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  1. Super Blood Wolf Moon tonight: close enough to Wednesday for Werewolf to go off? (More than he already has been. I'll never complain about double-doubles! lol)
  2. Thanks Wiz, totally agree. I also noticed St. Joe's pretty much tripled-teamed French in the post at times. If Bess/Wiley/Hankton et al can start keeping teams honest, I feeling like our 2-point efficiency should go up by default from a cleaner lane. I guess it remains to get seen, but I'm hopeful that last night's game is a sign of things to come when we're healthy. Thanks again for all your hard work.
  3. Hey Wiz, I really love your write-ups for every game. About your rant, I'm genuinely asking your opinion and what your numbers say: is it possible at all that our stat line was so distorted because, with the zone we saw (and will continue to see for the foreseeable future) the looks from 3 are just so much cleaner than anything we get closer in? I know we've had more than our fair share of missed bunnies, but a lot of the shots we got from the perimeter last night were wide open. And with teams packing it in on us defensively, it's almost impossible to get any sort of uncontested look inside. Anyway, like I said, I always really appreciate your contributions. Thanks again.
  4. Hey guys, I've decided that next year, we should keep Javon Bess at SLU and have him wear Welmer's jersey, and just see if anyone notices. (Obvious blue font, but would be awesome!)
  5. But it's not about a mentor for GloryDays. It's about CG staying with the team "and being loyal." Glory Days doesn't give a sh!t about CG the person. That was made evident by his comments last night. He doesn't care about CG's "tough" mentor if that mentor is not named Travis Ford. His comments by are a thinly veiled joke!
  6. The maturation process doesn't stop at 19 years old. And none of us know his motivation for anything. He has to live his life and learn his own lessons. Here's hoping he does.
  7. Me talking about him being a kid and making mistakes have very little to do with him being a basketball player and more to do with him being a person. There IS more to life than basketball. I'm hoping he figures things out and can be happy and successful in life, not just basketball.
  8. Lisa Stone has done a fantastic job. Losing Kemph and others to graduation isn't the ADs fault. The baseball team made the NCAAs last year. The womaens soccer team had an unprecedented shutout streak and had the best season of they're history. Kalish appears to get a step in the right direction. An AD can't control a player transferring or tell a coach who he can and can't recruit.
  9. I whole-heartedly agree. But it's a runaway train now.
  10. Rumor or not, this is a human being, an 18 year old human being. Carte'are Gordon is not an asset in a business. Do I wish things could've worked out for him and the Billikens? Of course. But him leaving doesn't change the fact that I sincerely hope that he gets things figured out, and leads a successful life. If he's asking like this, then there are problems he needs to address. And I hope he does. That doesn't change if he transfers.
  11. No, most college kids are immature as hell. They drink to excess. They go to parties the night before an exam. You're expectations of teenagers is so unrealistic, it's astonishing. And the fact that you're THE ONLY PERSON ON THIS BOARD saying these things, while people are trying to get you banned, only proves my point. Welcome to the real world.
  12. You're so clueless, you're beyond hope. This is a kid who was in high school this time last year. People make mistakes. Get off your high horse for 2 seconds.
  13. I'm 33 years old and I still make dumb mistakes everyday. So do you. All we can do is learn from them. You being a Bills fan is an embarrassment. I can only hope that future Bills recruits never read the posts you've submitted today!
  14. Legally yes. But imagine you're an 18 year old kid. Everyone close to you tells you nothing but how great you are. And you have no real experience in the real world. How would you act? Your ignorance is appalling.
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