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  1. He needs to improve offensively no doubt... and quickly to make the roster. That said, the coach kept going to him. First guy off the bench and at the end of the third quarter they put him in with 12 seconds to go specifically to stop the Knicks best player from driving the lane... and he did. His value is defense at 6’6”. I predict he sticks. They like him.
  2. Holy crap... earthquake! Bess has missed all three shot attempts but his defense has caused the ground to shake with fear.
  3. Javon in first quarter. Playing the only defense seen yet in the game. Subbed in for Zion. on ESPN
  4. @SluSignGuy do you keep track of previous year’s winners?
  5. I’m not sure what extra reacts will do for me but I’ll take it!!
  6. That was certainly a foul but damn its tough to call it there. The refs swallow the whistle on this 90% of the time.
  7. Wow. Tough call... I’ll take it! It was the right call but you never see that whistle at that point in a game
  8. Thanks... I had a rough second round but my horses pulled through. Auburn! Figured I needed one outsider of sorts in the final 4 to pull away and I guess it worked. Now for Brad and Co. to pull this out and secure what I believe (sign guy would have to check) would be a second Billikens.com bracket championship. I tried pulling up previous year's results but was unable. I’m pretty sure I won like 8 years ago but could be mistaken. @SluSignGuy
  9. I really hope that Jacobs stays and is ready to split time with Yuri at point. I want Goodwin running back and forth on the baseline and cutting to the basket to get fed by French in the post. He has proven his value is offensive rebounding and being in the mix down low. He is the key to this team if he is able to crash the boards.
  10. https://www.ksdk.com/article/sports/east-st-louis-flyers-take-home-state-championship/63-43b2244d-6579-4e1e-b05f-d8d8fc91d88d A good day all around for current and future Bills!!
  11. Right! My point is we were all giving him sh*t like there was no way we would both meet in the championship game... he must’ve known something!
  12. your welcome ! So Cool !!!

  13. Remember when one of those Bonnie’s guys was on here complementing us and saying “see you guys in Brooklyn”... and we were all like “get the hell outa here!” Ha!!! Nice prediction Bonny dude.
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