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  1. A person was shot.. a former Billiken at that... and some of you idiots are stepping up to the plate to take the biggest a$$hole prize. It’s gunna be a tough call for the winner with such a huge field on this board.
  2. It was all I could muster due to my overwhelmed state
  3. Do we have two legit conference POY candidates on the roster for next season?!?
  4. I think Okoro, Yuri, Perk, and Nesbitt are locks... I like Fred in the other spot but there is massive competition... likely another transfer out. I don’t want to see it cuz we’ve got so much solid depth but seems to be the trend this year.
  5. Mason bringing in English will immediately help their recruiting prospects. Former (briefly) NBA player. Young. Exciting hire for the school... I think this could easily bring them back to relevance in the league and with all of the available transfers it might be sooner than later.
  6. I guess you are right on those Chicago area guys... I was thinking Reed/kwamain/Conklin
  7. I think we owe most of the recruiting success of that era to Biancardi... even kids that signed after he left were scouted and earmarked by him. He was crucial.
  8. Watching this Porter coached Team right now... I don’t watch a bunch of other teams throughout the year and this is the first Ive seen Loyola play. Two takeaways. Krutwig is a physical anomaly! And Porter truly is a Majerus lite.
  9. I just want to see the Bills play. Basketball. I love watching this team! More basketball = good.
  10. Both Has and Goodwin top 5 active career rebounders! And JGood only needs 8 to hit 1000!
  11. Third place game vs Davidson!
  12. Looking forward to a great game. Two solid teams both playing their best ball of the year! prediction: Perk drops 30
  13. Linssen does it again! The great D and stop on Cayo with a minute to go and then beautiful shot on the next hectic possession.
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