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  1. Linssen does it again! The great D and stop on Cayo with a minute to go and then beautiful shot on the next hectic possession.
  2. I was able to be there tonight... certainly odd atmosphere but what a great revenge win! Brought my girls... after they got over the lack of dip’n dots they enjoyed it too. Go Bills!
  3. This game turned a corner when Linssen faced down Osunniyi on two straight possessions and then stopped him on the other end both times. Dude has been so key off the bench for us.
  4. Holy sh$t I wish we were watching this at a bar together so I could take you outside and shut you the [email protected] up.
  5. I’d bet that if we only play 8 more games but win 7 or 8 of em we still dance. I mean we got ranked without playing! Our non con is solid and many other teams will only have 15-20 games played come tourney time. I want to see basketball but what I really want is for us to be healthy come March!
  6. We got all of our shots inside blocked second half. They protected the rim like crazy and our outside game was off. The fact we kept it close is a testament to these guys and their inability to give up.
  7. So cool! That strip of Oakland would have been this stadium... then the Highlands amusement park, then the Arena. Now we get a community college and a bunch of condos...
  8. When the league has two top 25 teams that aren’t Dayton or VCU the national pundits are gunna notice and talk... that simple. They don’t analyze the depth like we do.
  9. He is such an amazing talent. We haven’t seen this type of player on a SLU roster in decades. He’s first round talent. Bet that.
  10. That baseline move and reverse layup in the second half was seriously key to shifting momentum and getting us back on track. He is so smooth. This is what a solid program with stability brings! A player with lots of talent comes in and plays spot roles their first two years but doesn’t leave! They stay the course cuz they know by junior and senior year they will be needed and their role is defined by the staff. We are so deep it’s crazy.
  11. Typically billiken off-season news is some new “situation” or news of an injury or a transfer... not this year! Nothing but awesome this year. Deepest roster of all time...It figures the season would be in doubt. Its hard freakin work being a billiken fan.
  12. It was always hard to listen to him complain about how nobody understood anything but him. His rants were tiresome. Just whining about how some theoretical fan was going to disagree with him before he even said anything.
  13. With their stat lines this year it makes sense... I imagine both will be back but it’s gets them on the radar of the scouts... I don’t foresee either getting enough interest but they join a list of other elite players from the conference to declare and I don’t blame em.
  14. I own a catering company. All of our corporate lunch catering this week and next cancelled. None of the large businesses in this town are having meetings... our spring wedding clients are calling to cancel... my business literally depends on feeding large groups of people. If this goes on for more than a month or two I’m sunk. I imagine many other small and medium size businesses will be in the same situation. This has potential to be devastating on many levels. Separately I’m pissed about losing out on the chance to take down Dayton tomorrow!!
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