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  1. I think it’s likely that Ford won’t be the coach when Yuri and Co are seniors... if we continue success. Sucks to think about but it’s certainly a possible scenario. We need someone who will continue this local pipeline! I hope I’m wrong though.
  2. For real though. We played a hard fought game. Demarius Freakin Jacobs stopped Toppin multiple times in the first half. Not sure how. Luck? Idk. I do know that Yuri iced that with six seconds to go like a damn boss and we lost on a prayer. On to Davidson.
  3. They missed open threes in the first half and made a bunch in the second half. On to Davidson you turds.
  4. Good fuoking game. I enjoyed the hell out of it. We aren’t a top 25 team. We are a good team with local guys who will get better as the season goes on and be great come next year. Sit back and enjoy being a Bills fan!!
  5. Jacobs stops Toppin then Perkins takes Toppin to the rim. Ha!
  6. Pretty much swapped spots with Richmond... they move back 17 or so spots. A10 with six teams in the top 66 spots! Solid.
  7. Anyone know how I watch a replay??? Had to work! If I sign up for espn+ are they available???
  8. Thought the same. Yuri should have had the ball. I understand JG is the guy you probably want driving and taking the shot but it needs to come from Yuri. If JG is not open then Yuri drives and hopes for contact. Or just dish to Has and they foul and you hope to god he sinks one. That said...his misses tonight were extra painful. His form was looking even worse from the line than in the past.
  9. Got the wiz video to work but it was in and out. As always I appreciate your work!! went out on me right at the end of regulation and I about cussed out my five year old for no reason
  10. Hoping to get him back if even for short bursts of court time... more importantly I hope he is able to get some clarity regarding his condition.
  11. Its obvious FT is tough as they come. All of us here are rooting for you on and off the court! https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/difficult-month-leads-to-answers-improved-health-for-slu-s/article_b091fcf3-df3c-512c-a4f7-a318f47ea693.html
  12. RPI??? With all of the multitude of rankings is this not really considered a legit ranking system any longer? I only ask because Auburn is now #1 and we come in at 40!
  13. He needs to improve offensively no doubt... and quickly to make the roster. That said, the coach kept going to him. First guy off the bench and at the end of the third quarter they put him in with 12 seconds to go specifically to stop the Knicks best player from driving the lane... and he did. His value is defense at 6’6”. I predict he sticks. They like him.
  14. Holy crap... earthquake! Bess has missed all three shot attempts but his defense has caused the ground to shake with fear.
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