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  1. Typically billiken off-season news is some new “situation” or news of an injury or a transfer... not this year! Nothing but awesome this year. Deepest roster of all time...It figures the season would be in doubt. Its hard freakin work being a billiken fan.
  2. It was always hard to listen to him complain about how nobody understood anything but him. His rants were tiresome. Just whining about how some theoretical fan was going to disagree with him before he even said anything.
  3. With their stat lines this year it makes sense... I imagine both will be back but it’s gets them on the radar of the scouts... I don’t foresee either getting enough interest but they join a list of other elite players from the conference to declare and I don’t blame em.
  4. I own a catering company. All of our corporate lunch catering this week and next cancelled. None of the large businesses in this town are having meetings... our spring wedding clients are calling to cancel... my business literally depends on feeding large groups of people. If this goes on for more than a month or two I’m sunk. I imagine many other small and medium size businesses will be in the same situation. This has potential to be devastating on many levels. Separately I’m pissed about losing out on the chance to take down Dayton tomorrow!!
  5. Found it but I only have the ESPN plus acct... seemed like since it was on ESPNu it required logging in through a provider. Did you watch with just ESPN+ ??
  6. No luck on ESPN+ for replay. Workin last night as usual and couldn’t watch. Anybody link to any highlights or replay???
  7. Five teams is impossible. Wiz has it right... RI has the best chance of an at large and anybody else just needs to win the tourney for a shot. Thems just the facts. Rhody beats dayton and they are in. They lose to UD and win out with a Solid A10 tourney run they are in. VCU even with beating SVU in a home game is a stretch but if they do that and show well in the tourney then they have a shot. Richmond doesn’t have the games left on the schedule to impress anyone.
  8. Looking for three or four tix... hoping to take my 5 and 10 year old to their first game of the year. They said they wanted to see a win. I told em there are no guarantees this year!
  9. Alright dude. I see what your doing there.
  10. Also.. anybody else watching on tv notice Ford literally mutherf&cking the officials and straight begging to be T’d up? i enjoyed that
  11. They played great D on us tonight. Even when they crammed the paint they still managed to get out in the face of our shooter(s). They have our number and it ain’t pretty. on our end defensively, every time we switched to zone we seemed to give up wide open shots. When we played man our guys ended up switched in to horrible matchups. nothing went right. They kicked our a$s and now we are what we all thought at the beginning of the season. A team with a chance in the A10 tournament and hope for a NIT birth outside of that. That said; Go Bills!!
  12. I was screaming at my tv when JBJ handed it back to Goodwin on that inbound! I know he’s a freshman and seems to shy a bit from pressure situations but even he has a better chance of sinking both and needs to wait for the foul that was obviously coming in that situation. No way JG should take those shots.
  13. Not sure if it was at kiel or the arena but I remember a little blimp when I was a kid that would drop stuff to the folks in the upper levels. Sh;t was rad.
  14. I think it’s likely that Ford won’t be the coach when Yuri and Co are seniors... if we continue success. Sucks to think about but it’s certainly a possible scenario. We need someone who will continue this local pipeline! I hope I’m wrong though.
  15. For real though. We played a hard fought game. Demarius Freakin Jacobs stopped Toppin multiple times in the first half. Not sure how. Luck? Idk. I do know that Yuri iced that with six seconds to go like a damn boss and we lost on a prayer. On to Davidson.
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