sense, came from a power 5 school with football and “loves” a mid major program with no football so much he’s turned down much better offers over last ten years? Really? People must see right through him during the interviews or he could be the biggest dope of all time within college athletics. 99% of all these ADs only care about eventually getting to power 5 position. But not this guy, because he loves hanging out at games with all his Delmar Gardens South donors all these years? Not buying it. Thank god for Travis Ford is all I’m gonna say. Thank. God. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  2. https://www.whig.com/story/27577033/quincy-university-to-invest-4-million-to-renovate-qu-stadium
  3. Right here. 15-16, get beat by DUQ, then next DUQ gets beat by 42. Stone is greatest coach in SLU WBB history, that is true. In the land of the blind the one eyed women is queen. Good thing she doesn’t coach at McKendree, she wouldn’t have a job. But SLU fans want to build a statue for her. Definition of insanity, myself included posting on this board. Just like over 10 years with the AD, Crews, Men’s Soccer, Situation 1-2, all the Ford hype with the same excitement as when Geraldo opened the vault. Volleyball coach, that if anyone on this board intentionally tried to destroy the program couldn’t do as good as a job, as he does naturally. But we keep same people in charge who make all the mistakes, over promise, under deliver and then let the same leaders fix the problems they created again and again and again. Hey what do I know, I’m just a troll who keeps paying money to watch basketball for years and years hoping with all the potential slu will figure it out....definition of insanity. Just wait until next year, Ford has best class ever coming in, Conklin summers are coming, Stone will play Geno again and thank him for stomping her team, the honor was all SLU’s, but wouldn’t play Lindenwood in preseason. Go Bills!
  4. Ya it’s called move past post and read something else.
  5. You are boardline Robert Deniro from the movie “The Fan” I’ve seen you at games, have a cold one and relax as well.
  6. What the hell are you enjoying and I spend a lot of money on this program too. I’m a huge fan that’s why I get fired up. Good for you. But your arrogance and assumptions are misguided. You can love something and be mad at it at the same time. Don’t like someone’s opinion, go away, you are like a little kid, relax. Glad you are enjoying this game. SMH
  7. Sorry everyone not trying to piss anyone off, everyone here wants same thing, I love Billikens but I’m so frustrated. Beyond unhinged watching this game. Same stupid mistakes, poor shooting. Hope they win but something is way off. If I offended anyone I apologize.
  8. Warriors? I want wins, think Majerus cared about warriors or record. This feel good stuff is stale and is an excuse.
  9. Fouls and free throws...I hope they win but not confident.
  10. Fans that call long time fans trolls aren’t fans either. Go find someone to give you a hug.
  11. I apologize this game has me so pissed off. Sorry
  12. Decades of this up and down crap. Crews now this. Ya I do. And why can’t anyone have an opinion on a public message board? No let’s just make excuses and call a guy a troll. Because I’m totally making everything up because I hate AD. Maybe he sucks? Maybe I’m dead on? Maybe you have zero clue about inner workings of department. Who cares, keep talking about same crap year after year.
  13. Sheep, wait until next year....oh wait no the following year....no three more years. Mindless dopes like you just enable this insanity and crap. Good riddance to you too.
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